Life Lessons I've Learned At Uni

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University teaches you a lot of things - and only a few of them are related to your field of study. Its a big step into your independence and into becoming a full adult. I've had this post on my list for a long while now but never felt comfortable and experienced enough to actually write it. Until I officially got the last grade of my bachelors degree last week - I now have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology how crazy is that?! Anyway, there are so many life lessons hidden in your uni experience so I decided to tell you about the 11 most important life lessons I've learned at uni.

There's no reason to rush your life

I've been rushing through my education ever since I enrolled at school at the age of 6. If I continue in this pace I´ll have my PhD by the time I'm 26. That's absolutely insane and it has put a lot of pressure on my self as I've barely had time to breathe or even take a break. We all end up in the job market way too early anyway so allow yourself to get sidetracked and enjoy your life while you're young.

There is no perfect way

As individuals we also have very different interest in life. Just because someone decided uni wasn't for them or didn't get into their field of study right away that doesn't mean they're worth less or that they're not as determined as others. They have just taken a different route to life which might make them happier. You never have to take just one path, its totally okay to try out different things. You might even learn more!

Friends over grades

I'm the kind of person who isn't happy unless her grades are perfect. While that might work in school at uni things are a little different. You'll have to put a lot of effort in to get perfect grades which will make your social life disappear. It´s like a magic trick. But friendships are always more important than grades. Grades won't listen to your stories and they won't come over with ice cream when you're suffering from heartbreak! Also social events are great for your mental health in general and give your brain a bit of a break from all that studying!

Washi Tape; Primark Rose Gold Clips; Zoella Stationary Book; Stabilo Pastel Highlighters

Savings are your best friend

I've grown up with a very healthy behaviour and attitude towards money thanks to my parents. But even I had to realise that managing all my finances by myself can be very hard. My bank account just won't allow me to order sushi every day of the week. The best thing I ever did was putting money aside each month. That way I always have a security blanket that I can fall back on if there are more expenses during a certain month or if I actually want to treat myself.

Never save money on food

Staying in the money theme; there's one area in life where saving money hurts you and the planet. Food is one of my biggest comforts so I´d hate to play it cheap anyway. Also the food you can get for really cheap is the food that contributes to all the bad things in the world. I don't want to go into too much detail but the food industry is very messed up! Of course, you shouldn't buy only luxury items but buying meat at a butcher or fruit at the market can really help.

Everyone has a hard past

Am I the only one who thought the cool kids in school never had any problems?! The truth is, even they had to go through rough patches in their life - they might just be able to hide them better. Its important to treat everyone with kindness and smile at everyone. There's enough that's putting us down in our life and past, so all humans should try to uplift each other.

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Independence is a roller coaster

When I first finished school I couldn't wait to move out and be independent. Today I still very much enjoy the freedom of my independence. But I've also realised that there are downsides to this. You need to actually manage your whole life alone which is scary and hard. There's nobody that'll feed you or do your chores if your busy, buying and making food in general is on you now, and finances are hard to figure out!

Try out as many things as you can

Uni takes up a lot of time but that should never scare you away from seeking more opportunities. These years are still the time where you are the freest in your life, so try out whatever you want! Get involved at uni or take a seminar that you don't actually need. Follow your dreams and passions and discover all opportunities life can give you.

Never let your mental health ruin your life

I've probably struggled with my mental health more than I´d actually care to admit. But the most important thing is to never let your mental health rule your whole life. Of course you need to take a step back when you're having a bad day but on the good ones its time to fight!

Zoella Stationary Book; Stabilo Pastel Highlighters; Fresh Lilies

Never look back with regret; only with pride

Of course there are tons of things in my life which I regret. But those are all tiny moments in my life. Overall, its important to look back at the big decisions with pride - look at what you've overcome and what you have achieved! If you feel regret towards any of the decisions that led you to this point in your life its time to reflect and find out if you're still on the right path.

You'll finally become your true self

This sound definitely more exciting than it actually is - sadly, there is no being lifted up in the air, making a weird dance and evolving to the sound of flowers exploding into glitter. For me, uni was the time where I stopped pretending to fit into the role I was given at school and finally my life kind of fell into place. It wasn't an overnight thing and I definitely experimented a lot before I felt completely comfortable with myself. But now I'm just super happy and proud to be who I am.

Going to uni might be the biggest step you'll ever take in your life. You're going from being huddled by your parents and not having to worry about many things to being all on your own in a new place, probably far away from home. That's scary! But its also very exciting and something which I´m just so happy I did. I really feel comfortable in my life right now and I cannot wait what my Masters degree will have in store for me!

Did/Do you go to university? If so, what field did/do you study? If not, what's the best life lesson you've learned so far in your life?


  1. I'm on my fourth year of a masters degree in mechanical engeneering, so I finish next year and I'll bem 23 by then so I totally get what you meant about it being too soon!
    I have to admit I haven't been succesful at not letting my issues stop me from living, but it's kind of hard now to go back.
    I always love Reading everyone's experiences in uni so I really liked this post, and your photos are really pretty too! xx

  2. I think even when you finish uni something that you really learn is that there is no perfect way, especially if you choose to go down the path of a creative career!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  3. I wish more uni goers in the US would take away just a few of these life lessons from their 4 years! Awesome post!


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