4 TV Shows I´ve Been Obsessed With Lately

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It´s that time of the year for pumpkin picking, hot chocolate sipping and Netflix bingeing. The fact that not leaving my house for days while I watch one episode after the other is finally socially acceptable again makes me super happy. To get you started into your bingeing season I´m sharing 4 tv shows that I´ve been obsessed with in the past few months (you know, while it wasn´t socially acceptable yet).


I was looking for a new and light sitcom that would replace Friends in my daily routine when I stumbled upon Suits on Netflix. Suits is actually nothing like Friends but I still fell in love with it.

Mike Ross is a good-hearted college dropout with a photographic memory. When he meets Harvey Specter, one of New York´s top lawyers, Mike is able to impress Harvey so much that he hires him as his associate despite the fact that Mike has never taken the Bar exam. The two quickly become a winning team but there´s always the threat of their secret being exposed.

I can´t even truly pinpoint why I adore this show so much. Right from the start there was something about the story and each of the characters that had me hooked. Every character is a really strong and three dimensional personality that really make you feel with them and care for them in an instant. I´m always up for a bit of drama and scheming - which this show is full of. Yet, Suits manages to still keep light and funny moments going. I watched all five seasons Netflix has in a matter of weeks and then bought the 6th season on DVD because I just couldn´t stop watching - and I usually don´t buy tv shows on DVD!

Oreo; Pimkie Scarf; Fresh Flowers


When I finished my current rewatch of Friends I knew I had to start watching Joey afterwards to keep up with one of my favourite podcasts: Best of Friends.

With all of Joey´s friends having gone through some big changes, Joey decides to move to Hollywood when an acting opportunity opens up. There he is reunited with his sister and her genius but nerdy son who quickly becomes his flatmate. As you can imagine, hilarity ensues with this trio.

I really wasn´t sure about this show when I first watched it - I mean, how could it ever hold up to Friends?! - but now I really appreciate watching it during breakfast! It´s obviously not as amazing as Friends but it´s still a very good show that actually makes me chuckle sometimes - which is rare for me! I really enjoy seeing how Joey´s life continues after the ending of Friends - as his future is the only one left completely open - and seeing the new dynamics with all the new characters is a lot of fun. If you need something funny and light to throw on in the background this is absolutely perfect - also you´ll probably get obsessed with the characters too.

Oreo; Pimkie Scarf; Fresh Flowers

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Have you ever imagined your life as a musical? I certainly have and Rebecca Bunch does too. That´s how I instantly new Crazy Ex-Girlfriend would be a show I love.

Rebecca Bunch is a successful New York lawyer but she is feeling miserable. So when she meets her teen romance from summer camp, Josh, it´s clearly a sign. On a whim she decides to change her whole life and move to West Covina, California where Josh is also moving back to. But she didn´t move there for Josh because that would be crazy, right?!

This show is best described in one word: Weird. And I love every bit of it! It´s so cleverly written and incredibly funny. As someone who always felt awkward and weird I can relate to so much of it. Every single character is flawed and broken and that´s really beautiful to see! The songs might be one of my favourite parts though. Whenever Rebecca (or another character) is feeling emotional they imagine their life as a musical which is what we get to see. Just like the show the lyrics are hilarious but also super catchy - I have to be careful to not sing the explicit versions loudly in public. This is one show that I´m truly obsessed with right now. I´ve watched the whole first season twice in a little over a week (because season two is unavailable in Germany) and that´s something I never do! It might not be love at first episode for everyone - you have to get into the weirdness first - but this show is definitely worth checking out!

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This is actually a show that I´ve already been super obsessed with a few years back. But I recently stumbled upon the first season on DVD and immediately fell back in love with Smash.

Broadway is a though place. So when Julia and Tom, a successful Broadway writing team, start writing a musical based on the life of Marylin Monroe drama ensues. Who will sponsor the show? Will the show even get to Broadway? Who´s sleeping with who? And most importantly, who will become Marylin?

The ensemble show follows the creation of this musical which is really interesting to see as someone who loves musicals anyway. I love all the schemes going on and the general drama mixed in with amazing original songs and choreographies. You truly don´t need to know a lot about Broadway or Marilyn Monroe when you start this show as you´ll get slowly introduced to every concept. It truly is an ensemble show in that you quickly start to love every character and get super invested in their personal story! Sometimes this can make things difficult when two characters are pitched against each other. I know this might not be a show for everyone - as you really have to enjoy drama and musicals - but if you do, this is one show that has everything you could ever want! - I can´t wait until I get the season 2 DVD so I can continue my binge.

I´m really glad that I´ve been on my semester break while getting obsessed with these shows. Can you imagine how harmful this would´ve been during my semester? Anyway, I feel like autumn coming around always screams for a new tv show to binge and being cuddled up on the couch with fairy lights on. There is no better way to spend your evening (or day)!

What has been the last show you binged? Do you already have another one lined up?


  1. I need to watch Joey, I had no idea that it was even a show!


  2. I kinda sad I was never hooked on Friends. I loved it (when I watched an episode here or there), but I never religiously watched it. And I feel like I can't watch Joey without knowing it all haha

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