Sniffle Safe Makeup Tips

Fresh Lilies; Tempo; Kiko Less Is Better Cream Blush
We're in the middle of sniffle season right now and I absolutely hate having a cold! It just makes me feel so unproductive and weak. The only thing worse is having to go outside with a cold and having to put makeup on. You already know I´ll have to blow my nose so much that I´ll look like Rudolph  - yes, the reindeer with the glowing nose - after a few minutes. The rest of my makeup won't look any better either. However, there are a few tips that make wearing makeup a little bit easier during sniffle season.

Less Is More

Makeup does help in making you look more normal and personally, it helps me to feel better too. But the more makeup you wear with a cold, the more possibilities to ruin your makeup there are. So keep your makeup to the necessities and any smudging won't be noticed too quickly.

Prime Everything

I use a primer almost everyday anyway but its especially useful during sniffle season. It'll help the makeup stay on your face. My Catrice Prime And Fine Pore Refining Anti-Shine Base also has a mattifying effect which is already really helpful when you've got a cold.

Skip Foundation

We just don't look great when we're sick but foundation definitely won't be your best friend with a cold. Anything applied to your nose area will basically disappear as soon as you blow your nose - and then your foundation just looks weird. Instead opt for a good concealer or a very light BB cream to cover any imperfections or dark circles and don't put anything on your nose.

Catrice Prime And Finde Pore Refining Anti-Shine Base; Essence Camouflage Concealer; Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush; Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Candy K; Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

Cream Products

Usually I really don't use a lot of cream products. However, they are super useful if you want your makeup to stay on your face. Personally, I mostly focus on blush for this tip. Blush makes you look that little bit healthier when you're having a cold. I love the very natural look and long lasting power of the Kiko Less Is Better Cream Blush.

No Eye Makeup

This might sound a little redundant to the Less Is More tip but I just really, really want to stretch this point. With a cold your eyes already feel super heavy and are probably really watery. So avoid putting any product on top to make your eyes feel even heavier. Plus, any eyeliner you put on will probably just smudge away.

Waterproof Mascara

Personally, I don't feel comfortable with a makeup look without mascara. I just need my mascara to look that bit more awake. When I'm sick I make a point in going for the waterproof option as it doesn't smudge when I accidentally rub my eyes or generally just have watery eyes. A current favourite is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara.

Tempo; Kiko Less Is Better Cream Blush; Catrice Prime And Finde Pore Refining Anti-Shine Base; Essence Camouflage Concealer; Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush; Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick Candy K; Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara

Liquid Lipsticks

Lipstick is one thing that you could easily skip. For me, it has that instantly-feeling-better effect though so I often wear lipstick despite having a cold. My favourite sniffle safe lipstick is my trusty Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Candy K. I´ve worn this with a cold before and it withstood 3 hours of constant nose blowing without smudging at all.

Avoid Shiny Creams

I have very sensitive skin around my nose which will basically start to hurt once I blow my nose regularly. At home, I put on ointment (or lip balm) immediately after I've blown my nose as it really helps to nourish and heal the skin. However, when I'm out and about I restrain myself from doing so as the shiny cream will just put a focus on my already red nose.

Drug Yourself Beforehand

This sounds weird, yes, but the one thing you always want to avoid when wearing makeup is touching your face in any way. If you make sure to use all the needed medication right before going outside you'll likely feel more better for a while which will help with the face touching as well (e.g. no blowing your nose, no rubbing your eyes).

Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick Candy K; Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara; Primark Rose Gold Eyelash Curler

Take It Off ASAP

This will be your first instinct anyway but it´s important to follow that instinct. Take all the makeup off as soon as you get the chance too. Any makeup on your face will probably just annoy you once you're back at home and your skin will thank you too!

Take Care Of Your Skin

Speaking of skin, its important to keep your regular skincare routine going despite not feeling up to it. Your body (and the skin around your nose) are suffering enough already, so take care of your skin so that it'll look as nice as always. Maybe just add that little bit of extra hydration into the mix for the sensitive areas (aka your nose).

Its very clear that staying at home is definitely the better option when you're having a cold and I don't want to push you outside if you're sick. However, in some instances there's just no avoiding it and that's when these tips will come in handy. I really want to stress again that you should wear as little makeup as possible because that'll just make it easier to take care of it. Also, it´s totally okay if people can tell that you are sick - they are the ones that dragged you out of bed anyway!

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