I am Lisa, a 20-something year old psychology student living in Germany. At a very young age I developed a love for writing an photography. I was always the one taking pictures in our holidays. In 5th grade I started writing short stories and tried to write several novels but failed every time. I am also guilty of writing fan fiction at one point in my life. When I found out about blogging I saw a chance to combine my love for writing and photography as well as my need to talk about everything.

I started this blog in September 2013 but I really had no idea how things went in this community. Until January 2014 I was just uploading without having any readers. Around that time I finally discovered blogger chats on Twitter and everything really started. Soon I switched from my iPad camera to a Nikon D5300 and had even more fun taking pictures. My blog still needed some work done as it still felt kind of childish. But in the past years I have grown a lot and I think my writing shows that.

My studies and my blog soon collided right at a time where I was having a hard personal time. It led to me uploading rarely and very frantically. My content suffered so much that I needed to take a break in order to sort everything out. Afterwards I thought everything was going fine but it turns out that my Mental Health was just catching up. I had to take another blogging break but since has been doing better in every aspect. I do have been diagnosed with an array of anxiety disorders and a mildly obsessive personality. I also do struggle with a mild form of  dermatillomania. Hence why you´ll read quite a few Mental Health posts on here as well.

I have a very wide spectra of interests and try to include all of them. You can find here everything from music, films and books to advice and beauty reviews. Currently, I am trying to squeeze some fashion in there as well. The focus is more on lifestyle though. I want to write about everything and anything that is on my mind. My blog isn´t called Following Lisa without a reason. I want this to be a space where everyone can follow my life. I might even include some stories once I have a good one to tell.

I am very ambitious and a perfectionist which is why I feel like I have to put every little detail in my posts. Hence, why they are so long. I am very sorry, if you just wanted a quick read. My tip to you is to grab yourself a cup of tea and maybe a few snacks before you start reading.

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  1. Hi, I have nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award http://dreams-and-schemes.blogspot.ie/2017/03/mystery-blogger-award.html ~Tori xx


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