7 Blogging Sins I'm Guilty Of

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We're all humans. We all make mistakes. I sometimes feel like I'm making more of them than other people - especially when it comes to blogging. More often than not I´d say I'm a bad blogger and that's why I'm still so "small" in the blogging world. That's not saying that I dislike being a smaller blogger, it definitely comes with its perks too! I recently went down a rabbit hole of researching the most common blogging sins and/or blogging pet peeves - who doesn't like a little bit of salt in their wound? I've compiled a list of the 7 blogging sins I'm guilty of right here - maybe as a little reminder to myself.

Posting Near-Identical Photos

If a shot works for me visually I find it very hard to leave it out of the post. Generally, I take a lot of similar shots to later think THE one but more often than not its not just a single shot that I love. So in some cases I've been quilty of having near-identical photos in my posts. I try to spread them out over the post though so that nobody notices - sneaky, little me!

Not Responding To Comments

I'm the worst at responding to comments and it´s really not because I don't appreciate them. It makes me feel so honoured and puts the biggest smile on my face when I read that someone enjoyed my post or even thought about what I had to say. I simply forget to reply all the time. Please know that every comment is deeply appreciated!

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Posting Before You're Proud Of The Post

I'm usually the biggest advocate of quality over quantity but there are times when I just really don't want to mess up my blogging schedule or don't have time to re-do something before the post goes live. I'm not proud to say this but I have published a few posts that I'm not 100% happy with - whether it´s the writing or the pictures. These posts are a very small number of all the posts I've published though and I can assure you that 99% of all my posts are - in my eyes - great when I hit publish.

Typos and Wrong Grammar

I make a point in proofreading every single one of my posts - so hopefully all posts are pretty much free of any spelling mistakes! However, english isn't my first language so there's always a change I'm getting things - especially grammar - wrong. I'm very thankful for the spellcheck on my laptop as it has saved me from many typos. Currently it does like to correct "it´s" to "its" though which is very annoying - sorry if you had to see some of those lately! Also, spellcheck sadly doesn't cover grammar!

Not Interacting Enough With Other Bloggers

The blogging community - or at least the part I always see - is absolutely amazing. I love all the creative minds around me and I love taking part in the blogger chats & talking to all of you. But my life is also busy all the time. I often just forget that social media exists - I'm really not kidding! - and I cannot spend as much time as I´d like reading other blogs. That's what you get for loving your field of study, being a perfectionist and wanting to have a social life, I guess. I'm working on it a lot though and trying to schedule times to actively be a part of the blogging community again.

Side note: What happened to all the blogger chats? I've been trying to join different ones all week and every single one just seems to have completely disappeared...

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Not Answering In A Timely Fashion

It´s definitely important to reply to everything as fast as possible - yet I rarely do that. Just like with social media I just completely forget that I wanted to reply to something (a tweet, a mail, etc.) after I've read it. Basically, I'm just very forgetful. You can call me Dory from now on!

Not Following Trends

Trends have never really been my thing. Even as a teenager I wanted to get the shirts that were "in" in summer when the first snow was falling outside. It´s similar with blogging: everyone was doing flatlays a year before I even tried my first one. If you want to get high page views following trends is kind of important but I kind of like not following along. It might not get me to the top of the blogging game but at least I'm always posting about the things that currently interest me.

I thought I´d come out of this post being very depressed about what a bad blogger I am but I'm actually really proud of it. I had to dive very deep into the internet to even find 7 blogging sins that I'm guilty of. I guess I'm a decent blogger overall - or at least I know how to respect other bloggers. Seriously, the amount of complaints about bots, automated dms and the follow/unfollow game is ridiculous! It´s really not that hard to be a decent human being! Anyway, I'm quite happy that I did not fail any major blogging requirements. I can totally live with these 7 sins - nobody's perfect after all!

What's one blogging sin you´ve committed? What's your worst blogging pet peeve?

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