Trying To Answer 10 Random Thoughts

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As a constant over thinker I have a lot of weird thoughts on a daily basis. But as my life usually doesn't stop for me to go after those thoughts I also constantly forget them again. That's too bad though - just imagine if one of those random thoughts could be a breakthrough! What if I have discovered the cure of cancer and just forgot it again?! So in the past week I've written down 10 random thoughts I've had and will give my best to actually answer them.

What if I just stay in bed? What bad could happen? Maybe it'll even save me from the Apocalypse.
Realistically, if I just stay in bed nothing special will happen. There's no obligation to go to my seminars at uni and I don't actually have to do anything. Most likely I´ll just sleep for another hour or two and then feel insanely guilty for not going to uni. I don't know if it'll help in case of the apocalypse though - probably not because you're living on the fourth floor and I think it'd be better to be closer to the ground in case of an apocalypse.

Will dogs ever like me?
It´s hard to imagine but most of the dogs I've met in the last few years actually don't seem to like me - they only tolerate me. However, when I was a little kid my grandparents had a dog that absolutely adored me. It followed me around all day and wouldn't let anyone else get near me. So it´s very much possible that I´ll meet dogs again that will adore me too.

Why does snow just float through the air? Does gravity just don't want to disturb its graciousness?
I actually had to google this and the internet says it´s down to a number of different reasons that I don't feel confident explaining at all - I'm really not a physics expert (is this even physics?!). As far as I can understand it has to do with the fact that snow is more dense than air and therefore doesn't immediately fall down.

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What if unicorns are real and they were once living between us but then something happened to make them choose to hide from us? And now they're too scared to come out because they feel like we've made fun of them with all the hype around them?
Well, this is a hard one to answer. I definitely won't rule it out as a possibility that unicorns are living amongst us hidden away. However, I will say that it´s unlikely - I think with our obsession over them we would have found them by now.
(Now that they've all clicked away - if you have any hints as to where the unicorns are hiding, please let me know!)

Will I ever meet someone and don't have to explain why I don't drink alcohol?
Going from my life experience I´d say it´s pretty much unlikely. However, again, I don´t want to rule out the possibility. I've found that as I gelt older more and more people seem to ask less questions about my decision to not drink alcohol. But I also know that in our society drinking alcohol is the norm (even with older generations) so I find it to be unlikely to never get asked any question about it.

As I can´t for the live of me have "visions" or any idea how I would go about writing songs is there a part of my brain that I just never use?
The rumours that we only use 10% of our brain are unbelievably wrong. It is actually true that we use our whole brain - just not all the time at once. As I was a very unmusical child (until I started dancing) I can imagine that my brain just never built the synapses that allow other people to have visions of songs or melodies. But then again, I can easily come up with fictional stories and I feel like they just flow out of me which other people can´t really do.

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Why does Monday feel bad as the start of your week but Tuesday doesn't feel as bad?
Despite what the internet says Mondays will always be the worst day of the week. Or that was what I always believed. But then I almost had a full year at uni where I had no uni on Mondays and honestly, Tuesdays never felt as bad as Mondays did before they were free. That all goes to show that I have no idea why this is. All I can imagine is that it´s because were taught that Mondays are the worst and we all feel that two days are just not enough for relaxation. I have to admit that when I had Mondays off I mostly also had Fridays off and a four day weekend does make going to uni afterwards a lot easier!

Will there ever be a genetic mutation that allows someone to read another person's mind?
As a psychology student I constantly get the prejudice that I can read people's minds. While I actually cannot do this - shocker, right?! - I believe that it might be possible for other people in the future. It might not be the actual reading of people's minds but some people can already read people very well and understand them better and basically deduct what they're thinking. Who's to say that it´s not a genetic thing?

If we don't know what our brains actually do when we dream could it be that we are going to a parallel universe where weird things just happen?
uhhh, well. How am I supposed to answer that? As I say we don't really understand what our brains do when we dream or why we even dream. One of the best guesses right now is that our brains process certain things we've experienced during the day. But nobody can really rule out that it´s a parallel universe that we go to. So science, I am waiting on your answer here!

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Will there be a time when we have no more original movies at all because all stories have been told in every possible way?
I think as humans most of us crave some sort of creative outlet. That's why I think we'll never run out of original movies. However, their number might go down much more still. There are a number of several reasons for this - one of them being that we slowly run out of ideas. But that's just a tiny little one and I think there will always be some people who are just so creative and have amazing, original ideas. And I´ll be always here waiting for the original movies!

If we´re trying to trick the brain while the brain is trying to trick us, who's really messing with the other? (contributed by Jess)
Firstly, what a great random thought. Secondly, I think this is kind of a philosophical question that I can´t answer in a conclusive way. Personally, I believe that we are our brains. If there is something like a soul that's where it´s located in my opinion. That means there is no "other" that can influence the brain. But that's just my opinion and nothing we can ever really prove.

I absolutely loved thinking these random thoughts through and trying to answer them. I must say thought that a lot of them did not have a conclusive answer which is kind of unsatisfactory but I think that's part of them being such random thoughts. I think random thoughts are amazing and possibly what drives us to search for new solutions to questions. We definitely should appreciate our random thoughts more.

What's been your most recent random thought? Have you ever tried to answer your random thoughts?

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  1. I loved this post so much. I have so many random thoughts. I 100% believe that unicorns are out there. I just think any magical being is way smarter than us, that’s why we don’t find them. Or, maybe they were hunted to extinction at some point (which is depressing)


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