How To Survive The Christmas Blues

Advent Calendar and Christmas Flowers
Christmas is now officially over. This feels super weird to say - or write. Despite - or maybe because - December has flown past me this year I feel like I haven't had time to appreciate the Christmas atmosphere. Now that Christmas is over I feel weirdly empty knowing that I won't have a chance to enjoy the atmosphere anymore. I think - or hope - that I'm not the only one feeling a little empty with Christmas having gone by. The Christmas blues have hit me hard and I'm not sure how I´ll survive the time until New Year´s Eve. To help you and me with this I've compiled a list of 11 tips on how to survive the Christmas blues.

Sale Shopping

I bet I'm not the only one that absolutely loves finding a great bargain. It´s an instant mood lifter for me. So raid the sales (online or even better in town) and treat yourself to a few bargains. It´s even better if you got gifted vouchers or money as you can immediately spend those too & save even more money! Plus, you are more likely to actually associate the things you buy with those vouchers with Christmas.

Pur Your Heart Into Another Celebration

With all the organising we have to do for Christmas it can feel really weird suddenly not having to do all of that. If your heart desires a little bit of party organising you could just go ahead and use your free time to plan the next celebration. I mean New Year's Eve is just around the corner or maybe a family member has their birthday soon. That will give you something else to focus on and let you be excited for.

Advent Calendar and Christmas Flowers

Eat All The Chocolate

There is always an overflow of chocolate and general sweets in our house after Christmas. And as we know chocolate has some endorphins that make us happy - as long as you don't go overboard with it. Now is definitely not the time to refrain yourself from the joys of eating chocolate. Plus, it´s a good way to ensure there's no chocolate lying around for your resolutions after New Year´s Eve.

Hang Out With Friends

I always feel like having someone to hang out with immediately helps with my mood. It´s similar to how you suddenly don't feel lazy anymore when you watch films all day with someone else. Your friends will probably also have a lot of free time between Christmas and New Year´s Eve so make plans with them. That way you also continue celebrating Christmas in a way because it´s all about spending time with your loved ones.

Set Yourself Little Daily Goals

Just like hanging out with friends having any appointments or any schedule to your days can help a lot with the Christmas blues. I find it easiest to set myself little goals for every day as I'm very likely to accomplish those and feel good afterwards. Personally, I like having a physical to-do list for this to be reminded that I actually had a very productive day. Plus, these daily goals could be centred around getting ready for the next year so that you'll start without any stress.

Advent Calendar and Christmas Flowers

Keep The Christmas Spirit Alive

There is really no rule that everything Christmas related has to disappear once the celebration is over. Instead, my family often chooses to keep the Christmas spirit alive a little longer. We let our tree stay up until the new year and continue listening to Christmas music. I always find that little things like this helps a lot to ease the blow of Christmas being over.

Enjoy Time Off

If you are lucky, you'll have a lots of free time between Christmas and New Year´s Eve. I feel like almost everyone has a stressful December so use that week of free time to enjoy the relaxation it can bring you. The new year will probably be stressful enough already, so there's no shame in slowing things down for now. I always find that catching up on my Netflix watchlist feels very rewarding and helps me to relax a lot!

Advent Calendar and Christmas Flowers

Go Outside

When I spend a few days curled up inside the house I basically go crazy. It´s very important to also spend a good amount of time outside. The fresh air and generally the movement will do you and your mental health so much good! Plus, I always feel way better if I've gotten ready to go outside during the day!

Pump Yourself Up For The Next Year

Starting into a new year always feels super exciting for me. I try to use this excitement to get over my Christmas blues. I often use my free time to plan out important dates for the upcoming year and plan or even book some holidays (like a weekend trip to Berlin which I just booked!) to get myself really pumped for what's to come. It´s also a great feeling to start into the new year with a general idea of what it´s going to look like.

Advent Calendar and Christmas Flowers

Stick To A Daily Schedule

As mentioned earlier, there is nothing better for my mental health than having a schedule for my day. A big part of that is having certain routines. For me, the best routine to stick to is a morning routine. I know that it´s very appealing to stay in bed all day but I always feel so much better when I stick to a general morning routine and generally get ready for the day! If you're really determined you could also stick to an evening routine and have a bedtime for yourself.

Take Care Of Yourself

Nobody really wants to do much after Christmas but the least we can do is focus on selfcare. The stress of December has probably lead to you not really taking the time to take care of yourself (I'm so guilty of this!). So take the free time you have now to really show yourself some love. This could be something as simple as doing your nails or putting on a face mask.

I absolutely love the excitement of Christmas but I don't think it should mean that we bury our heads once Christmas is over. It´s important to focus on the positive side of things (aka a new year starting soon) and to take care of ourselves. I also find it so nice to use the time between Christmas and New Year´s Eve to catch up on all the work I've been missing during December so that I feel absolutely ready to start into the new year. It´s also a great time to reflect on the past year and point out all the amazing things you've done. So don't let the Christmas blues get you down and enjoy this time instead!

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  1. Christmas honestly came and went so fast, I'm now sat pondering what to do with myself. Luckily we have a party tonight, otherwise I'm afraid I'd be eating my body weight in pringles haha! x


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