How To Keep Your Lips Smooth

Balea Intensive Lip Balm; Panthenol-ratiopharm Wundbalsam
Tis the season for matte lips, cold air, and thus dry lips. I absolutely hate having dry lips - it honestly drives me insane. If you see me scrambling in my bag in public I'm probably looking for my lip balm - or my phone. Over the years I've figured out how to combat those dry lips pretty well - especially in the past year I've tried a lot of different tips I've found online. With autumn being truly here I thought it'd be the perfect time to spread my wisdom amongst other. So I'm sharing the best ways to keep your lips smooth.

As mentioned before, dry lips drive me absolutely insane. That's why I always have a lip balm in my bag. I even have about three different lip balms spread out in my room so there's always one in reach. Currently I absolutely love using the Balea Intensive Lip Balm which is really helping my lips out. It feels very nourishing on my lips (more than other lip balms) without being too heavy or making my lips sticky. If I'm not wearing any lipstick, I'm wearing this lip balm.

Another daily routine has become my beloved Ratiopharm Wundbalsam (aka ointment) with panthenol. This is the stuff that magically reduces all of your wounds over night. As a side effect it also keeps my lips insanely hydrated if I apply it before going to bed. It cures any scabs or dry patches I might have on my lips, too.  The reason why I love Ratiopharm´s ointment especially is because it doesn't feel as greasy as other ointments I've used before.

Sephora Shea Lip Mask

One thing I've only recently discovered are lip masks. I really didn't know these were a thing until I stumbled upon them in Sephora (I later had to realise that Sephora Collection is not cruelty free, so here's an alternative by Bite Beauty). This particular lip mask is made with Shea butter and protects and repairs your lips. Just imagine it as a sheet mask for your lips - yes, they do feel as weird as that sounds. But they also work really well. They just make a nice treat for your lips to give them that extra bit of hydration from time to time. Sadly, there is seems to be no lip sheet mask that is cruelty free currently.

If you are not a fan of buying masks. You can also very easily make them at home. There's tons of recipes on Pinterest, here are two favourites from The New Potato and Yogi Mami and a more challenging recipe from Fresh Picked Beauty. I've noticed honey is a very common ingredient in any of these masks. Its usually mixed with some kind of fruit juice or oil. So you could just go ahead and make a mixture of your own by using whatever you like. I think honey on its own could also be great (if you don't have time or ingredients to make a mask). I've also read somewhere that leaving a bag of green tea on your lips and/or rubbing it around on your lips works wonders!

Pink Children's Toothbrush in front of blurred lilies

Did anyone else go through a Lush Lip Scrub hype in their teens? I think their Bubblegum Lip Scrub was my first ever purchase from Lush. While the lip scrubs are still really fab to get rid of dry patches or dead skin I had to realise that I don't really enjoy using them. There's something about the taste and that eating them off part that makes me go crazy. Plus, I always feel like they're not doing anything. If you are not as weird as I am though, they're really great. I know a lot of people who swear by them!

My personal alternative for exfoliating my lips has been a children's toothbrush. I know this sounds crazy but hear me out. I apply my regular lip balm (preferably one without taste) or vaseline to my lips and then use this small children's toothbrush (yes, its pink and in the shape of a bunny - I love it!) to brush my lips. I love doing this because depending on the state of my lips I can adjust the amount of pressure I apply. I feel like it´s the easiest and most effective way to exfoliate my lips. They feel super soft and smooth afterwards! It also stimulates circulation, so they look more red too!

Obviously, I could also just not wear matte lipsticks everyday and that'd do wonders for the state of my lips. But what kind of messed up autumn and winter would that be?! With these tips my lips have barely suffered in the past year though and I´ve felt more confident than ever to wear any lipstick I want.

What's your favourite lipstick right now? do you have any lip mask recommendations for me?

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  1. There are some brilliant tips here! These will definitely come in useful in the Winter as that is when my lips are the most undernourished.

    Emily xo


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