31 Ways To Pamper Yourself

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Autumn is truly here and that means it´s time to get out our warm PJs, cosy blankets, and hot drinks. I love having some Me Time during the cold seasons and pampering myself. I absolutely love reading other people's pamper routines or pamper favourites as they always inspire me - mostly to buy new pamper products but that counts, doesn't it? But pampering yourself can consist of much more than using a few beauty products or taking a bath. I've compiled a list of 31 little ways in which you can pamper yourself to inspire you (& me too).


Beauty products or a bath might not be the only ways but treating your skin and yourself is a great way to pamper yourself.

1. Have a bath (including Lush bath bombs)
2. Use masks for everything (hair, face, skin, nails, etc.)
3. Do your nails
4. Moisturise your skin (because we often forget that)
5. Do a full skincare routine
6. Play around with makeup and try new looks
7. Scrub the stress right off
8. Shave (because smooth legs make you feel like a goddess)
9. Try all the samples you've got lying around
10. Take care of your feet (they might gross but the need love too)

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There are a bunch of different ways to pamper yourself and relax that you can implement into your lifestyle. Which of these work for you depends on your own likes - you might enjoy cooking or you might hate it.

1. Wash your sheets
2. Watch (aka binge) your favourite tv show/film
3. Clean your room
4. Cook your comfort food
5. Order food that you usually never treat yourself to
6. Go on a walk
7. Go to bed early
8. Play a video game (because it often seems like a waste of time)
9. Buy yourself flowers
10. Put on fairy lights and light candles all over your room
11. Do some light exercise (e.g. bedtime yoga)

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In our everyday life we often suppress our creative sides to work productively. So actively letting all the creativity out can be a great way to pamper yourself and your mind.

1. Work on that creative project you've been putting off
2. Read a book/blog
3. Listen to music (and do nothing else)
4. Decorate your room
5. Let your creative juices flow (e.g. creative writing exercises)
6. Go offline and cleanse your creative mind
7. Journal
8. Free your mind by planning ahead
9. Start a DIY project
10. Go to a museum by yourself and let yourself become inspired

Pampering yourself is something completely individual and something that really helps me to be more relaxed in my everyday life. For you it might be a necessity to live your everyday life or it could be something you constantly forget. You could want to have a full pamper day or just spend 30 minutes. That´s why I think this list might be helpful as it gives you ideas of what you can do but its totally up to you what and how much you actually include in your routine. Personally, I always emphasise going offline for my pamper routine as it really helps me feel more relaxed. I just cleanse my mind of all the online negativity for a moment.

What's one activity/product that needs to be included in your pamper routine?


  1. Now that the weather is getting colder here, I am looking forward for long hot baths with candles and face masks, I love pamper nights!! x


  2. I even forgot I could do some of these. Wow. Great list :)
    btw: watch (aka binge) is so accurate haha

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