7 Things I Do On A Lazy Day

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When I finished my main bulk of work for this semester last month (aka finished the first draft of my bachelor thesis) I had no idea what to do every day. Suddenly my life went from 24 hours not being enough in a day to 24 hours being just so much time. I kept asking myself "What do normal people do on a lazy day?" and honestly, I still have absolutely no clue. So instead I thought I´d give you a list of the things I do on lazy days to feel productive.

Keep My Morning Routine

I absolutely hate feeling unproductive so even when I´m having a lazy day I try to stick to my usual morning routine. I like to set my alarm (mostly between 9-10 am), get up, have breakfast and shower. That way I at least feel human for the rest of the day.

Find One Task To Do

As much as I hate to admit it but there´s also something you can do whether that´s the dreaded cleaning of your room or doing your taxes. It doesn´t have to be a task that´ll fill your whole day, just something that you can cross off of your to-do list so that you have something to show for that day.

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Find Someone Just As Bored

This person could also be nicknamed "Your Hero". They have nothing to do either so you mostly just end up chilling around the house and doing nothing together. However, doing nothing together never feels as unproductive as doing nothing alone. Whenever my sister and I are bored together we like to sit on her couch and play Guess That Disney Song.

Tag Along On Random Tasks

I recently did this when my sister had to clean her car and when she moved flats and needed help putting her furniture together. I had nothing to do so I just went along and did my best to help. Sometimes I also just like to watch my Mom work in the garden and chat to her while handing her tools. It´s just something that´s actually kind of fun and you get to spend time with the people you love.

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Go Outside

Going outside kind of forces me to actually get ready which often makes me feel a lot more productive. If the weather is at least bearable, just take a walk or grab your camera and do a little nature shooting outside. It really doesn´t matter what you do as long as you´re spending some time outside. I swear, being outside makes me feel 100% more productive (plus, fresh air is generally good for you).

Watch Netflix

Late afternoon is the time when sitting down on my couch and not doing anything finally seems acceptable. So a good old Netflix binge is usually what I do then. It mostly ends up being a show I´m watching anyway - lately, I´ve been very obsessed with Suits - or watching a film I´ve had on my Watch List for a while. That way I´m at least crossing something off a list.

Tanya Burr Lipstick Pink Cocoa; Primark Necklace; Fresh Pink Roses; Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette

Make To Do Lists For The Next Days

I often feel more productive when I start the day off with a to do list that I can cross off over the day. But somehow on the day itself I often don´t remember all the things that I could or should do. So making these to do lists beforehand when I´ve got time is super helpful. I can just take the list the next day and start working it off.

Somehow I can´t find the motivation to do real work on my lazy days - like cleaning the flat or exercising - so these little things on here are the best I can do to still feel productive. Does anyone have that problem too? One trick I also sometimes do is doing one small task that I absolutely have to finish and then watch an episode of a tv show before starting the next task and then watching another episode. At least that makes me feel kind of productive. Maybe these tips will help you feel more productive too (or at least they´re here for me to look at when I feel unproductive again).

What little tasks do you do to feel more productive? Or are you a super human and always fulfill all of your boring tasks - in that case, I tip my hat!


  1. If I have the entire day to do whatever, I'll most probably go out. I'll walk around neighborhood, in the city, some parks... I love spending my free days outside just walking around, window shopping... Of course, there are also days when I watch 3 seasons of my show at once... :D

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  2. I watch documentaries when I'm bored or vlogs on YouTube :)

  3. I think finding one task to do is a really awesome idea, just to tick something of a list. Sometimes I just want to chill out literally all day, but then I kind of feel guilty for not doing something and it's crazy how even just getting one thing done can completely lift those guilt feelings.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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