#StayHappy2017 Update

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At the start of the year I said I didn´t want to set myself resolutions as it was more than likely that I´d fail them all - as has been true for almost all previous years. However, in collaboration with NRS Healthcare I set myself a few to challenges to #StayHappy2017. Now that the year is almost over it´s time to take a first look and see how well I did on these challenges.

The #StayHappy2017 campaign encourages everyone to work towards their own happiness - because happiness is not something that happens to you, it´s something that you make happen. So my personal challenges are taken from their suggestion cards but tailored more to me and my personal struggles. The suggestion cards are made for elderly and people with disabilities but you don´t need to be either to feel unhappy (or need to feel unhappy if you are either). But as these are just challenges and not goals or resolutions there´s nothing wrong if you don´t fulfill them all!

1. Go On New Adventures (aka confront myself with my fears)

I think I did really well on this challenge. I still get super nervous for some things - I was physically shaking right before I went on holiday - but I´m definitely managing and getting a lot better. I went on two big parties (& a few smaller ones), I´m in the process of moving cities and I went on a freaking holiday to Croatia - from which the pictures in this post are. This time last year all of these things seemed impossible because of my anxiety. I´m so damn proud of myself!

2. Take Up Dancing & Fitness Again

I´m definitely not there yet - partly because of my anxiety, partly because I´ve just been super busy. Once I´ve fully moved into my new flat I´m planning on doing a few home workouts and I´ve already had a look and there seem to be a few (affordable) dance classes I can join in my new city!

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3. Continue Blogging All Throughout 2017

Well, I´m publishing this post so this is a yes so far! I mean I´m definitely not 100% blogging right now as I´m not interacting as much and missing a few posts here and there but this year has been incredibly busy with uni, work and planning my future. I achieved a lot - like getting my bachelor´s degree and getting accepted into my dream master´s program - and it´s okay if one area in my life had to take a backseat for this.

4. Read At Least 20 Books

Ha ha ha. The current status on read books is 3. We are in September. This is definitely not going to happen. I´ve just been to obsessed with too many tv shows lately.

5. Explore The Cities In Which I Live More

Sadly, I can´t say that this is true so far. I haven´t really had time to stray from my usual routes around the city lately. However, as I´m moving to a new city - and a beautiful one at that - I have a pretty great reason to spend more time exploring!

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6. Improve My Social Skills & Spend More Time With Friends

I´ve so definitely done this! I´ve also just felt more included in my friend groups again. My uni friends and I actually did a lot more things this year - besides our weekly girls night - and I saw my friends from my hometown more. I also think I feel a little bit more comfortable in social settings. My social skills are still not the best but at least I know that and can actively work on them!

7. Get Back On The Healthy Eating Train

Another challenge that I´m now laughing at. I know healthy eating is important but lately I´m enjoying that my anxiety has been low and that I don´t have to worry about what I can eat so I´ve just been eating whatever I´m feeling like. I´ve noticed that I´m often not as hungry for sweets anymore though which might be a step in the right direction.

8. Stop Waiting For Others To Make The First Move

This one is hard to judge as for the whole year I´ve mostly been interacting with people I´ve already known for a while. After starting my master´s degree and being at a new uni we will see if I actually make the first move sometimes!

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9. Try Out Yoga (for mindfulness & low-intensity exercise)

I did try out Yoga and found it really relaxing and a great release when my back was acting up! I also found out that I like soft yoga  - aka basically just stretching - more than actually doing yoga for strength. I still do yoga from time to time but not as regularly as I used to when I first tried it out in April.

10. Spend More Time Outside

Yes, but also not really. I feel like I spent more time outside with my friends but overall I didn´t actively choose to go outside more than usual. Because of my busy schedule I was locked behind my laptop for most of the summer trying to get everything in order so that I could finish my bachelor´s degree. As I said, maybe this will change with starting my master´s degree (but who am I kidding, it´s gonna be very stressful).

It´s great that the year isn´t really over yet because even though it´s not about finishing as many challenges as possible, I don´t feel very good about my quota. I think the first challenge is still the most important one and the one that I´ll continue working on the most. I´ve been so good with my anxiety lately and I´m really, really proud that I went on holiday despite being terrified of it!! That´s really one of my biggest achievements this year! I´ve had a few bad days but I always go back to the positive and that´s the important thing.

What´s something you´ve done this year that you are proud of? What´s one challenge you want to set yourself for the last few months?

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