My Dream Christmas Reading Space

Binge Tyler Oakley, John Green Let It Snow; Baubles; Geode Fairy Lights, Christmas Mug
Reading has been a very important part of my life ever since I could grasp the concept of words. Especially in winter reading just seems like the cosiest activity and brings me that feeling of home. Since I recently moved to a new flat I've been doing a lot of Christmas decorating lately and I can´t stop imagining my future grown-up home all decked out for the holidays - because decorating just one room gets kind of repetitive. With my love for reading a dedicated little reading space would absolutely be essential in my future home. Of course my dream reading space would have to have a full Christmas theme as well - maybe even for the whole year around!

Because I love interior design almost as much as reading I absolutely fell in love with the idea of showing you my dream reading space when I was asked to envision it. I found some inspiration from the Arhaus website and obviously, my mind immediately went to a Christmas theme! The early evenings and general cosy feeling of December just feel absolutely perfect for a little reading space!

Binge Tyler Oakley, John Green Let It Snow; Baubles; Geode Fairy Lights, Christmas Mug

Firstly, my dream reading space would definitely be very close to a window. I think every book lover dreams of a little reading nook inside a window sill - and I'm no exception. I think a crisp white or maybe grey colour would make a gorgeous and easy to decorate base. Take a look at these examples from Fashion Landscape, Eleni, and Elements of Style from Pinterest. Essential for a good reading space is good lighting - hence the placement near a window. As for dark winter days I´d absolutely love having this gorgeous Geode Chandelier in Antiqued Brass from Arhaus hanging above me while I'm reading. It just looks so elegant and so different to other chandeliers I´ve seen! Because light from above sometimes just doesn't feel right I´d also love to feature the Bezier Gold Table Lamp on a little table besides my reading nook - mainly because I love it and could never choose just one of the two lamps. If you're looking for great new lamps, you should definitely check out the Lighting section on the Arhaus website - they have some really gorgeous pieces in there!

One thing - lighting related - I can never get enough of are fairy lights. I already have about 7 different fairy lights spread around my room, so I'm very much sure that they'd be featured in my dream reading nook as well. I buy most of my fairy lights from Primark as they have so many cute and affordable designs available at all times. Recently, I bought some adorable yet elegant gold geometric fairy lights from Maisons Du Monde though and I've fallen in love. They'd also go super perfectly with the Geode Chandelier!

Should I get bored of standard fairy lights until I buy my first home I also found this super cute idea of a fairy light Christmas tree over on A Pair And A Spare DIY and I think this would be absolutely perfect for a little reading nook. Just imagine it opposite of you with the window on your side - perfectly cosy! A Christmas tree - even a fairy light one - must always feature decorations. H&M always has a gorgeous selection of decorations. I currently have a pair of geometric baubles in gold - again, very fitting with the chandelier! I guess with the gold lamps were in the middle of a gold theme for the room, so some other simple gold baubles would be hanging from the tree - maybe something similar to the clear ones filled with gold glitter from Maisons Du Monde or the gold glitter and white stars from Primark.

Baubles from H&M, Maisons Du Monde, & Primar

A good reading nook would always have to be super cosy - that means pillows on mass! I've fallen head over heels in love with these Stone Washed Velvet Square Pillows in Blush form Arhaus. I'm a typical blogger in that I go absolutely crazy over anything in blush and that will probably not change in the future nor would I change that just for Christmas. Blush also goes really well with the general gold theme! To add maybe a bit more direct cosiness and that Christmas feeling I´d love to add some Ivory Faux Fur Pillows from Arhaus. They just scream scandinavian chic to me and I can totally see them in a wooden hut in the middle of the snow - you get my drift! I´d obviously also need a cosy blanket for my dream reading space - I'm just always cold! My favourite cosy blanket is this massive one from Primark. It has the softest teddy texture and is the perfect blush colour as well. If this blanket can't keep you cosy and warm there's something wrong with you.

Arhaus Ivory Faux Fur Pillow
Arhaus Stone Washed Velvet Square Pillow

Speaking of complete cosiness, I thought some adorable clear baubles filled with cosy socks from Flying Tiger would also make a fun addition to my reading nook. They'll ensure I never have cold feet ever while reading - which is absolutely essential! Reading must go along with a hot dring at all times in winter. My preferred drink is always hot chocolate and I always drink it out of this winter mug from Maisons Du Monde (similar Christmas mug). It was simply love at first sight & I currently can't imagine not using it everyday. Its just the perfect mug for me and I love the Christmas vibe mixed with blush and metallic colours - which would fit in perfectly with the whole theme of my reading nook. I know mugs aren't technically decorations but this one is so gorgeous, I just had to feature it!

Binge Tyler Oakley, John Green Let It Snow; Baubles; Geode Fairy Lights, Christmas Mug

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, is a good storage for all my books nearby my dream reading nook. Currently all my books are stored away in good old Kallax shelves which are great for a student room but would look completely wrong in my future home! I can totally see a more dedicated and intricate book shelf like the Xander Bookcase from Arhaus near my reading nook. It´s unlike any bookcase I've seen before and I love it. It looks so very sophisticated and just gives me this cosy vibe with the dark wood. Actually, so many of the furniture in the Living Room Section from Arhaus have this cosy vibe. I´d absolutely love to get a few pieces - which is unrealistic with a student budget, but a girl can dream, right?

Arhaus Xander Bookcase

Writing this post has made me so excited for Christmas and for owning and decorating my own little home. Just imagine all the dreams I could fulfil just for myself! I can already see myself putting up Christmas decorations all around the house - and especially in my reading nook - at the start of June just because I love the cosy feeling so much (and there's nobody there to stop me!). Browsing the Arhaus website for inspiration has now also made me want to furnish my student room again. That's kind of bad because I really just moved in here - plus, my budget won't really allow for it. That's just another dream I can fulfil once I make my own money. The Arhaus website better be ready for my order once I get a full-time job!

What's one essential that you'd need in your dream reading space? What's your favourite thing I mentioned in this post?

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