15 Posts To Read Right Now

Pink Spring Flowers In Front Of Blue Sky
One thing that brings me so much joy in blogging is supporting other bloggers! I truly love the community (even if I might not be the best at engaging on social media) and I really miss all the amazing twitter chats that were going on a few years ago! However, I've noticed that I don't read enough blogs on a daily basis anymore which is truly a shame! So I took it upon Twitter on the past weekend and made an effort to read more posts from all different bloggers about different topics. Whenever a promo tweet grabbed my attention I read the full post - here are my 15 favourite posts out of that bunch!

Snowed In by On Serpentine Shores because I needed a desperate reminder of how beautiful a day in the snow can be now that The Beast from The East ist back (where is this spring they keep talking about?!)

12 Random Acts of Kindness To Make Someone's Day by The Curvaceous Vegan has reminded me that you don't need big gestures to make someone else smile and I absolutely love that! I get this great happiness when I can make someone's day!

Why You've Lost Your Blogging Mojo by Hey There Robin is a great exploration of the reasons why you've lost your mojo and she adds little, specific tips on how to get it back. I think this will come in handy some time soon!

Spring Flowers In Front Of Sky With Sun Flares

I'm Not Boring. I Just Know What I Like. by Sweet Allure because SAME! I'm all for being yourself and not letting yourself be pressured into activities. I'm always the "boring" one that enjoys a night with Netflix more than a night out in the club but I'm so much happier that way!

When Daddy Cuts His Hair by Just Buttons truly made me laugh out loud. Toddlers are little, crazy people even though they are so cute. I love her way of telling this story and being honest about the little challenges a toddler brings with them!

10 Skills You Probably Didn't Realise Blogging Gave You by The Sunday Mode was the best reminder of all the things I've learned from blogging and how much this is worth! I'm doing everything on this blog and I should learn to value that more!

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Why We Need To Start Taking More Photos Of Our Day To Day Lives by Jade Marie was heartbreaking and heartwarming to read at the same time. I completely agree with the message though! I've been making an effort to take little snaps of my days now and I think it´s already making an impact on my life.

Becky & Steve Deserved Better... by See The Stars is a stunning exploration of a realistic "perfect" relationship. I think we all (or is it just me?) are sometimes blinded by the perfect relationships the media portrays so I loved reading something realistic that still sounds absolutely perfect. Who needs a prince anyway?!

6 Life Lessons I Learned From Harry Potter by Hello Miss Jordan because of the gorgeous pictures (as always) and because it warmed my heart with a little reminder of why Harry Potter is the best! How dull my life would be without this little touch of magic!

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My Life Now With Complex PTSD by Fix Me In Forty Five was absolutely fascinating to read! I barely have any words for this. If you're interested in mental health topics at all, this is one you should absolutely check out!

Three Books That Changed My Life by Colours & Carousels has made me want to read all Sarah Knight books like right now and get my life seriously together. I also love the little segment explaining when you should read which book!

How To Style One Dress, Three Ways by Elle Bloggs just because this dress looks absolutely stunning (can you fall in love with a dress?!). I would have gladly looked at about 100 more looks with this one dress! Also the location of the pictures is stunning!

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10 Things That Make Me Smile #5 by Ella Was Here has reminded me again that little things should be appreciated so much more in our everyday lives. Also I'm super excited for spring anyways and this post has just made me want to jump around in a field of flowers!

A Letter To My Future Self - A Valentine´s Day Special by Lena Dee XO is so inspiring to read. It has reminded me that I'm good enough and that I should focus on myself and what I need, want, and can so much more!

Mental Health Ans Spreading Awareness Through The Media by Eleanor Claudie is a post hat I´d just put my signature under in a heartbeat! You know I'm all about spreading more awareness and this is a great reminder that little things help and that it´s important to support brands who are supporting great causes!

I must say this little experience has only made me want to spend more time reading blogs now - I just love how creative other people are on their blogs as well! I have also discovered so many amazing new bloggers to follow everywhere. This will probably mean I´ll never truly catch up with all the blogs on my TBR list but oh, well! This is by no means a complete list of all posts that were amazing lately though. If you have any posts that really stuck with you lately, leave them in the comments for others (& me) to check out as well! Blogging and the comparison that comes with it is hard enough - I'm not here for that! I want the blogging community to be a big, supportive family because how else are we going to take over the world?!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my post lovely 😘 it means a lot to me, especially that particular one! I’m now going to binge read all of the other posts you’ve mentioned as they sound awesome ☺️ xx

    Jade | jademarie.co.uk

  2. Omg Lisa you’ve always been such a sweetheart since I met you on Twitter 😍 honestly, thanks a mill for including me amongst all these inspiring posts! I definitely have to check out the ones I haven’t read yet 😘

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning me Lisa! My post is among some great others and I’ll definitely have a read of them! xx



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