Unexpected Heroes (cruelty-free)

essence camouflage concealer; NYX Nail Polish; Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick; Primark Decorative Glasses; Lahaye Unicorn Brushes; Primark Lipliner; NYX Powder Puff Lip Lipcream; Primark Blush
As a blogger I often fall into the trap of buying makeup that looks intriguing. Everyone keeps talking about other bloggers influencing their Kaufverhalten but the real danger is standing in front of the makeup counters and finding something that would make a good post. Personally, inexpensive makeup is a big trigger for me - if it´s really bad the post can be really fun with testing out all the different way to make it work; if it´s really good then it´s a really helpful post for other people living on a budget. so yeah, I'm pretty guilty of buying makeup just for posts. But sometimes you get some really amazing products out of it that you'd never thought would be this great: The unexpected heroes.

I remember this Primark blush (which doesn't have a shade) when I was really into writing beauty reviews back in 2015. It has truly held up so well! I have pretty normal skin on my cheeks so no cheek product really has a hard time being good in my eyes but the pigmentation in this is really blowing my mind. I have to be so careful with my brush! Also it´s surprisingly soft for a matte budget product and it doesn't go patchy on me at all! I should definitely get rid of this particular one now because it´s gotten quite old but I´ll definitely get more Primark blushes instead!

I stumbled up on the essence camouflage concealer when I was looking a cruelty-free concealer as an alternative to the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer. To be fair, this wasn't so much of a blog-buy as much more of a genuine interest if this concealer would even work at all. Honestly, it´s been a staple in my makeup routine ever since! I love the applicator as it has a little mould to hold more product in and I don't have to dip back in so much. I wouldn't say that this is a true full coverage concealer but it definitely has a nice medium coverage and a creamy formula that I love using on spots and red patches on my face. I can even wear this for under my eyes as it doesn't crease as much as other "full coverage" concealers do - however I do prefer a little more coverage under my eyes.

essence camouflage concealer; NYX Powder Puff Lip Lipcream; Primark Blush

Another Primark product that has really surprised me are their lipliners. I truly wasn't expecting much of them - how good can a budget lipliner truly be?! Currently, I´d compare them to the Huda Beauty lipliners though! They're really soft, well pigmented and have an amazing staying power! Honestly, I'm not sure if the little bit more creaminess and less lining to creases & dry spots is worth the 19€ price difference to the Huda Beauty lipliners! I love the Primark lipliners and have used them a lot! They also one exactly in my lip colour which has been super handy to have!

I've loved NYX Cosmetics ever since I got my hands on their first products when they finally launched in Germany. Recently they also brought out these Powder Puff Lippie Lipcreams. I believe my exact thoughts were This is going to be such a mess! but the blogger in me was unstoppable. I'm quite thankful for my inner blogger now because with (not despite!) the cream to powder formula and the big sponge applicator these are absolutely amazing for everyday wear! They're just really amazingly pigmented, completely comfortable to wear thanks to the velvety, powdery finish and they last a really good time on my lips! Also the applicator helps to get a truly natural and well blended finish!

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick; Lahaye Unicorn Brushes; Primark Lipliner

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick; Primark Decorative Glasses; Lahaye Unicorn Brushes;

Everyone's favourite budged beauty brand - Makeup Revolution - had to be included in this, of course! I got two of their Rennaissance Lipsticks purely because they are gorgeous (&  dupes for the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks) but their looks aren't the only thing they can score with. They actually have a very creamy and rich formula that feels super comfortable on the lips and still sustains light eating and drinking. My sister and I both wore on each to her prom and they lasted us through the whole night with a little bit of fixing here and there. Plus, have I said how gorgeous they are?!

Now, these Lahaye Unicorn Bruhes were truly a joke buy and I mostly got them for my sister´s birthday but couldn't resist buying two for myself as well. They look so gorgeous but for the price I really wasn't expecting anything but I also couldn't just let them sit there because think of all the pictures! I'm definitely not used them as they were intended but the small eyeshadow brush actually makes for a great concealer brush that leaves a lot of coverage on my spots (which is something  sponges never seem to do!). The big one I actually use for applying highlighter and it´s doing a great job with that too. It´s just soft enough to blend the highlighter in well but not to smudge anything underneath!

essence camouflage concealer; NYX Nail Polish; Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick

Lastly, the NYX nail polishes haven been a real dream come true. They are a little bit more pricey than other budget nail polishes but as I knew NYX mostly for their makeup I wasn't expecting too much. I initially bought them to show that cruelty-free nail polishes are not as great as the Essie or Manhattan Last & Shine nail polishes (which were my favourites back then). I never got to write that post as I fell in love with the NYX nail polishes so hard that the other ones were completely out of the picture for me. I actually love the slightly smaller brush as I can define my nails much better with it. The formula dries down really well and the darker shades are completely opaque in one coat! These are probably the only nail polish that I can actually get 5-7 days of wear out of (depending on what I do, of course)! The colour selection isn't the best so far and they're quite hard to get unless you order online but I'm so willing to put up with that as I they are my favourites to wear!

I absolutely love finding these amazing bargains! I mean, who doesn't want to be swept away by a super inexpensive makeup product that also looks stunning?! Is it just me or do these budget beauty brands often put a lot more effort into their packaging than other drugstore brands? Anyway, all of these products have also made me trust the brands behind them a lot more - not everything by a budget brand is amazing but you always find some amazing products that'll make you feel so smug (guess who looks amazing & didn't spend tons of money?!). They have certainly saved my face (and my bank balance)

What is one of your current favourite unexpected heroes?


  1. That NYX nail polish is absolutely gorgeous!

    Candice | beautycandyloves.co.za

  2. Your photography is so stunning - I'm jealous! A lovely post Hun xo



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