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If you would like to get in touch with me for any reason feel free to contact me via Twitter or by sending me an email. Don´t be shy. I am always up for a chat. If you are in need of a fast reply, I would suggest you go to Twitter. This is also the easiest way for a chat.

I am deeply grateful for any PR/Business offering me opportunities or samples but I will only accept them if I feel they fit the content on my blog. Before you offer me anything, you should consider that I live in Germany and therefore the products would need to be shipped here. I know this is an issue for many companies and I can understand that. If you feel that your product is relevant to my blog and could interest my readers, please email me.

All pictures on my blog were taken by me unless otherwise stated. They are my personal property and are not to be used without my permission. You can, however, contact me and ask for my permission. Only then and with a full credit to me you are allowed to use them. Please remember, I am not a professional photographer.

I try my best to make my blog professional but I am just a normal person after all. I can´t guarantee that my posts are always 100 % correct even thought I put a lot of research into them. If you find any major mistakes, please contact me and constructively give me advice. I am a very friendly person and am happy to admit if I am wrong (it might take me a while though). However, I do not want anyone coming at me without reason or a nice tone. I will not answer such messages and comments will be immediately deleted. I´m also not a follow-for-follow person. Such comments will be deleted as well.

Thanks so much for your interest. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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