10 Films I Endlessly Rewatch

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Sometimes I worry that buying DVDs is completely outdated. But I just can´t help myself: I love films so much and I love the feeling of having a physical representation of the feeling and atmosphere of a film - that's just something Netflix won't give me. As such a film lover it´s probably no surprise that I can´t name a favourite movie - how dare you make me choose between my children?! But there are a lot of films that I rewatch more than others. You know, those films that you sometimes just crave to watch. Here are 10 films I endlessly rewatch.

The Wedding Date

Kat hires a male escort, nick,  to play her boyfriend at her sisters wedding because she´ll meet her Ex-fiance there. During the week full of receptions and parties the two get closer than their contract states. 

This is a romantic comedy done by the book and while some might say that's boring I absolutely love it. The cast is absolutely amazing (I love Debra Messing in this!). When a movie starts out with early 2000´s music glory how can I not  love it? This is a film that gives me that tingly feeling of a great romance. The main characters are really adorable and fit well together and the supporting cast is absolutely hilarious! It´s simply a feel good movie that's done just right!

No Reservations

Kate is a perfectionist and a cook in a classy restaurant. When her sister dies and Kate has to take care of her niece Kate´s boss hires an additional cook, Nick. With two passionate cooks in one kitchen its obvious that they’ll go head to head. 

No Reservations just combines a beautiful romantic comedy with some tear-jerking family drama. Abigail Breslin is just so cute and I think her performance in this is incredible - I surely couldn't act like that when I was 11-years-old! She really gives this story the heart it needs to stray away from the very typical romantic comedy arc and I really like it. The characters in general are all loveable. I can really relate to Kate - being a perfectionist and all - and I love that the film doesn't shy away from showing how difficult the situation is for Kate and Zoe. 

Two Night Stand

Being unhappy with her life Megan decides to have a one night stand as an experiment. Her experiment goes wrong when a snowstorm traps her in Alec´s apartment the next morning. Being trapped in a small space the two get to know each other closer than one night stands should.

I love films that don't fuss around with too many characters and this one really just focuses on Megan and Alec. You get to know both so well over the course of this movie and it really just feels like you're watching them in real time. I can't really pinpoint why I like this film so much but I know that I wanted to watch it again a few days after seeing it for the first time. There is something very intriguing about this awkward situation - plus, it does have very relatable characters and some really funny moments.

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Remember Sunday

Gus is Dory in human form. He has completely los his short term memory and only has a fairly normal live because of the lovely people close to him that help him through everything. But then he meets Molly and he is as intrigued by her as she is by him. But how will she take his secret?

This is the absolutely perfect film to throw on on a lazy afternoon. It gives me al the happy feeling and I cannot help falling in love with the main characters every time. This film doesn't play on one big story arc too much and while the first half might seem like your typical romantic comedy the film just goes on afterwards and its absolutely perfect. I live for epilogues of a story as I really enjoy seeing people just live their normal lives and that's what this film is after you've passed the first half. It´s a film that's so lovely and relaxed and feels so real that you don't really want it to stop. This film doesn't need big twists or drama it works perfectly without them!

The Holiday

Two women with guy trouble trait their homes for the holidays. Both just want one thing: Keep away from any men. However, both must realize that true love might only be a change away.

This is just such a classic Christmas film so I won't go on about it too long. This is probably my favourite Christmas themed romantic comedy though as I very much love how both stories relate to each other. Also other than most multiple stories films (aka Love Actually) I don't want to skip any of the storylines. All four characters are really loveable and I think we all can relate to wanting to escape our own life just for a while. As it´s a Christmas film I do watch it less over the summer but by October the latest I've got it on repeat!

La La Land

Passionate actress Mia and charismatic Jazz musician Sebastian are looking for their big break in LA. After a rather harsh first meeting, their lives cross paths again and entangle into one big romance. 

As a musical lover how could I not love La La Land? You can already read my immediate opinion when I discuss if La La Land actually deserves 7 Golden Globes (the answer is yes!). It´s just such a beautiful film that tells a beautiful story and I love the atmosphere, the way it´s shot and the songs. I absolutely adore that it´s not your mainstream romantic comedy but has this super artistic view on romance, people's passions and LA. I really find myself craving the atmosphere and feeling of this film and putting it on has never been a bad idea! It might lead to getting sucked into the story and not continuing to work like you promised yourself though.

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Me Before You

These two couldn’t have less in common: Lou is a happy, bubbly small-town girl with a passion for fashion - especially bee striped tights; Will had the perfect life until a tragic accident left him paralysed and now he despises the world and life itself. Yet when their lives force them together a beautiful (and tragic) love story arises.

This is one film that will seriously tug at your heart strings. I absolutely loved the book and the film is absolutely beautiful too. Personally, I think you can really tell that Jojo Moyes herself adapted her book into a screenplay as it is done so well and so true to the characters. And Jojo Moyes´ characters are always amazing; they always feel like real people with real passions and real tragedies. It´s lovely seeing how Lou and Will meet and then slowly warm up to each other through finding things they both enjoy. They really complement each other so well and I think they both take something away from this relationship. Can you tell how much I love this story? This is the one film I put on when I'm looking for a good cry (it does have funny moments too though!).


Moana has had enough of being restricted to the land, she´s always been more drawn to the water. So when her tribe is in danger she sails beyond the reef to return the Heart of Tahiti. Her journey turns out more difficult than she ever expected but with the help of a new friend she quickly grows to the challenge.

Moana has been another rather recent addition to this list but Disney´s latest film has got me in love. I'm a lover of the original Disney films so I was very skeptical going into this: Would I like a film that strayed away from the prince/princess theme? The answer is yes, yes I absolutely do. And I can´t stop watching it. I bought it last year for my birthday and immediately fell in love with all the characters. The story is as amazing as the characters, the songs are super catch and there are a lot of funny moments. I love Moana´s journey and how she becomes more confident throughout it. When she sings "I am Moana" it always gives me chills! I just keep showing it to everyone because I love it so much and I haven't yet grown tired of it at all.

Carrie Pilby

Carrie Pilby has an IQ of 185 and has never felt normal in her life. With the help of her therapist and a little list of things to  finish before the year ends she finally finds her place ein the world and manages to find a reason to leave her apartment, her bed and her books.

Netflix recently added this film to their list and while they thought I might not enjoy it (only 56% agreement, phew!), I absolutely fell in love! As someone who has always felt older than her peers and like she never really fit in and wasn't ever truly happy I 100% relate to Carrie. This film just gives me all the feelings  as Carrie evolves throughout the movie. This is the perfect film if you want a romantic comedy but not the typical, by-the-book-on-your-nose kind of romantic comedy. This film feels so real - it could honestly just be a real story and I wouldn't be surprised. It´s one of those movies that I instantly want to rewatch once I've reached the last scene.

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Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts

I'm skipping the synopsis on these because who doesn't know what Harry Potter is about? And if so, what went wrong in your life? These films just instantly give me that feeling of coming home. I grew up with my Mom reading the books to me when I couldn't read them myself yet and I've always associated the films with a family movie night, fairy lights, cups of cocoa and the fire on. I don't rewatch all of them as much as I should or even would like to but they're always set on my shelf, waiting for me to be craving them again - and that happens at least once a year. As soon as I saw Fantastic Beasts for the first time I got the exact same feeling. I did a full review of Fantastic Beasts last year but in short, I absolutely loved it! It´s great that there are 8 films in this universe now because once I've reached the last one I can almost immediately start over. 

I could probably put a ton more films on this list - I just love most film so much! There's just no better feeling than being completely absorbed in the universe of a film and just relating to the characters. I probably didn't do any of these films justice though so I´d highly recommend watching the trailers for all of them and letting them show you how amazing they all are! I've heard people before say that rewatching a film is a waste of time but I wholeheartedly disagree. If I love a film it makes me insanely happy to go back into this universe and seeing it again. I love discovering more and more details as I watch it again and again. Something that makes you this happy definitely cannot be a waste of time!

Do you still buy DVDs? What's currently your favourite film?

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