8 Beauty Products I Could Live Without

Essie Nail Polish; Urban Decay Lipgloss; Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette; Primark Eyelash Curler Rosegold
With the new year and all the resolutions many people are looking for a fresh start and are cleaning out their lives. Personally, I'm having my spring cleaning early and am looking through all my cupboards for things I can get rid off. One big part of that is obviously my dresser full of beauty products. Well, it would be but I find it very hard to actually throw away my makeup that I love so dearly. However, it has brought this idea to my mind: Which beauty products could I live without (I mean, if I absolutely had to - like a gun to my head)?


I'm a lipstick hoarder and they are my favourite makeup product yet I think I could easily live without it. It´s not that I don't enjoy wearing lipstick (I do way too much!) but rather that I like my natural lip colour and therefore could live without lipsticks. It might destroy makeup shopping for me a bit but after all, who likes to worry if their lipstick is looking good all day long?


I go through phases where I excessively use toner in my skincare routine and then months where I don't even touch one. Lately, I've been very strict in my skincare routine and have been using toner regularly to up my skincare game. While my skin seems to benefit from The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner right now, this is one step in my skincare routine I could give up easily.


Honestly, how often do you wear eyeliner? For me it´s once a month or maybe even less than that. I still think that I'm not getting the hang of it even though it looks pretty good most times I wear it. But then again, I'm not willing spent the extra time trying to make it seem even. So eyeliner should be very, very easy to give up.

Essie Nail Polish; Urban Decay Lipgloss; Primark Eyelash Curler Rosegold; p2 Highlighting Fluid; Kiko Smart Fusion Lipstick; Primark Gold Rings

Nail Polish

As lovely as it is to wear nail polish, applying it is always such a hassle. I always ruin my nails within the first day and then have to slowly accept that they aren't looking perfect. Plus, bare nails can look just as beautiful if they are taken care of. Giving up nail polish would probably just be a big time saver!

Face Masks

Regular face masks have been a recent addition to my skincare. I do love them very much as they make me feel so pampered and taken care of. I also feel like my skin benefits from them. But in times of stress they're also the first thing that goes out of the window and my skin still looks fine. If the rest of my skincare game is still strong I think my skin could survive without face masks.

Eyebrow Anything

Here's where I hear the whole blogging world gasp in unison. Yes, I could give up having my eyebrows on fleek all the time (is that still a saying even?!). I mean, I love it when my brows are gone but I've been blessed with pretty great natural eyebrows - at least in my eyes. That's why eyebrows were basically the last thing I discovered in the makeup world. So this would be really easy for me.

Essie Nail Polish; Urban Decay Lipgloss; Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette; Primark Eyelash Curler Rosegold; Zoella Body Mist; Kiko Eyeliner; Catrice Blush; YSL Rouge Lipstick


Only with the addition of the Chocolate Bar by Too Faced and having a lot more time in the mornings have I started to wear eyeshadow regularly in my everyday makeup. But I don't think I would mind giving my lovely eyeshadow palettes up too much. I could also work my way around and still create an eye look with highlighter and bronzing shades or even blush.


Speaking of blush... I know I mostly look like a vampire without blush but maybe that's a look I should embrace. Seriously though, I think I could handle living without blush. I´ll just need to get in a slightly embarrassing situation and I´ll have a very natural blush anyway. Personally, I value highlighter way more than blush anyway.

I think a big reason for me being able to give up so many things is that I don't feel like I need makeup. I absolutely love playing around with makeup and enjoy wearing it a lot but now that my skin is getting better I truly don't feel like I need to wear a lot of makeup (or any at all) to go outside! And yet giving up makeup as a whole has never seemed to be an option for me. I can't even really explain way; I´d definitely save a lot of money and time. Let's just hope that we all never encounter a situation in which we are forced to give up any beauty products. They give us too much joy anyways!

What beauty product could you live without? And what product do you just need in your life?

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