Things I Learned From My Favourite TV Show Characters

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Let me tell you a secret: I´m a total fangirl. Okay, you might have already guessed that from my Twitter account. The secret might rather be that you don´t have any idea how much of a fangirl I really am. But even if this might seem weird to people it´s actually a really great thing; there´s always an amazing internet community to talk to, you get to spend your time watching shoes that make you incredibly happy and most of all you get to learn a lot of different things from a lot of different characters. Here are just 7 things I learnt from some of my favourite tv show characters.

Phoebe (Friends): It´s Okay To Be Weird

Phoebe was the one character that I found kind of funny but couldn´t really relate to when I first watched Friends in my teens. Seeing the whole show again now has made me realize that we should all be a little bit more like her though. She is just unapologetically herself and that´s what we should all aspire to be!

Kate (Castle): You Can Be A Badass & Fall In Love

Something about "BAMF" characters on tv has always taught me that they don´t need anyone in their life. Especially women are often portrayed as being just so independent that it´s almost annoying. But since I always saw myself as a badass in my own - however true that might be - this portrayal of women made me feel kind of lonely. Kate Beckett has definitely shown me though that you can be a badasss, have a great/romantic love story and that it´s very much okay to ask people for help.

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Meredith (Grey´s Anatomy): You Can Get Through Anything

From all the tv show characters I love Meredith is definitely the one that has gone through the most emotionally damaging experiences. I can´t even count how many friends and family members she has lost now. But seeing her still finding laughter, love, and friends has made me feel confident that I can overcome anything that my life throws at me.

Titus (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt): Sometimes You Need To Be A Diva

While being a diva definitely won´t make your life easier (or the perception others have of you better) sometimes it´s very much needed to put yourself first and love yourself no matter what. I know that I often forget this and it has made me miserable in the past. Titus is just a great reminder that loving every part of yourself is something good and that you should put yourself first for your own benefit.

Annie (Community): Goals Are Important But They Are Not Everything

I´ve always been super ambitious and I hate when I seemingly fail my own super high standards. Annie is definitely similar but after she has a breakdown trying to achieve her high goals she has to enroll in a community college to even get a degree. She still accomplishes some of her goals in a different way than she had planned (community college vs. elite university) but she is making friends and having fun on this different route. Seeing that has definitely made me feel more comfortable with taking different approaches to my goals and not giving up just because I seem to fail in one goal.

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Winston (New Girl): Someday You´ll Find Someone Just As Weird As You Are (even if you´re a male crazy cat lady)

Winston is The Weird OneTM and that means a lot for a show where the premise is a dorky and awkward girl moving in with three guys. I honestly always thought he´d end up as the male version of a crazy cat lady - especially when he gets his cat Ferguson - but alas even someone as weird as him has found his soulmate in Aly. Both of them have a truly weird but also super adorable and loving relationships that someday I aspire to have - even if I have to become a crazy cat lady first.

Loker (Lie To Me): You Don´t Need To Be A Natural To Be Good At Your Job

Poker is really such an interesting character. Firstly, there´s his "radical honesty" but he is also super intelligent. One thing I especially admire about him is that he isn´t put down by the fact that his colleague is a natural at reading micro expressions in people. Instead this inspires him to work even harder and keep up with her. This definitely goes to show that even when people might be more talented in a field you´re interested in you can be just as good when you work hard!

As an avid fangirl I could name about a thousand more things I learned from different characters but these are just a few that seem especially important to me right now. I absolutely love that I got to watch many of these shows in my late teens/young adult years because I think they have shaped (and still continue to shape) the kind of adult I´m becoming. There´s still a lot more out there to learn from other characters though and I´m so ready for it - also because that gives me a great excuse to watch even more shows.

What is one lesson you learned from a tv show character? How has this lesson affected your life?

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  1. Phoebe was the one character I could relate to most in any TV show I watched growing up as I was the weird, quirky kid who didn't really notice that everyone else thought I was a bit odd. I wanted to be more like Rachel but I always remained a Phoebe and I'm now totally ok with that. There's nothing wrong with being different from everyone else and she must've had a lot going for her, I mean, she had 2 guys fighting over her in Barbados after all!

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