My Autumn Haircare Secrets

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I never thought about haircare when I was younger. But when I finally moved out and went to uni I actually informed myself and found out what my hair needs. I also noticed a big change in my hair since then and it´s finally lost that straw-like texture! Recently, a hairdresser even complimented me on how healthy my hair was. So when Emily from eSalon got in touch and asked me to share my haircare tricks, she gave me just the inspiration I needed to finally let you in on my little haircare secrets.

The colourists at eSalon themselves have come up with some amazing tips for rinsing, drying and styling your hair this autumn (you can see them in this post). I know I´ll definitely try spraying my hair with hairspray before and after curling to make the curls hold longer - because my hair just won't hold curls at all! These cards were also a great reminder to stop rubbing my hair dry. I already knew it was a bad habit and I don't do it as much anymore but I should just completely stop! I have pretty much straight and thick hair (& a lot of it too) which means I can´t really style it as nothing ever truly holds. But even if my hair will basically just hang from my head I want it to look good. So here are my 10 haircare tips for great-looking hair in autumn and winter.

eSalon Haircare Hack Card Rinsing

Less Is More

As with everything in the beauty world, overdoing your haircare (and especially the washing) is basically deadly.. to the oils on your scalp! You see, our body wasn't build when showers or shampoo were readily available so our scalp provides us with the oils our hair needs already. Okay, maybe our ancestor didn't need or want shiny golden locks but the principle stands: Washing your hair too often strips it of the oils it needs. It might take time but cutting down how often you wash your hair is definitely worth it. I'm now down to washing it once a week and my hair has never felt healthier and smoother - plus, I'm saving a lot of time!

Dry Shampoo Is Your BFF

When you don't wash your hair as often but still don't want it to look greasy, meet your new best friend: Dry shampoo. What was a taboo-product a few years ago has come into full glory and I couldn't imagine my life without it. My hair often has no texture or volume so even when I've just washed it I like to use dry shampoo to add some texture to it. My favourite and for me the most long-lasting dry shampoo is from Batiste. It just works the best out of all dry shampoos I've tried.

girl in front of mirror; Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry

Find Your Perfect Hair Mask

I used to ignore hair masks. I could barely remember to use face masks so how did you expect to remember the ones for my hair as well? There are tons of amazing hair masks out there for every possible hair-related problem though - you just got to try out which ones work for you. I´d always suggest trying it a few times with at least one wash in between to really see the effect it has on your hair. My current personal favourite is Roots Scalp Treatment from Lush which I use every two washes. It nourishes my hair (which it definitely needs in autumn) and it also gives it a lot more texture and volume!

Tea Tree Oil FTW

Does your scalp ever get itchy during autumn? Mine certainly does. Just like every other skin my scalp is just not good with the switch to colder air. However, I've found my perfect solution: Tea tree oil! I remember using tea tree oil as a child to prevent or cure lice but it actually also has soothing, calming and hydrating powers - AND it prevents and cures dandruff. I mix 10-15 drops of tea tree oil with 100ml of baby shampoo - which is especially mild to your scalp - and use that instead of shampoo every few washes or when I feel like my scalp needs that extra bit of moisture.

eSalon Haircare Hack Card Drying

Don't Forget Conditioner

During my teenage years I basically boycotted any conditioner as I thought it would just make my hair heavier. That is partly true - depending on the conditioner you're using and how you use it. I've since realised though that my hair (especially the ends) need the extra hydration boost of a conditioner when we switch into the colder seasons. My tip is using a conditioner for fine hair as those are designed to be lightweight or using a leave-in conditioner while your hair is still wet. Also keep the conditioner away from your scalp at all costs - it´ll make your roots look greasy!

But Forget About Heat

Heat is your hair´s number 1 enemy - it´s most likely the cause of all your hair problems. I make a point in using almost no heat on my hair. I only use a blowdryer when I actually have to but 99% of the time I make sure to wash my hair in the evening so that it can air dry over night. I've basically given up on flat/curling irons as the result never lasts in my hair and that has helped a lot too. If I have an absolute hair-emergency and need to use heat I always use heat protective spray so that the damage won't be too bad!

Girl in front of mirror; blonde hair; hair styling; braid

Treat Scarves As Your Enemy

Speaking of enemies of your hair: Scarves! Yes, they're a great autumn accessory and really keep you warm but they are a sure way to get knots in your hair, too. It´s not enough of a reason for me to completely stop wearing scarves but I've banned them from my everyday wardrobe and only wear a thick one when I need to go outside. Then I always have a little hairbrush with me to untangle the direct mess. It´s definitely a thing to be aware of at least!

Brush Right

Brushing could be your enemy too, you know? (Basically, assume everything is your hair´s enemy!) Your brush could break your hairs, so opt for brushes that aren't too fine and rigid - see the eSalons cards - but also your brushing technique could. If you start straight at your scalp you run a high risk of breaking many of your beautiful hairs. Instead break your hair into two big sections (one on either side), hold your hair right at the bottom of your scalp and start brushing your ends until your brush runs smoothly through them. Then release your hair and slight aim higher with every stroke of your brush until you've combed everything. That way your hairs are less likely to break - and it hurts less to start brushing.

eSalon Haircare Hack Card Styling

Braided Beauty

Let's step away from the actual hair care and talk styling. As I mentioned before I'm not styling my hair a lot because nothing will ever really hold for a full day. The one thing I do instead is braids. I've tried out different styles on different parts of my hair and I just think a braid always looks stylish and elegant. They also make it look like you´ve put a lot of effort into your styling when in reality you've been having a bad hair day. Just imagine a burgundy sweater and a smooth braid - doesn't that scream autumn? If you've already mastered the dutch and french braid, here are a few more ideas: Five Strand Dutch Braid, Zipper Braid, Dragon Braid, & Fishtail Braid.

Ombre All The Way

Everyone is always saying to go darker in autumn but I beg to differ. I can never truly let go of summer and I like to transition that love into the cold seasons as well. Personally, I absolutely adore ombre hair and am very sad that I already have blonde hair! Ombre always looks effortlessly way more interesting than a standard hair colour (at least to my eye). You can find the perfect ombre colour for you with the Custom Hair Color & Hair Dye from eSalon!  Plus, after a good summer full of sunshine you'll naturally have lighter ends in your hair. You're basically just enhancing that natural look!

I feel like we always focus on haircare during summer when our hair can get some real damage dring a vacation - you know, sand and salt water. So I loved the idea of focusing more on the colder seasons when we usually don't care for our hair enough. These haircare tips have worked wonders for my hair and always help when I transition it to the colder seasons. I've especially noticed that my scalp gets dry when its cold outside and that I need to care for it a lot more! I´ll just have to teach myself a few new braid variations now to keep my styling more interesting.

What's your favourite braid? Have you got any haircare secrets?

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