Why Everyone Needs a Phoebe

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I've recently talked about Phoebe and what I've learned from her (& other tv characters). As I'm still avidly listening to the Best of Friends Podcast I'm thinking about her a lot too and I've realised two things thing: 1. Phoebe might be my favourite Friend; 2. We all need a Phoebe in our lives. She might be a crazy character but she's also incredibly sweet and loving and having her as a friend would definitely be an honour. Here are 7 more (detailed) reasons why everyone needs a Phoebe!

She values friends and family over everything

She acts as a surrogate for her brother because she loves him so deeply that it makes her happy to fulfil him this wish. Is there anything more I have to say?! I think this makes her such an amazing friend/family member because she'll always be there for you and stand by your side no matter what you're going through. Phoebe will help you in every way she can.

She is always positive

I absolutely admire her positivity about life especially knowing what she has gone through. Phoebe has gone through hell multiple times through her life and comes from a deeply complicated family. But she still is the one that's always up for an adventure and sees the good in the world. There's just so much to learn from her mindset! Plus, it makes her an amazing person to talk to. She'll probably give you great advice and a positive outlook on what you're going through.

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She has the biggest heart

Her past has made her very aware of how much people can suffer and while she's in a better place now she has such big empathy for other people's experiences. Empathy is definitely a big part of friendships and again, it makes her a great listener and giver of advice. She can imagine what you're going through and she'll try to make you feel better in any way she can.

She's an activist

If Phoebe believes in something, she'll act on it. I distinctly remember one episode where she believes that Christmas trees have feelings and therefore tries to actively stop their selling. People might call that crazy but I think it'd make her an amazing person to have in your life. If she believes you're wrong about something or that someone has done you wrong she'll act on it. Its easy to complain all the time, so its great if you have a friend who encourages you to act!

She is incredibly confident

Phoebe might be the craziest and most open-minded one of the friends but she never feels any shame in that. She is confident in who she is and proud to be herself. She is also incredibly body positive! That's something we all should embrace more and by having her in your life you could learn a lot from her in this regard. She is just a really inspiring person in her self-confidence.

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She is a child at heart

Again, this might be caused by the fact that she didn't have a real childhood but it´s still such a wonderful quality. I wish I still believed in Santa or the easter bunny - it makes the world a more magical place. As children all we want is to grow up and we let go of our inner child way too easily. the world is harsh and there's nothing you can do about it so keeping that little touch of magic alive - and maybe having a more naive look at the world - can help you to keep your head above the water. Its important to have someone with this kind of spirit in your life to remind you of that!

She doesn't beat around the bush

Despite being naive or childish from time to time Phoebe doesn't shy away from telling the truth. For example, she openly says "I wish I could, but I don't want to" when making plans which I find very inspiring. With all that we're going through on a daily basis and the lies that we tell ourselves someone like this is amazing. Phoebe won't let you bullshit yourself, she'll tell you straight if you're wrong. This is the kind of person that can help you become a better version of yourself!

As you  might be able to tell here, I'm a big fan of Phoebe. Especially as I grew older I've learned to appreciate her a lot more and now I find her very inspiring. I do believe that I basically have a Phoebe in my life - her personality is just split over different people. Or maybe just having her in the form of the fictional character can already be a great addition to your life (and give you a damn good reasons to watch even more Friends!).

who is your favourite Friend? What's one characteristic of Phoebe that you'd love to have in your life?


  1. I absolutely love this post! Friends is one of my all time favorite shows and I quote it way too often. I think my favorite friend is Chandler, but Pheebs is such a queen. I always loved it when Monica is upset because Rachels mom is mad at them, and Phoebe tells her that she has to be okay with someone being mad at her. She's apologetic and feels bad, but she also doesn't beat herself up for making a mistake. Such a good quality to have in yourself or a friend!

  2. I mean I love all of the Friends characters but I definitely have a soft spot for Chandler because I'm the most like him. I love Phoebe though! I think she's such an awesome character and I think the thing I love the most about her if how un-afraid she is to be completely and utterly herself.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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