10 Things I Want To Do This Spring

Tree with pink flowers in front of house facade
I keep being confused by the fact that we're basically in spring now. February was way too short and the weather doesn't help at all! I'm so excited for spring to almost be here though. I'm ready for wearing less than 30 layers of clothes before I can go outside, and for sunny days and flowers blooming! I sometimes can get overwhelmed with the excitement for spring and not use the time wisely. This year I've decided I want to make sure I'm making the most out of spring. So here are 10 things I absolutely want to do this spring!

Take A Long Walk With My Camera. I've been talking about how much I've learned about photography and actually using my camera more. I should really put that knowledge to use. Also I live near so many pretty destination that are worth exploring in the sunshine!

Pick My Own Flowers. In the last year I've really gotten into fresh flowers. I keep buying them for myself - they just make my room look so pretty and make me feel really motivated. But I've never picked my own flowers so this spring is finally the time to do so.

Branch with green leaves in front of pink house facade

Clean Out My Makeup Collection. I basically have no control when it comes to buying makeup so my collection is pretty much overflowing. There are a lot of products in there that I don't use at all or that are super old. In the spirit of spring cleaning this year I should tackle my makeup collection.

Make A Strawberry Cake. When I was little my grandma always used to make strawberry cake around my birthday in April. Since I moved out three years ago I didn't have any strawberry cake at all. I have so many fond memories relating to strawberry cake and new it´s time to finally try making my own.

Find A New, Healthier Breakfast. All throughout winter I've been eating toast and vegan Nutella for breakfast. This is not healthy at all and I don´t think it´s a good preparation for the day ahead. With spring weather approaching I should really add more fruits to my breakfast!

Tree with pink flowers in front of houses

Finish Decorating My Walls. I moved in October and have done most of my decorations but my walls are still looking pretty empty. With so many pastel coloured and metallic decorations now popping up everywhere I should take the opportunity and tackle the last bits of decorations. Then my room will be a perfect little home for me.

Start Exercising Again. I've been sitting on my butt for way too long now. Finally it´s now beginning to drive me crazy. So whether it´s a little home exercise or joining a yoga class I want to get off my but and move this spring!

Be More Bold With My Outfits. My winter fashion can be summarised in two words: Blouse & jumper. I'm actually kind of sick of it now. I'm ready to venture into lighter spring fashion and experiment more with colours and shapes.

Lilac flowers in front of house

Take More Pictures Of Myself. I never take pictures of myself. I just don't feel that comfortable in front of a camera and that's something I want to work on. The best way to feel more comfortable is just experimenting more and confronting my "fear". So spring will be the time where I take many more pictures of myself!

Make An Effort With People. This is something I'm constantly working on but I really want to make an effort and show people that I'm genuinely interested in them right now. When everything is blooming in spring I want my friendships to bloom as well!

I love spring so, so much. It´s my favourite seasons one of my four favourite seasons. I might be a bit biased as my birthday is in April though which makes it especially exciting this year. Finally, I can celebrate my birthday surrounded by my family again! With all the flowers blooming spring just screams development and motivation to me. I just need the sun to warm me up right now! I'm really looking forward to this spring especially because there are some exciting things planned.

What's your favourite thing about spring? What's on the top of your spring to-do list?


  1. Some pretty great goals on that list, I love taking a walk with my camera - whether it's my proper camera or my iPhone. I have found it teaches me to stop and notice little bits of beauty that I normally overlook.
    I'm also looking to do more exercise, trying to find a decent gym that won't charge me the earth to be a member!

    1. Thank you, Emma! I find the exact thing when I walk somewhere with my camera out. I can get into a pretty fast walk and not notice anything around me without it!
      xx Lisa

  2. I genuinely love all of your goals - I'm trying to break myself out of the nutella and toast breakfast habit too *sighs*. I love picking fresh flowers and then drying them; dried flowers make great decorations :) xx

    mia // https://beautiful-inspiring-creative-life.com

  3. I love fresh flowers, I used to buy a lovely bouquet for mt home every Saturday but I don't do it anymore. The brighten every room and they smell fantastic, especially roses!


  4. Lovely picks! I can't wait for all the blossoms on the trees - there is so much potential for beautiful pics



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