Two New Favourite Playlists

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I haven't shared a playlist with you guys in so long - and yet I listen to music everyday. Whenever I'm at my parents´ I do listen more to radio than my own Spotify playlists. But with going back to my own flat and uni also came the boring commute again. So I quickly came up with two new playlist that I've been loving ever since. One consists of my Top 15 Songs From 2017, the other features 15 Songs To Start Off Right In 2018.

Apple EarPods; Maisons Du Monde Pineapple Trinket Dish, Hema Notebook; Tanya Burr Lipstick Pink Cocoa

Top Songs From 2017

I find those Spotify End of Year Playlists and the statistics that they send you so interesting. I almost always save screen caps of those statistic (yes, I'm that nerdy) and I find myself listening to my Top 100 Playlist for forever after it comes out. But in 100 songs there are always quite a few misses too - I don't even know how some songs got on that list! For easier access to my actual favourite songs I've gone through the Top 100 Playlist and selected my Top 15 (because I just couldn't narrow it down to 10).

It´s quite a good mixture of songs in there. Due to our girls trip to Croatia in September I had quite some weird songs mixed in my Top 100 Playlist but Despacito was our Croatia song for sure! I loved listening to a few other upbeat sonst last year too - Work This Body by Walk The Moon is a forever favourite and I discovered Helium by Mikey Wax. But 2017 was also big on musicals for me: I fell in love with La La Land (ok, that was at the end of 2016 but still!), Dear Evan Hansen and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and I re-discovered my love for Glee!

And then there are also a few odd songs in there. Emma Blackery and Ed Sheeran will be featured almost every year in my top songs (seeing both of them perform live this year makes me sooooooo happy!) as well as Dodie. I loved The 1975 and Imagine Dragons this year and also rediscovered Meghan Trainor as I do every summer. Oh, and Smashmouth´s All Star somehow ended up on my Top 100 as well but I kind of love it (I don't even care if you judge me for that).

2017 was definitely a weird year music wise but when is a year in my life not?! My music taste is so diverse (or rather I have no real taste you can pinpoint) that anything goes in my Top 100 Playlist but I absolutely love it!

White Roses; Apple EarPods; Maisons Du Monde Pineapple Trinket Dish, Hema Notebook; Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipstick Pink Cocoa

Start 2017 Off Right

At the end of 2017 I was listening less to Christmas songs and more to rather up-beat and happy songs. These songs actually convinced me to even leave my house when it was freezing cold outside and I could hear my bed and Netflix calling my name. Naturally, I quickly combined this mixture of new and old up-beat songs into one playlist that will make me excited to fall out of bed in the morning.

The common theme between these songs is that they make me want to sing along and dance like a crazy person while getting ready. Take Her Place has been an ear worm ever since I heard it, similar to Tell Me You Love Me. One Foot (another Walk The Moon song) and Stutter are just so damn danceable - I seriously can´t sit still while listening to these two! Crazy, IDGAF and Tribe are just the right amount of positive and sassy that make me want to throw my head back and smash the day! Seriously, I've never felt this productive and excited in the morning.

White Roses; Apple EarPods; Maisons Du Monde Pineapple Trinket Dish, Hema Notebook

Troye has hit it out of the park with My My My! and I cannot get enough of this song. Katchi, Shake it Off & Dance Like Yo Daddy are such fun songs that make me want to have a dance party all by myself. Lastly, we have a trio of Fresh Eyes, Shivers and Right Place Right Time that are just so positive and have a great beat that make any work just flow. I definitely prefer a lot of upbeat songs at the moment and this playlist has been on repeat - especially in the morning. I'm glad I have no neighbours in front of my windows that can see me get ready in the morning - they'd have a whole show to watch! I will turn everything into a microphone and my makeup routine suddenly becomes more dancing than actually putting on makeup - I love it!

Both playlist are definitely a sign of just how diverse my music taste is. But I think that makes the playlists quite amazing for everyone - but especially for me, of course! I love sharing my playlist with you as I often discover amazing songs by looking through other people's playlists (yes, I stalk what my friends listen to). I hope you discovered a few songs that you can love listening to right now.

What has been your favourite song of 2017? What song makes you want to get out of bed in the morning?

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