Makeup & Comfort Zones

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"But you look better without makeup" is probably the worst thing anyone could say to me. Firstly, because that's a rubbish way to compliment me. Secondly, because makeup might enhance my appearance but that's often not the only reason I wear it. Finally, because it´s my face and not yours, so deal with it. Seriously though, makeup for me is much more than just something I need to put on my face so I look "better". I love experimenting with makeup and it has a great impact on my life, my decisions and how I deal with comfort zones.

As probably every other person struggling with anxiety I find it very hard to go out of my comfort zones. I always worry about what will happen and with makeup I always worry if people will make fun of me because of my makeup choices. It´s the ever so old question of "Will I stand out?". But staying in any comfort zone will never make me grow as a human or reduce my anxiety. We only learn when we step out of our comfort zones and that's a thing I'm always working on.

Getting Stuck In A Makeup Comfort Zone

Let's talk about the "bad" side of comfort zones first. As the name suggest they give you a feeling of comfort. As for me I just know how people react to certain makeup looks I´ve worn and often that means less is more at uni. I was made fun of for wearing lipstick in school; I distinctly remember my Dad asking me if a lipstick wasn't too bright to wear outside; and more recently someone at uni only knew me as "the girl with red lipstick". These comments really didn't make me feel good and they had quite a big effect on my makeup habits. For the longest time I didn't feel comfortable wearing lipstick despite it being the makeup product I enjoy the most.

There's nothing wrong with having a set makeup routine that you can do really fast and you wear more often than other looks. But I find it´s a problem when you own a lot of makeup and enjoy it but never wear it outside the house because you're afraid. However, there are ways to break out of your makeup comfort zone.

Following Lisa; Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Nahz Fur Too; NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker

Going Beyond My Makeup Comfort Zone

I recently adopted a very relaxed attitude with my makeup; meaning that I wear whatever I want and feel comfortable with. I really try not to worry anymore about other people's opinion. There are five tricks that have helped me adopt this new attitude.

1. Buying new makeup

A new makeup product always makes me so excited to experiment with it. This is definitely not a perfect solution to stop worrying but I find it way easier to try out new looks when I'm excited about using a new product. I recently bought the Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette by Too Faced and have worn so much different eyeshadow looks lately!

2. Give yourself time to do your makeup

When you're in a hurry every morning you'll likely stick with your usual routine as it´s the easiest and quickest makeup look you can do. When you plan in a little bit more time you're more likely to stray from your routine and try a different blush, highlight or even a whole different look.

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3. Use special occasions

There are some makeup looks that might feel daunting to wear in your everyday life - you might feel like you can't get away with those extravagant looks. However, when there's a special occasion - like a birthday party or going to see a show - you might feel more comfortable. On such special occasions a bolder look suddenly feels more appropriate or even expected. Make use of that and experiment on such occasions. You'll slowly get more comfortable in these looks until you feel good enough to wear them whenever you like.

4. Only Do It When You Feel Like It

Sometimes you just feel confident enough to wear a bold look even when it´s just a normal day. I've had one of those days lately when I wore a bold, red lip and eyeliner with this crazy hair. Wearing this look with so much confidence led to nobody giving me a strange look for it - it just felt natural to me and everyone around me. Since I didn't experience any bad reactions I even felt excited to wear this look again!

5. Growing Up

It´s a cliche but it´s definitely true: When you grow up you start to care less what other people think about you. I remember desperately wanting to be liked and wanting to fit in when I started at uni. Now, three years later starting at a new uni I showed up with quite a bit of makeup on and tada, I still made friends. I also didn't feel like I was immediately being judged because of my makeup which just goes to show that as you grow up the people around you do too which means they'll care less about what you look like too!

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How Makeup Pushes My Confidence

I've talked a lot about my makeup comfort zones now but makeup also has an impact on other comfort zones in my life. Recently when discussing sniffle safe makeup I mentioned that I often wear makeup despite feeling sick because it makes me feel better and more confident. Its true; whenever I feel slightly sick (not staying-in-bed sick) a little bit of makeup just helps me to gather my last strength and get on with my life - at least for as long as I have to be around other people.

I'm not kidding when I say that makeup often helps me with my anxiety too. Firstly, putting my makeup on often makes me feel relaxed as I enjoy it so much. Secondly, its like putting on a mask: If I don't look anxious I don't feel as anxious. Here again lipstick especially helps me. I don't know why exactly but if I'm looking confident with a bold lip I'm sure that nobody will be able to tell how I'm truly feeling and that always eases my mind too. Because the worst thing is feeling anxious and everyone being able to tell and/or staring at you! I'm definitely tricking myself more than anyone else with makeup but it truly helps!

Following Lisa; Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Nahz Fur Too; NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker

When I'm not anxious, I find that - as weird as this sounds - if I catch a reflection of myself with a bomb makeup look it´s like a constant confidence boost which just pushes me out of my comfort zone. On the one hand it´s just that I'm proud of the great makeup look I created. That's a great thing to be proud of - because I taught it all myself and that's amazing - and being proud always helps with confidence! On the other hand it´s also a reminder that I actually look good and am worth everything good that comes my way. Feeling like a million bucks is just such a confidence boost and makes me want to step out of my comfort zone!

I've found it quite shocking - and also wonderful - that something as simple as makeup can already help with my comfort zones and my anxiety. It´s crazy what a big effect it has on my life. It´s like putting on a protective shield that hides how I'm truly feeling from the people around me and myself too. There's so much more to makeup than just looking better (or looking better for others which is just... no!). That's why I hate being told that I look better without makeup. Just know that you don't have to be a super extravagant person to be wearing a bold look whenever you feel like it. Makeup is an expression of yourself and something that you should wear for whatever reason you'd like. If you feel like making a statement with your makeup that day that's never for others to judge!

What's one thing makeup has changed in your life?

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