Opening A New Door

This years has been quite the rollercoaster. I've had some amazing highs - like finishing my Bachelors degree in Psychology with an overall A - but I also went through some rough times - like saying goodbye to my friends at uni. After all that I'm now ready to open a new door to 2018 as I have some amazing for the year. Before it´s time to get into my future plans I thought it'd be a good time to reflect back on the past year and see if I achieved my one goal for 2017: Be happy with my life.

Reflecting on 2017

As I said before, 2017 has been a rollercoaster for me but instead of focusing too much on the lows I thought I´d give you (and me) a brief overview of all my highlights.

  • Seeing La La Land (twice) in cinema & absolutely falling in love with it
  • Making new friends through my work at uni
  • Celebrating my 21st Birthday
  • Going to an outdoor party at uni & feeling comfortable in between a lot of people
  • Attending my sisters Abiball (aka prom)
  • Having a blast at a get-together where I only (& barely) knew one person
  • Going to an even bigger outdoor party & managing to go through a massive crowd of people (I'm talking people dancing around us)
  • Getting offered a place at my dream university to do my Masters in Psychology
  • Finding an amazing flat sharing community & moving in (I'm so in love with my room!)
  • Writing a kick-ass bachelor thesis
  • Driving to Croatia fora  weeklong holiday with my friends (haven't been on holiday since my anxiety started)
  • Starting to feel comfortable in a new city
  • Finding new friends at uni & getting much better at social skills
  • Being a little bit more spontaneous
  • Lots & lots of train and car journeys

The first half of 2017 was really quiet for me because it was basically just a repetition of previous years but the year really started to take off in summer when I did so many amazing things that I would've never dreamed of with my anxiety (even something as simple as going to the cinema was hard to imagine!). I'm really so damn proud of myself for doing so much and fighting my anxiety so that now I can live an almost normal life! Currently, I'm also very happy with where I am in my life: My anxiety is getting better and better - especially with events like concerts and traveling. Uni is a lot of fun right now and most often I don't even mind the work I have to do for it. I've found some lovely friends here as well as lovely flatmates so that I actually enjoy spending time with them right now. I bet that also makes a lot of difference with my anxiety. Despite some little things that I´d like to change I think I have achieved my goal for 2017 - which I really wasn't expecting halfway through the year.

Opening A New Door To 2018

2018 will definitely be a lot calmer than 2017 was because I've found my routine at my new uni and now it´s mostly just working on my degree. I do hope that no big changes will be coming my way in 2018 because as amazing and as proud I am of going through with them all this year I'm now ready to take a step back and enjoy a calmer life. Maybe that will also allow me to focus more on the little challenges like weekend travels. Still, 2018 is going to be a mazing and here are a few reasons why:

  • I´ll get serious with my blog again & start being more active in the community
  • I'll continue working on my photography and forcing myself to experiment more
  • I've got tickets to see Ed Sheeran with my whole family
  • I'm planning on visiting Amsterdam
  • I can visit my family much more, be there at birthdays and finally celebrate my 22nd birthday with my family again
  • I can play Taylor Swift´s 22 all day on my birthday (I have been waiting for this for years!)
  • My sister and I are making a weekend trip to Berlin to see Dan & Phil´s Interactive Introverts Show
  • I've got tickets to see Emma Blackery perform in Cologne which I've been wanting for years now!
  • I´ll be getting more work experience by taking a few more internships around the end of the year
  • Hopefully I´ll get a job working at uni again
  • I´ll start dancing again and generally being more fit

As you can see 2018 will be filled with lots of exciting stuff from every part of my life. I'm especially looking forward to celebrating my own birthday at home as I couldn't do this for the past three years as uni was too far away from home. It´s such a small thing but I think waking up and being surrounded by your family on your birthday is just so special! Also I'm so super excited about the little trips and shows/concerts I have already planned and I'm hoping to add a few more to the list. Also I´ll definitely put in more work on my blog again. My life has been so busy and stressful lately that I could barely get my own posts ready, not even thinking about reading other blogs or being active in the community. I'm hoping once my life calms down again that I've got more time to focus on my blog!

I think I've overall had a pretty awesome 2017 and am so looking forward to starting 2018 very motivated. Because 2017 was such a good year for me I've made a few more goals for 2018 this time. They include things like getting getting back into dancing (because I've been really craving it lately), making progress with my blog and that trip to Amsterdam because it looks gorgeous! While goals like this might be great for having a general plan for the year, being happy with my life will still be the most important goal of them all. And the one goal I´ll be focusing most of my energy on!

Happy New Year! I hope you have a good one!

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