Why I Don't Do Holiday Blogging

Fresh Flowers; Tulips; Hema Stationary Notebook; Primark Decorative Glasses Round Gold
Happy Easter everyone! Firstly, I hope you're having a wonderful Easter and are enjoying eating your body weight in chocolate! Secondly, you might be wondering "Lisa, since when are you even acknowledging that there are any other holidays than Christmas?" and you'd be completely right in asking that. I normally don't post many holiday-related posts and here's why.

I Have No Concept of Time

Holidays just sneak up on me out of nowhere. I only realised it was Easter about two days ago when I walked into my grandmothers house and it was full of bunnies and eggs. I even look in the calendar when planning my content for the upcoming month and yet I completely forget. How do you expect me to plan holiday content with such bad time management?

When Do You Even Post Holiday Posts!?

The timing of holiday posts is always hard for me. They have to be in-time enough that your readers can still read them but they are most fitting on the actual holiday. Also do you really want a Easter post in February just so that it can build up on SEO to really shine in April?! I know that I don't.

Fresh Flowers; Tulips; Hema Stationary Notebook; Primark Decorative Glasses Round Gold; Ikea Gold Geometric Tealight Holder

They Screw Up My Promo System

I have a pretty set system for promoting my posts on twitter and that includes scheduling tweets for about 4 months later. But I don't think it´s very appropriate to still promote a post about Easter in August - or at least I don't think many people would actually go ahead and click on that post! So whenever I do seasonal posts my whole system falls down because I want them to get the same exposure in a much more dense timeframe which has lasting consequences for the promotion of the following posts.

I'm Not That Excited About Many Holidays

I can't even explain it but most holidays are not something I get super excited about. I don't even decorate my house for any! The most excited I get is when I see seasonal food in the shop aisles... and there's only so many dairy-free holiday treats you can do! I do blame this on my parents for not making a big fuss out of every holiday!

Primark Rosegold Eyelash Curler; Fresh Flowers; Tulips; Hema Stationary Notebook; Primark Decorative Glasses Round Gold
Fresh Flowers; Tulips; Hema Stationary Notebook; Primark Decorative Glasses Round Gold

I Love Sharing My Life & Don´t Force Content

My blog is all about sharing what is on my mind in that day/week/month/year. So suddenly focusing away from what's important/exciting to me and instead posting holiday content just doesn't seem right. This is my blog and if I'm not excited about a holiday, then there will be no posts about it. That would just feel forced and that's the one thing I never want my blog to feel!

Forced Content Just Isn't Inspiring

It´s hard enough to constantly find inspiring and original content for the one holiday I´m really excited about - there's truly only so much you can write about Christmas (or any other holiday) after all! Yet, with Christmas I'm always lucky enough that I don't have to force my content just now as I'm so excited about it! But when I try to force out content it just doesn't feel right, it takes hours just to take the pictures because there's no inspiration for the content.

Fresh Flowers; Tulips; Hema Stationary Notebook; Primark Decorative Glasses Round Gold

The Only Exception

Yes, I hear your screams about my Christmas posts (especially since I just mentioned them!). I do a lot of them, so yes, Christmas is my only exception. It´s the one holiday I get super excited about way beforehand (*cough* August! *cough*). It´s definitely the one holiday that also means the least problems in terms of all the points mentioned. I get super excited about it way in advance which means I can plan ahead and generally come up with content; I can post it throughout the whole of December/end of November that answers the timing question; and as it´s a whole month the scheduling of promo tweets is only mildly disturbed (also who doesn't love promotional tweets for Christmas posts in July?!)

So there you have it: The many reasons why I love evergreen content more than holiday posts. Especially my lack of excitement for any holiday except Christmas is the hardest point to overcome. This blog is all focused around my life and I'm just not thinking about any holiday in advance so what´s the point of forcing it out? On a side note, according to Twitter children nowadays are talking about "main" easter presents which seems absolutely ridiculous to me. Maybe it was a good thing my parents never really hyped up any holiday! Anyway, I do know that many people love holiday content though and I do love seeing and reading it too. It´s just not for me to write.

What´s your opinion on holiday content? Do you love to read it? Do you write it?


  1. These are some really good points Lisa! I'm pretty similar, I usually just don't get around to writing seasonal posts in time. Things are often so opposite over here in Aussie as well, everyone talks about Spring and flowers at Easter and we're just going into Autumn! So my posts often don't fit in as well, haha. Really interesting post! xx

  2. I totally agree with you hear, I try and create lots of themed content around Christmas time because I adore Christmas but there's definitely no point in forcing it :)


  3. Yeah I just don't tend to write about holidays in general because over in Australia I feel like a lot of our holidays are at different times and things like that, except Christmas but to me that feels a bit forced, like you said. I never want to feel like I'm forcing myself to write certain content for my blog!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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