Getting Peachy With It

Too Faced just launched their Sephora exclusive range Peaches & Cream in Germany and it got me super excited for spring makeup. However, I was stood in front of the counter and couldn't really find anything out of the range that really spoke to me. Especially after hearing about the It Comes Naturally range which is coming out soon and looks right up my street! Instead of buying a product that would just sit in my makeup collection I decided to channel my excitement into shopping my own stash. Surprisingly, I found a lot of great peachy makeup items that'll be absolutely perfect for spring!

Peachy Skin

As I'm usually more of a pink blush fan I was surprised to even own a peachy blush, let alone two. The Catrice Cosmetics Definite Blush in 020 Rose Royce is right on the line between peachy and pink and I've forgotten how much I love it. It has little silver glitter particles in it which make for the perfect peachy glow on your cheeks. It does feel a little bit chalky and doesn't have the best pigmentation but with a good brush you're good to go! A more true-peach option is my essence cosmetics matt touch blush in 10 peach me up. It´s surprisingly soft to touch (I always forget how good quality products essence does!) and with it´s light pigmentation it comes out as a natural peachy tint. I absolutely love this blush ever since I rediscovered it - it truly screams peachy spring for me!

What would a true spring look be without highlighter? Spring is all about the glow and so am I this year! The Makeup Revolution Pressed Highlighter in Peach Kiss is the most stunning peachy gold highlighter! Makeup Revolution is another brand that continues to surprise me  and the pigmentation and shimmer of this highlight is just gorgeous. It also has little glitter pigments in it which reflect the light so perfectly. I'm absolutely in love with this highlighter! It also goes absolutely perfect with the essence blush. If I'm ever feeling more in the mood for the caprice blush and less of a golden glow I can always opt for one of my favourite highlighters out there. Moonstone from the ABH Glow Kit in Sun Dipped is more of a true peachy colour and doesn't feature any glitter particles. These highlighters are just so gorgeous and of such high quality! I almost have to be careful with my brush or I´ll end up looking like a glowy mess.

Peachy Eyes

I almost forgot I bought the Kiko Cosmetics Less Is Better Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in 02 Ombretto. It´s a pretty peachy eyeshadow in a cream formula in stick form. It also has some glitter particles inside. With the stick it´s so easy to apply and I absolutely adore the colour. It comes out slightly patchy but once you blend it out with your fingers it´s absolutely gorgeous - this also reveals the glitter particles that'll make your eyes glow. The only thing I´d say is to wear a good primer underneath as there's a high chance of creasing with this one.

One of my autumn staples was the Morphe Brushes 350S Palette. By looking through my makeup collection I noticed that beside gorgeous shimmery nudes and berry colours it also features a few peachy shades that I adore. Sadly, the shades don't have names though - I think they'd be super adorable! Within this palette there's definitely a selection of different peachy shades and different strengths of shimmer. There's also a kind of duo chrome shade that shifts from peachy to lilac which is absolutely stunning! All of the shades are buttery soft and so easy to blend. I feel even with the variety in this palette you could create some gorgeous peachy looks!

Peachy Lips

Now this is the one category I wasn´t surprised by - I own way too many lipsticks anyway! One peachy lipstick that I don't think I've ever worn is the Rimmel London Matte Apocalypse Lip Velvet in Atomic Rose. It´s a remnant of my non cruelty-free time and dries down to a velvety peachy brown. This will definitely make a great look is you want to finish off with a matte lip. I love the shade a lot and now want to start using it a lot more. The one true peachy colour I own is this Makeup Revolution Lipstick that I got in their advent calendar. It´s a gorgeous true peach shade that'll leave your lips with that peachy glow without looking glossy. Like any lipstick it won't last for hours on end but it´s truly gorgeous and perfect for a spring look!

Another Makeup Revolution Lipstick that fits perfectly with a peachy look is the Renaissance Lipstick in Awaken. It´s definitely more a nude-ish peach but it would be the perfect finish for a spring makeup. It leaves your lips with the same glow and just tones the look down a little bit. If you're up for a bit of a statement lip the Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Angelic is for you! It´s described as a roségold duo chrome lip gloss and I find that depending on the light it looks like a gorgeous pink or peachy metallic shine. Despite sticking to my creases and in general being quite sticky I think it makes for a gorgeous statement lip. If you're after a true glowing peachy look, this is the one lip to go for!

left: Peachy Lips, top to bottom: Huda Beauty Lip Strobe Angelic, Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick Awaken, Makeup Revolution Lipstick Peachy, Rimmel London Matte Apocalypse Lip Velvet Atomic Rose
middle: Peachy Eyes, top: Morphe Brushes 350S Palette, bottom: Kiko Cosmetics Less Is Better Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow Ombretto
right: Peachy Skin, top to bottom: Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Sun Dipped Moonstone, Makeup Revolution Pressed Highlighter Peach Kiss, essence cosmetics matt touch blush in 10 peach me up, Catrice Cosmetics Definite Blush in 020 Rose Royce

I was honestly surprised as to how many peachy products I actually own. I haven't really used a lot of peachy products in the past few years but they still accumulated by some magic (aka my impulsive makeup buys!). All of the products only come with one downside: they don't smell as amazing of peaches and fig cream like the Too Faced range does! But now seeing how many peachy products I already own it´s no wonder that the range didn't really speak to me. I´ll now use my spring excitement for creating gorgeous looks with these products.

Which shade is your favourite for spring? Have you tried any of these products before?


  1. What a gorgeous flat-lay! Your photography is stunning. I love all the peach tones too
    Lauren x
    Elle Bloggs

  2. Loved this! So many lovely peachy spring shades!!

    Sophie Kate //

  3. I absolutely love your photos!! I actually really like the brand essence too! Especially their liquid lipsticks, they are surprisingly good!! xx


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