Spring Clean Your Mind

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Spring is on its way (at least I'm telling myself that)! For me spring has always been associated with spring cleaning - not that I ever really did a spring clean when I was younger but it was always connected! Personally, I try to keep my room pretty clean all year around now but my mind is a different story. I think a lot and I think fast, so there's a lot of mental clutter piling up in the course of the year - especially after the dark time that is winter and all the holidays. Does anyone else just feel so much worse coming out of winter than any other season?! Instead of spring cleaning our houses/flats/rooms today we´re going to focus on how to spring clean our minds and get mentally ready for spring.

Look At Flowers

I'm always saying that spending time outside will help you mental health  - and it truly does. But this time we´re going to focus it a little more. Any spring clean is a huge task and honestly, needs a lot of motivation. Personally, I love looking at flowers growing after the cold, hard winter. If they can grow out of the cold ground, I can come back after a dark time as well!

Write It Out & Throw It Away

Spring clean is all about throwing out the stuff that's just cluttering up your space. So whatever is bothering right now, write it out and then throw that page away. I find writing so helpful for my mental health - whenever my mind feels clogged up I need to just write everything out and I´ll instantly feel refreshed. For a full restart I love the symbolism of throwing those thoughts away. It helps me to actually forget them.

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Focus On The Positive

While throwing out the clutter we want to keep what we love. Focus on the things that you want to keep in your mind. Whether that's by writing it down as well, taking pictures, filming little clips, etc. Personally, I love taking snaps of everything that makes me happy orproud - even the smallest things like a sunny day. Just by taking a picture I have something to remind me of what made me happy!

Start Organising Your Thoughts

I bet even with throwing out what bothers you, there'll be a lot left to think about - at least that's always the case for me. But we cannot leave all that stuck just where it is - that will just end up cluttering our minds again. Instead, start organising your thoughts in whatever way you like to. For me, writing lists (lots & lots of them) helps me organise my thoughts and only focus on the ones that are relevant right now.

Clean The Corners of Your Mind

A spring clean might be the only time in the year where I actually get my furniture off the wall and clean all the corners in my room. I've found that the best way to get all the crappy stuff out of the corners of my mind is to actively search for it. For me these corners often hold embarrassing moments from years ago - you know the ones that hunt you in the middle of the night for no reason. For me it has truly helped to mentally go back to the moment, let it happen again and just find closure in that it happened and nothing harmful has come of it. It might haven been embarrassing but it didn't ruin my life.

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Clean Your (Soul) Windows

Your eyes are the windows to your soul and no spring clean would be perfect without cleaning the windows as well. Personally, I enjoy doing a digital detox day where I actively avoid anything digital and instead enjoy life without looking at screens. Depending on my schedule this can be a day spend on adventures with friends or a day spend studying - just doing something besides staring at screens. That kind of resets my eyes and makes them feel less tired again - besides all the benefits it has for my mind in general! Also if you wear contact lenses regularly spending a full day with your glasses instead could also really help.

Get Yourself Some Help

Cleaning your mind is definitely a much bigger and more daunting task than cleaning your house. Even for spring cleaning a whole house I would get a friend to help! So I´ll get a friend even more so when I'm cleaning my mind. I love spending a full day with my friends anyway. I often feel super inspired afterwards and in general see life a little bit more positive. I love to combine this with my digital detox!

Bring Some Life Back

Now that we've completely cleaned our minds it´s time to make it a true home again. You wouldn't let your house sit there without any decorations after a spring clean either! Get some inspiration and some good thoughts back!  Personally, I love going through the world with open eyes, reading blogs, watching Youtube - anything that inspires me to fully live my life again and that gives me food for thought. This could also be the perfect moment to read a self-help book as you kind of work with a blank canvas!

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Actively Search Out New Opportunities

Life won't suddenly be perfect just because you spring cleaned your mind. Actively search out new opportunities that will make you happy this spring! For me this is often quite easy as my semester at uni starts in April so there are new seminars to take, new sports classes to join and in general it just feels like a true fresh start. Just look for something that will make you happy right now and make an effort to take part in it - even if it´s something as small as taking a long walk!

I love a good spring clean! I actually started doing them when I moved out from my parents home. My room is generally quite clean but in spring I get very serious about the cleaning process! But even more helpful than a clean flat I find a clean mind. It helps me to start fresh into the lighter seasons so that I can truly live my happiest life. I find spring & summer to be so motivational already and I don't want to waste that time on all the clutter in my mind from last winter!

What's your biggest mind spring cleaning tip? What do you love to do in spring?


  1. This is such a great post, loved it! We never think about spring cleaning our minds and thoughts. Will definitely keep your points in mind and try to practice them :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  2. This is such a brilliant post! I have bookmarked it for the future! I'm going to 100% do this!

    Fix Me In Forty Five



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