Feeling 22

Or: 22 Life Lessons I Haven't Learned in 22 years

White Roses and Pink Flowers in Birthday Decorations

Happy Birthday to me! I'm becoming 22 today, how scary is that?! Am I supposed to be a full adult now? But then again, I've felt like 22 for a long time now so it´s not a celebration but just a day that I'm taking out specifically to spend time with family and friends. While researching to talk about my current life mottos in my last post I've stumbled upon so many "x Life Lessons I've Learned in x Years" posts and kind of fell in love with all of them. It´s amazing seeing what people have learned over the years. But since I just talked about something so similar I'm putting a spin on it. Here are 22 life lessons I haven´t learned in 22 years.

Moisturising is key

Well, technically I've learned this but the practical side of things is very different. That's definitely something I need to work on though!

It could hurt, but love is worth the risk

I have a lot of walls build up around me as a protection and I'm definitely not an easy person to get to know! I still always see the risk of getting hurt.

Accept your mistakes, they help you grow

uhh, that might be true but do you have any idea how hard it is to accept my mistakes? I am striving for perfection here!

Stop trying to be perfect

See above. I've always been a perfectionist, I just can't help it.

Never Forget Sunscreen

Yup, still working on that one too. I'm definitely doing better this year than the years before though as I'm finally at least trying to find a sunscreen that works for my oily t-zone.

White Roses and Pink Flowers in Birthday Decorations Foil Balloons
White Roses and Pink Flowers in Birthday Decorations; Foil Balloons

You can argue without hurting

When it comes to arguing I'm still very much a child inside. Whenever I get really angry I start to cry and then I just can't take myself seriously anymore. I know though that during my studies of Psychology I have learned a lot about how you can argue without hurting any person involved and I'm slowly learning to incorporate that as well.

There's no shame in apologising

Definitely still working on that one too. It goes hand in hand with accepting my mistakes and since I still haven't gotten that figured out. Apologising definitely means admitting you've made a mistake.

Listen as much as you talk

I think I've definitely learned this lesson (especially in the last year) but I'm still working on making it a given in my life. I've definitely noticed thought that I'm listening more actively now and asking a lot more questions but it´s not an easy task yet.

Fear is an illusion

hahahahah, yeah, I have anxiety disorders, so that's a no from me.

Anger isn't worth it

I understand where this is coming from and I think that's a point where I´d like to be in the future. For now I use anger as a coping mechanism for a lot of situations that are hard for me.

Other´s opinions don't matter

That's something that's very easy to say but hard to follow through. I´d also say that it´s something that's only partly true. Most of the opinions in the world don't matter but there are some opinions that can and should matter to you; those of the people you love.

White Roses and Pink Flowers in Birthday Decorations

People can & will change

Another one that's partly true. People are definitely able to change; maybe not in the massive way that some make it out to be but it´s possible. However, the biggest part in that is that they need to be willing to change. Personally, I haven't seen someone change that much in my life yet.

Parents are people too

Nope, my parents will always be superhuman to me. I don't know how they do everything and how they just generally function as adults in general. However, seeing my Mom lying on the couch with a bad flue has maybe brought the idea of them being people a little nearer to me.

Life is not a fairytale

My mom keeps saying that too but I don't think it´s true! Jokes aside, I still find it very hard to deal with sudden changes. So far I've learned to deal with it somehow but I don't agree yet. In my dreams I still live a fairytale life!

Don't buy things unless you'll actually use them

If you looked around my room right now you'd find so many things that I've bought despite not using them at all. I've found myself actually putting stuff back on shelves lately though. It´s rare but it happens. I just also have this little voice telling me how happy that purchase will make me. Maybe I just need another year to fully learn this.

Accept other people's help

just another one on my "to learn" list. I think it´s important to accept help and I agree that it´s not a sign of weakness yet I have a very hard time actually following through with it. Even if someone offers to carry something for me I mostly just say that I can handle it.

You can't control everything

Well, watch me try.

White Roses and Pink Flowers in Birthday Decorations
White Roses and Pink Flowers in Birthday Decorations

Materialism isn't healthy

oh, how I wish I could live a minimalist life but I just cling onto material things so much. I love buying and keeping things like DVDs and books because I find little pieces of myself distributed through them and I love having that on display. The same thing goes for memorabilia, it keeps the memories alive and I love that. Going through memorabilia is absolutely amazing!

Finding your life purpose will make everything fall into place

That might be true for many people but currently it´s not true for me. Personally, I don't believe that I need a purpose to be happy with my life. Maybe there is no real purpose or happiness is the purpose but does that really matter? I'm here now and that's what counts.

Trust your intuition

I've been overthinking everything ever since I was born. Also with anxiety my intuition in every situation is to run away. Again though, this can be something to work on. I think I might have made a big step in the right direction by making choices based on what makes me happy.

You're not supposed to accomplish your goals

Who even says that? Why would we even set up goals if were not supposed to accomplish. Yes, not everything might go to plan and I might not achieve all of my goals  bu it feels so good to accomplish a goal! That's why I´ll always set and work towards them!

Be patient

unless we're talking about building something out of lego I'm super impatient. Mostly I'm impatient when I cannot work towards something myself. So maybe dependancy on other people is my true weakness here. I definitely have to work on that though!

As I mentioned in my life mottos post it´s okay to not have everything learned or worked out yet. We're all still growing as humans - especially if we continue to push ourselves forward. It´s also totally normal that we don't learn all the same lessons or that we don't agree with all of the life lessons out there, we go our own paths through life and learn from our own subjective experiences. I'm excited to go further on my own little path tomorrow. Now I´ll be enjoying my birthday though. It´s such a special one for me as I finally get to celebrate with my family together after three years of having to celebrate without them! I hope you all have a wonderful day too!


  1. Omg I love this take on it! Its so interesting to see what you are still learning, especially compared to me! I have anxiety too so fear is just a big ol' laugh!! Love this post style though, so interesting! xx


  2. "well, watch me try!" hahah
    I definitely agree on some, but I have a problem where I need to learn to talk more and listen less. I love that I can say I'm a great listener, but I do have to get my voice out there too. btw, I also live in a fairytale. :D
    I really like the turn here, with the things you haven't learned :)

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  3. I'm 27 and still struggle with being patient and remembering sun screen!

    S .x https://samsramblings91.blogspot.com/


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