Staying Cool In Stressful Phases

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I just finished my B.Sc. in Psychology - rather I am just about to finish. Writing a bachelor thesis is kind of stressful in itself. Now add that onto the workload of a normal semester. You can imagine probably what I´ve been doing for the past five months. One of the most important things during stressful phases like that is to stay calm, focused and on top of yourself. So here I´ve compiled a list of 10 tricks that have helped me stay cool in the last stressful phase!

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

If you have tasks that need to be done by a certain time/date, sort them by their due date and start with the tasks the have the closest one. Tasks without due dates can be done once you´ve got more time on your hands.

Focus On One Thing At A Time

After you´ve prioritized your tasks tackle one of them at a time. Tasks take way longer if you do them in bits split over many days/weeks and are always focused on a million different things. Instead, start with one task and don´t start the next one until you´ve finished the first. That way you can focus your mind and you get your tasks done quicker.

Fresh Pink Roses; Zoella Stationery Book; Primark Necklace

Plan Ahead

Nothing is worse than to start doing one task but having to stop and focus on a completely different task because you forgot you had to do that too. It always gets my brain super confused. To avoid any confusion make a plan of what task you will tackle when. I also find it helpful to have a goal/focus for each day.

Readjust Your Plans

Sometimes life just gets in the way or tasks take way longer than you initially thought. Maybe even a new task popped up that you have to finish in order to finish the bigger task. So be always ready to adjust your plans if necessary and give yourself the time to readjust your plans instead of feeling stressed about it while you´re still trying to get work done.

Take Time Off

I´ve got this tip on almost every list on this blog but it´s just so important. Especially in stressful phases, your body and brain just can´t work on 100% 24/7. When you´re making plans make time for some relaxation and general Me-Time - maybe even plan in a whole day off. It´s also super helpful to set alarms for the relaxation time so you don´t dismiss it too easily.

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Say No

When you´re workload is already too high putting more on that to-do list of yours will probably end up being the thing that kills you. So be ready to say No to other tasks and opportunities. I know it´s hard because you might have What Ifs swirling around your head or you might feel obliged to say Yes but it´s not going to be worth it if you´re already very stressed.

Stop Moaning

In general, moaning will never get you very far in life - even if it´s a lot of fun to complain. So, no matter how stressful your workload is right now, stop moaning and get to work. Because that´s the only thing that´ll shrink that to-do list.

Delegate (If Possible)

As mentioned before, you can´t do everything all the time. Your body and brain just don´t work that way. If it´s possible you should delegate some of your tasks. It may be hard to believe but other´s work just as hard as you and can do the task just as well. You just need to find the people you can trust with some of your tasks.

Fresh Pink Rose; Zoella Stationery Book

Use Waiting Time

Whenever you have to coordinate your work with someone else, need the answer to a question or are just waiting to get some notes back you´ll have to plan in quite a bit of waiting time - because not all people will answer with in 5 seconds. Use that waiting time to readjust your plans, take some time off or just do the mindless tasks that had to take the backseat (like cooking, cleaning, etc.).

Don´t Loose Hope

I know it seems like there is no end in sight. However, there will come an end to this stressful time, trust me! And when that comes you won´t have any idea what to do with yourself. So until that happens pat yourself on the back for everything you cross off of your to-do list and with some hard work it will shrink down to nothing in no time!

We all hate stressful phases but in adult life they´re very hard to avoid. So I hope these tips will help you fight through these times. I know these have helped me a lot recently! Also I´m very happy to say that I´ve finished my bachelor thesis - and with that the last thing on my to-do list - so I´m here to tell you that there is definitely an end to every to-do list!

What is one thing that helps you in a stressful phase?


  1. Hi dear Lisa,
    Yes, I absolutely agree! Incorporating these points into one's outlook on life may really be the golden recipe. But looking at the first point, the prioritization process is probably the trickiest.... :)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!
    x Finja |

  2. This post is coming at a good time - I'm about to start second year and I'm worried about juggling uni, volunteering, blogging and my part-time job. In the end uni comes first of course but the other parts are important, too. And like you said, having me-time is really important. I've recently bought a Headspace subscription and it's been helping me a lot, I can definitely recommend it xx


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