How To Find Personalised Gifts For Christmas

Christmas is a beautiful time but also a stressful one. There's such a rush to find the perfect Christmas gift for everyone. For me, the perfect gifts are always personalised. I feel like people really appreciate personalised gifts and I think their smiles are even wider when they get a really personalised Christmas gift. Recently, in a few twitter chats people asked me how I come up with ideas for these personalised gifts. Instead of just telling just those people I'm sharing 7 tips to help you find the perfect personalised gift this Christmas.

Take Note Of Any Hints They Give

Let's start with the most obvious tip. I bet when Christmas is nearing you are constantly giving hints to other people about what's on your wish list. Trust me, other people do that too. Listen carefully to any hints they might give you as to what they really want this Christmas. If you want to be really organised you could also listen to their hints all year round and make notes on anything they might like. That way you also always have the perfect personalised ideas for birthdays or any other holidays. Plus, you could get them something they might not even remember hinting to you!

Give Experiences

Materialistic gifts are great when you really want them but when you don't they sometimes feel really useless. I'm very much an advocate of gifting experiences instead. Check out if some of their favourite artists are having shows in the next year near you and try to get tickets. If they're a fan of musicals or theatre try to get them tickets for that. If there's another special experience they could like (e.g. bungee jumping) try to gift them that. I especially like gifting experiences because I can include myself in that - they get to see their favourite artist with me; they get to go bungee jumping with me; etc. I find that time together is such a valued gift. A small vacation or just a nice dinner could also be amazing gifts!

Let Their Gifts Inspire You

From personal experience I can say that people rarely give gifts that they wouldn't like themselves (unless it was a special wish). If I'm really stuck for what to get someone I try to think back to what they gifted me during the past year and try to take inspiration from that. Often I try to come up with a gift fitting to what they gave me. That way they get something they'll probably like and I'm appreciating their gift to me as well.

What's Going On Right Now?

While they might not be the most memorable, practical gifts are always amazing. Did they just start a new job, move to a new apartment or get a new phone? You can always get them something related to that - especially if they've complained that something is still missing (like a decorative piece or a nice phone case). With these gifts you show that you know them, what they like and that you listen to what they're telling you. It´s always a great sign that you actually know what has been going on in their life! You could always get the gifts engraved or get them something special so that they always remember who gave it to them.

Use Pictures & Memories (& Signatures)

One way to quickly make any gift personal is to use pictures. This could mean making a card on the back of a picture or it could be making a photo album of your best memories together. Pictures are a wonderful way to look back at past memories. Plus, in our digital world its really special if someone made the effort to actually print out pictures. This also works for anything that you can print pictures on (e.g. phone cases, mugs, etc.). You could also get their signature (or a nice quote) engraved into something you're gifting them anyway to give it a bit more meaning. Especially with quotes you also get the effect of involving past memories. Personally, I love being gifted something with a special memory attached to it.

Take Them Shopping

Have you ever gone shopping with your friends without stopping at certain displays and pointing out things that you like? Yeah, me neither. So take them out on a nice shopping trip (maybe do it early enough so they aren't suspicious) and take note of the things they point out to you. That way you know you're getting them something that they like and they'll probably remember pointing the item out to you. It really shows that you remember what they tell you and that you truly care about what they are telling you when you're going out.

Fandom Gifts

I know not everyone is part of a fandom - which I find very odd because fandoms are amazing! But if you need to buy a gift for someone who is part of a fandom gifting them something related to that is always a great idea. Some of the best gifts I've ever gotten (like screaming-while-opening-it good) were related to my fangirl life. The best thing would obviously be to make something yourself but if you're not crafty enough or don't know the fandom well, you can always have a browse through Etsy. There are amazing gifts for every fandom on there and they're mostly handmade and absolutely fantastic. Plus, you're supporting small businesses! As a little link back to Pictures & Memories you could also get them something from Etsy for that point (e.g. a drawing of them, etc.).

Finding personalised gifts for someone is always a very personal thing - well, because its something specific to their lives. There's really not one way to go about it. Sometimes inspiration hits from a very different route than what I've listed here. For some people I don't even have to think or something just pops up that turns out to be the best gift. I hope these tips are a good way for you to start finding personalised gifts and maybe even finding the perfect gift for someone - you know the one they absolutely don't expect and then can't stop smiling over.

P.S. These ideas are obviously not restricted to Christmas and can be used for any gifting.

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