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Every time I was asked to describe my life motto in the past I felt kind of stumped - I did not have a life motto! I always felt so bad for this but lately I've realised that maybe we all need to grow and become more true to ourselves before we can identify our life mottos. Incidentally, many of what I´d call my life mottos right now are what I've been living by my whole life (or a large part of it) and I just didn't realise that they were my life mottos. Other´s I've only learned over time. Anyways, now that I feel like I've grown up enough to find my life mottos here are my current ones!

Do more of what makes YOU happy!

This is such a cliche but I've become such a happiness praiser and it´s coming from deep in my heart. Going through some rough patches in life has taught me that the things that make me happy are the most important things in my life and that I should prioritise them over everything else. Since  I've gone through life choosing to focus on what makes me happy I've also felt so much happier and much more true to myself. It´s been a great help in identifying my personal priorities as well.

Treat everyone nicely; you don't know what they've been through!

We all might walk around with a smile on our faces but there's so much hidden beneath that. I always go out of my way to be nice to everyone (even the people I don't like). For one, I deeply believe that everyone deserves your respect. Secondly, you never know what's going on in other´s lives right now and you could be the kernel on their scale of life. Mostly it´s something as simple as saying "hello", "please", and "thank you" to a cashier or smiling at someone in the street. I did that (by which I mean behave like a normal human) in Primark recently and I could see the cashier lighting up and it was the most amazing thing!

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A bad day/week/month won't define your year!

I won't lie to you (or myself) and say that just because I'm doing what makes me happy now my life is also suddenly full of sunshine. No, it´s totally okay and normal to have rough times or bad days. They teach us a lot about ourselves and more importantly, about what we should appreciate more in life. It´s like suddenly appreciating breathing through your nostrils again after a bad cold! If you can learn from your bad times (or if you even just fight to get through them) these will not be the times that define how the rest of your year or your life is going: you're defining that in all the time that you have left!

Love yourself, it´s the longest relationship of your life!

I truly won't ever say that I have any expertise in relationships. But the one relationship that I know something about is the relationship with myself. It´s been a hard one to establish but especially since going to uni I've learned how important a good relationship with myself is. Now I take time off during the week to focus on myself and I've started loving and accepting my body and my personality. It´s made me a much more relaxed and happy person (especially after some hard teenage times). Yes, of course, there are still some things that I want to work on but now that I've accepted them it´s given me insight into how I can change those things too!

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, of one only remembers to turn on the light!"

How could I not sneak a Harry Potter quote in here?! I've grown up with these books and learned a lot from them. This quote is just so absolutely true and not just here because of my love for Harry Potter. Life never goes as planned (like never ever!) but even during bad times or when something goes horribly wrong you can still find your own happiness. It might not be the happiness you've imagined but maybe you´ve learned something through this, developed a new friendship because of this, or just were able to put a positive spin on things. You can find happiness everywhere if you just switch on the light and look for it!

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Zara Gardenia Perfume; Ikea Geometric Candle Holder; Hema Pastel Notebook; Zoella Notebook; Fresh Roses

Fight for what you believe in!

Living your life defensively will rarely work itself out. I know some people who just get what they want without putting in the work but that's just not most of us. We have to fight for what we want, make an effort and make ourselves known! That doesn't mean that you literally have to fight against one other person to get a job or the best grade (more on that later). It´s just a reminder that a dreamy life won't be delivered to you on a silver platter! Ever since I've moved to a new city in October I've made the choice to take the opportunities that life gives me and now I finally feel like I'm living my life to the fullest!

Shake it all of & keep going!

Failures are a normal part of life. I'm only 21 and I have failed more times than I could count on my two hands and two feet! It´s totally okay to be put down by them. Mostly it´s a shock when something doesn't work out the way you've wanted it to and it´s okay to work through that first! The important thing is to not dwell on it too long. Life goes on and you want to keep going too! So shake that bad feeling off, keep the lessons you've learned from it but keep moving forward. Your life should move forward after all!

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Focus on you!

When I was younger I was constantly comparing myself to others and I found people saying to stop that kind of weird. I knew that this comparison game was making me feel bad a lot of the time but how would I even stop with it? Here's the very first step for stopping: Focus on yourself first. It´s never about being better than another person but about being better than you were yesterday/last week/last year! You can take inspiration from other people to see where you want to end up but you need to focus on yourself and what you've already achieved as well!

Life´s too short to put others down if you can thrive together!

I've never understood people who feel the need to put other people down. Just why?! I get that it´s mostly because they don't trust in their own abilities or don't have enough confidence. It´s their way of showing that they're better than you. Of course, if you're fighting over one position you should make yourself look good but you can do that by focusing on all your positive aspects instead of highlighting someone else's negative aspects. Also with most things in life there's not just one space at the top! There'll never be just one A for a whole exam or people who only follow one blog. If there's the possibility of thriving together we should support each other to get to the top as a team!

I feel like I've grown again just by writing these life mottos down. I'm all about Shakespeare´s "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none" in general. That's definitely the one life motto that I´d boil all of mine down to if I could only say one. But like with so many other things in life I have life mottos for very different aspects and that's why I love having more than one. I also did some research leading up to this post and found some amazing other life mottos and quotes that I´d have loved to put into this post. However, I had to realise that they are not what I'm living by right now and that's okay. I think as we grow as humans our life mottos will grow with us. Either our focus changes or something has become so much of a second nature to us that we don't need a motto for it anymore.

What is one of your current life mottos? Did you have life mottos as a teenager?

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  1. These are all so good and super inspirational, I felt so much better after reading this post. Love that you put in a HP quote as well ;)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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