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Instax Mini 90 Retro Camera; Happiness Boutique Leafy Fern Stud Earrings; Happiness Boutique Pom Pom Earrings; Marbled Red & Cream Roses
I feel like I've only just grown into my love for fashion - especially with spring being around the corner - I say as there's snow lying outside. But the shops all have their spring collections out and it´s making me excited to get my pastels and flower patterns out! Personally, I've always felt like jewellery is the one thing pulling an outfit together - whether it puts a little twist on the outfit or just takes it to the next level. I know I only wear jewellery when I want my outfit to feel a little bit more special. The Happiness Boutique is an amazing online shop based in Berlin who offer a wide selection of jewellery that will complete everyone's outfit. They also offer a discount code for all of you to find your perfect spring accessory!

The Happiness Boutique

I was so excited to get to know more about Happiness Boutique. I almost felt ashamed that I, as a fellow German, had never heard about it before. They are based in Berlin but also offer free international shipping. As the name suggest there's a strong purpose behind this brand and it´s to spread happiness and good vibes. If you've been around here for a while you know that I'm all about happiness and positivity and supporting others so this obviously spoke to me a lot! The general style of their jewellery is very classic with inspiration drawn from vintage and modern trends - which in my opinion makes for gorgeous jewellery. They also offer a customer reward program which could be a lot of fun if you love jewellery shopping as much as I do.

The Website & Process

I'm very particular with shopping websites so I thought I´d point out something that I immediately noticed about Happiness Boutique: They have a stunning website witch such a clear and beautiful design that makes browsing the website a lot of fun. I also love the amount of information you get once you click on an item - especially with jewellery I find it very hard to judge how big/long/heavy something is going to be so seeing them worn on models makes it a lot easier on my part. For example, I was drawn to many tassel earrings on my first browse but then saw that they were much longer than I wanted them to be which made me decide to go with a different pair that I've now fallen in love with. Also, the whole rest of the process was such a smooth ride - I got regular mail updates about the status of my order and when it was going to be delivered and it are in that exact time frame.

Instax Mini 90 Retro Camera; Happiness Boutique Leafy Fern Stud Earrings; Happiness Boutique Pom Pom Earrings; Marbled Red & Cream Roses

The Packaging

I'm a sucker for packaging - I truly am. While this particular packaging may not involve any ros├ęgold it´s still so pretty and feels very high-end. The earrings came padded very well and secured in a simple white box with the Happiness Boutique Logo on top. The box was then put inside a very small carton - there really is no chance of your jewellery being destroyed during transport! The white box fits very well with the design of the website: it´s so sleek and simple and makes me happy to look at. Plus, the box opens and closes so satisfyingly perfectly. Everyone who has ever opened an Apple packaging knows exactly what I'm talking about - it´s the same trick! Am I the only one who weirdly appreciates this? Okay, I'm gonna go on then.

The Earrings

Leafy Fern Stud Earrings in Gold

I mostly wear stud earrings in my everyday life so choosing a pair of these was very much natural for me. The Leafy Fern Stud Earrings* are absolutely gorgeous and minimalistic earrings that still look like something special. They have a stunning true gold colour and feel super high-end. Especially the shiny finish seems so different to the often more muted gold in other costume jewellery I own. One thing that intrigued me from the beginning was the closing mechanism on these - this is unlike anything I've ever seen before. It´s a screw-lock mechanism which makes it feel absolutely secure and sturdy. It has also stopped my habit of constantly playing with my earrings which is definitely for the better as that diminishes the chance of me losing them. The little black rubber band also makes sure that you're never out of grip on it. It´s a really special detail that is not only super beneficial to me but also looks much nicer than the usual transparent stoppers.

Happiness Boutique Leafy Fern Stud Earrings; Marbled Red & Cream Roses
Happiness Boutique Leafy Fern Stud Earrings; Marbled Red & Cream Roses
However this screw-lock mechanism comes with a big downside for me as well: It makes the little rod so much bigger than anything I'm used to. I've never stretched my earlobe piercing before so these hurt when I first put them in. It definitely gets better after a few minutes but the pain comes back once I take them out again. Plus, you cannot adjust the size of the rod to the wideness of your earlobe so these kind of twist and turn around throughout the day on my ears. Mainly the pain might speak against everyday wear for me but I still think these will look gorgeous if I wear them carefully from time to time.

I have absolutely fallen in love with the design of these Leafy Fern Stud Earrings* and if you have slightly more stretched earlobe piercings these would be the perfect dainty accessory while still looking a little bit special.

Pom Pom Earrings

I somehow missed the whole tassel and pom pom trend last summer but I'm finally here to admit that they look so pretty and make for really great earrings. I opted for this particular pair of Pom Pom Earrings* because while they pick up the trend perfectly they are not too big to take away from a great outfit. Plus, a combination of dusky pink and antique gold fits perfectly with my current style - I'm living in dusky pink clothes! Again, these feel so high-end and really sturdy. I don't feel like they'll fall apart when I pull at them. I'm generally a very clumsy person so not having my earrings fall apart at a slight tug means a lot for me!

Instax Mini 90 Retro Camera; Happiness Boutique Pom Pom Earrings; Marbled Red & Cream Roses
Instax Mini 90 Retro Camera; Happiness Boutique Pom Pom Earrings; Marbled Red & Cream Roses
One detail I absolutely love about these is that the gold half-circle has two different sides to it. That means even when they turn around while I move you get a nice little twist out of it. There's no worrying about the "ugly" side showing as there is no ugly side. Same goes for wearing your hair up and someone seeing you from behind. You could also go the extreme route and wear them backwards. The only little thing that I noticed about these was that they make a little screechy sound when they move around. That's kind of distracting at first but I don't find it to be that bad; other earrings make sounds too and I can easily block them out.

I thought at first that these might become more statement pieces for me but as it turns out these are my new favourite everyday earrings - they go perfectly with almost all of my current outfits, they add a nice elegant and special look and they are amazingly comfortable to wear - no tugging at my ears at all!

Instax Mini 90 Retro Camera Pictures; Happiness Boutique Leafy Fern Stud Earrings; Happiness Boutique Pom Pom Earrings; Marbled Red & Cream Roses

The Verdict

I thoroughly regret not knowing about Happiness Boutique earlier - I think the gorgeous selection would definitely have helped me find my jewellery style and get behind new trends earlier. I've found the pieces to be really great quality and despite a few flaws they are absolutely gorgeous and easy to wear. I know they'll make their way into my regular jewellery choices easily! Especially the Pom Pom Earrings* will be perfect for spring fashion trends and all the pastel colours I'm getting out of my closet again. Happiness Boutique also have a special discount code for you so you can find your perfect statement piece for spring. Just use followinglisa at checkout between February 21st and March 21st 2018 for 10% off orders over 19€.

What's your favourite piece of jewellery right now? Any current trends in jewellery you're adoring right now?

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