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Reading and going to the cinema are two of the things I absolutely loved to do when I was younger. While I've been trying - & failing - to work on reading more for a couple of years now I've just added a cinema goal for 2018. Since my anxiety is getting a lot better I thought now is the time to go back to loving the cinema. Firstly, because I want to see more films. Secondly, because it´s an easy way to work on my anxiety as well. After 2.5 months int the year I've already made pretty good progress and I'm hopeful that this will be the year where I finally read 12 books and watch 12 films! Here's what I've read & watched so far.

Pitch Perfect 2

As a lover of musicals I've loved the Pitch Perfect Franchise since the first movie came out. Naturally this was a movie I had to see and I really loved it. The movie is generally very similar to Pitch Perfect 2 in its vibe and main storyline. It´s truly as weird, random and funny! I think this film has gotten even more meta with its jokes than the two previous films. I love these kind of jokes so I was laughing a lot in the cinema.

In my opinion I wouldn't have needed the action storyline but it was enjoyable even for someone like me who doesn't enjoy action scenes at all. Personally, I would've preferred a stronger focus on the competition aspect as I felt that storyline was kind of just pushed in there to make it a Pitch Perfect film. But like I said, it was still very enjoyable and funny to watch as even the action storyline was spiked with lots and lots of jokes. Plus, the music is really great again! I still listen to the whole album regularly. I especially loved the kind of unconventional Riff Off!

Pitch Perfect 3 just hits the right humour with me and features a lot of awesome music. This is a film I´ll definitely add to my DVD collection!

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The Greatest Showman

Another musical that has been on my list ever since I heard about it (Hollywood is killing it with musicals lately!). I really didn't know what to expect from this film. I only knew it was about P.T. Barnum and him creating the circus in love for his wife Charity but that was all . I hadn't even heard the name P.T. Barnum before! And then there I was crying during the first five minutes of this film.

Now, my opinion about this film is kind of split and before you come after me now for saying something bad about it I'm going to keep my complaint short. It´s truly only one thing: the story. I thought the story was so foreseeable and every single conflict lasted only for five minutes and then it was magically solved. That didn't really kept me hooked on the whole thing. After weeks of wondering why exactly I didn't love it I've come to o the conclusion that despite loving little P.T. Barnum and crying about his vision I don't really relate to him later in his life. I understand his motivation but personally, I´d loved more of a focus on the story of the "outcast" in his circus as I can see myself relating to them much more.

Everything else in this film is amazing though. I loved the imagery, the colours, the actors, the choreography, the songs, the costumes... I could go on and on about the things I love. Especially the soundtrack is absolutely wonderful. I mean, what was I expecting from the songwriters of three soundtracks I already love with all my heard (Smash, La La Land, & Dear Evan Hansen)?! I was sitting in the cinema and just getting a wave of goosebumps after the other! I also really like the more classical aspect of musical songs as an argument of two people - it makes them a lot of fun to listen to (& maybe sing along with)! I love the vibe of the pop songs mixed in with somewhat of a darkness most of the time - it makes most songs of the album stand out to me and be easily identifiable to this soundtrack. Also I still cannot get over the choreography for both songs performed at the bar! The other choreographies are fun too but those two in the bar just amazed me and made me want to get up and dance right there in the theatre.

Despite not really being sucked into the story of The Greatest Showman I´d still recommend seeing it as it has so many amazing things about it. I had a great time the cinema and for me musical soundtracks are a lot more fun to listen to once you've seen the story.

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I'm not really a person who cries in the cinema. Give me the comfort of my own couch and watching a film alone and I´ll be a waterfall but in the cinema I rarely get the odd tear. However, the trailer of Wonder alone left me crying in public so I knew I had to see this film and it really didn't disappoint! I'm glad to say that I didn't cry as much in the cinema though which doesn't mean that the film wasn't heartwarming or beautiful - it was just that the film didn't focus as much on Auggie as the trailer suggests. I really loved seeing the story from other points of view as well -  it gives it such a natural feeling and of course, Auggie´s fate doesn't affect only him!

For me, this is such a beautiful and calming film that doesn't need to invent a big conflict to come to a great conclusion. Of course there are obstacles in everyone's way but that's what makes our life real and it makes this film so realistic. It feels as though someone has taken a year out of the life of a family and put it on the big screen just how it was - everything comes so naturally together and the stories are beautifully told. To be fair, I've never read the book before so I cannot compare how good of an adaption this film is but I really loved watching it.

The story did make me cry a few times but it was always the heartwarming kind of cries because I related to the characters so much. Especially Auggie has grown dear to my heart! I've never felt like I fit in even if it might not be such a visual thing for me. I love how brave he is and how much he still loves his life despite it being flawed from the beginning. Because he is himself and doesn't desperately tried to fit in he finds real friends and that's just so beautiful and something we should all learn more to be like. Just while writing this I've also noticed how much this film reminds me of The Fault in Our Stars visually. It´s those blue colours and the calming transitions that I adore!

I just completely adored watching Wonder. It´s so beautiful, heartwarming, unexciting that it´s really enjoyable to watch. I almost floated home on a cloud of appreciation for this beautifully told story.

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I've not been as successful with reading as I've been with going to the cinema but at least I'm on track so far!

Turtles All The Way Down - John Green

Speaking of The Fault in Our Stars... I feel so hard in love with this book as I only do with John Green books! You know I'm super passionate about mental health issues so when a book talks so lovingly and yet realistically about the issues how can I not love it? I've talked about it more excessively when I discussed Mental Health Trigger Warnings but even two months later now I'm still mesmerised by it!

John Green truly outdid himself. I was hooked on this book from minute one. The characters are so realistically written and he has such a true insight into the mind of someone with anxiety and OCD issues. I related so much to Aza and her struggles felt so real to me. At the same time I just wanted to hug her and tell her that everything was going to be okay! As far as mental health representation goes this book is truly up there. I´d highly suggest reading it if you want an insight into what anxiety really feels like. I almost want to read it again already!

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Still Me - Jojo Moyes

I'm a really big fan of the Louisa Clark books. I absolutely loved Me Before You and After You but I was kind of skeptical as to what was going to happen in this third book. After all we've kind of had a happy end last time. Nonetheless I started reading and was immediately hooked on seeing the world through Lou´s eyes again.

In general the storyline is really fantastic and I've loved Lou grow even further. For me it was great to have a mixture of new and old characters involved. However, if I'm completely honest one of the main storylines drove me absolutely crazy. In the sake of not spoiling it here I'm only going to say that it was the storyline involving Sam. I just though it was so foreseeable and had no good twists. Every time it came up I was just frustrated! The rest of the storylines had amazing twists and were so much fun to read. They were what kept me hooked on the story! It was so much fun to see Lou outside of her comfort zone and how she made it work. I loved reading how other people reacted to her and how she explored more of her personality as well! I really couldn't put this book down and if it wasn't for that one storyline it'd been up there with my favourite books.

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3 films and 2 books down within 2.5 months is a pretty good quota I´d say. So far I've also had nothing mixed in that I didn't enjoy reading or watching. That's pretty amazing! The one thing that kind of annoys me is that I didn't go and see Coco though (especially since it has won 2 Oscars now!). It was totally on my list but I couldn't convince anyone to see it with me and then missed my chance to see it alone. It´s totally my own fault and I´ll hopefully get hold of the DVD as soon as it comes out to see it from the comfort of my own home. I'm so excited to see what the next months will bring in terms of books and films. I'm just about to start reading On The Other Side by Carrie Fletcher! But I'm also missing going to the cinema again after a month of not going. I forgot how much I enjoyed seeing a film on the big screen!

What is the most recent film you've seen? What did you think about it?

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  1. I honestly don’t remember the last movie I’ve seen. I’ve been so into BTS (KPOP band) that it’s all I’m doing. :)



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