10 Beauty Mistakes I Need To Work On

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I'm not big on New Year's resolutions. However, there are always ways to improve and it´s important to reflect on what you can improve. One of those things are  beauty mistakes for me. I like to think I'm pretty good at doing my makeup now - I've even improved a lot in the past year - but there's always still a lot of room for improvement. Nobody's perfect! Plus, just because my makeup might look great that doesn't mean I'm doing everything right. In line with my 2018 goals I've compiled a list of beauty mistakes that I still make and need to should probably fix.

Using Foundation and Concealer Before Eyeshadow

I don't know how many times I've realised that I need to do my eye makeup first before applying foundation and concealer. Yet using foundation first is so engrained in my routine that I always grab it first. Partly, I also just spontaneously decide whether I want to wear eye makeup. That always means I have to deal with eyeshadow residue under my eyes which definitely destroy the whole look.

Washing My Makeup Brushes Unregularly

Ever since I´ve accumulated quite the makeup brush collection I've been washing them even less. It´s just such a chore and it takes up so much time. Plus, it needs to be timed right so that I can still do my makeup when I need to. Still, I should really, really make the effort and start washing them more. Bacteria are no fun and dirty brushes really ruin my makeup.

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Rubbing My Hair Dry

As a child I was taught that rubbing my wet hair in a towel was THE way to start the drying process. I know this is bad because it tangles up my hair so much but I have such a hard time stopping the habit. At least I've started to rub les and squeeze more. Hopefully, that'll get even better soon.

Prime My Eyes

Up until recently I thought primer was pretty much optional for everything. Since then I've learned that priming my face is essential and absolutely changes the way my foundation looks, feels, and lasts. However, I still haven't invested in any eyeshadow primer. If they make half as much of a difference as face primers I definitely need to invest in one though.

Plucking My Eyebrows less

I've been blessed with really great eyebrows in general and I've overcome the phase of completely over plucking them... mostly. I do plug them too regularly though  - I can never let a stray hair just stay there. That way my eyebrows never get a chance to grow out and I never get a chance to really shape them.

Zoella Sweet Inspirations Beauty Mist; Kiko Lipstick; Fresh Pink Roses

Not Blending Lipliner

I feel like lipliner is another thing that I've been taught wrong. I always used to apply a harsh line around my lips over which I then apply my lipstick. Applying my lipliner over that lines results to the lipstick going over my natural lip line. That always looks so weird! I've recently learned that you´re actually supposed to blend the lipliner into your lips to get a smoother transition.

Being Afraid Of Talking To Shop Assistants and Feeling Obligated To Buy Whatever They Recommend

I've never really felt comfortable talking to shop assistants. They kind of terrify me as I always feel like they know so much more than me. I always feel pressured to buy something they've recommended as well and that makes me super uncomfortable. I should really use their knowledge to get a better recommendations and not be obligated to buy anything just because I've asked for help. Plus, most shop assistant are so nice and friendly and give amazing recommendations and generally just want to help!

Wearing Waterproof Mascara Everyday

I have insanely watery eyes and nobody can tell me why. Whenever I step out of my house the tears just start streaming - sometimes it´s the cold wind, other times the bright sun. Because I don't want streams of mascara running down my cheeks I've started wearing only waterproof mascara. Apparently that's really bad for your lashes as it dries them out and most likely you don't get everything off. I don't wear waterproof mascara literally everyday as I spend most weekends without makeup... but still, that's a lot of drying out days!

Tanya Burr Lipstick; Kiko Lipstick; Nuxe Oil; Fresh Pink Roses

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette; Kiko Lipstick; Fresh Pink Roses

Chipping Off Nail Polish

As soon as theres even the tiniest chip in my nail polish I start chipping all of them off - to the point where I've removed all of my nail polish without ever using nail polish remover. Not only makes that all of the hard work of applying the nail polish worthless after a few days but also it takes one layer of my nails off with it. That is obviously even worse as it makes my nails thin and fragile.

Using SPF daily (even in winter)

Growing up in Germany I was never really worried about wearing SPF. It was a thing we only used in the midst of summer when lying in the sun was on the plan or when we were on holiday. But the blogging world has made it very clear to me that SPF is something I should be wearing everyday of the year because the sun is bad for our skin even the she isn't blasting from the sky.

I truly believe that everyone - even almost perfect makeup artists - still make a lot of mistakes. Partly, because we discover more and more about how to take care of our bodies and there are constantly new trends in the beauty world. But mostly, nobody is able to do everything perfectly. That leaves room for improvement for all of us and I choose to focus on these 10 mistakes for me right now. Maybe I´ll come up with 10 different beauty mistakes by next year - or science will show that I'm doing something completely wrong. Luckily, many beauty mistakes are easily fixable!

What is your worst beauty mistake right now? How are you fixing it?


  1. Oh my god I so need to start doing my eye makeup as well before my face makeup, it's just such a force of habit. I'm also the same with picking off my nail polish, though I generally don't know if I can ever stop it! xx


  2. Seems I also make a lot of these mistakes! I'm particularly so lazy when it comes to washing my makeup brushes and I also instinctively reach for my foundation before anything. And I pretty much never prime my eyes...!



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