Croatia First Impressions

I´m currently sat at a long dining table in a gorgeous mansion looking at a stunning view of the Adriatic Sea and listening to the constant stream of raindrops agains the window. Yeah, I didn´t think this sentence would end that way either. I´m currently on my summer holiday in Croatia but sadly, the weather isn´t really playing along. Still I thought I´d make a little post for you and give you my first impression of Croatia - mainly because I had this dream of blogging on holiday and I´m not giving up on that.

The view from our Mansion

To be fair, my dream was to blog in the sunshine sat in a bikini right next to the pool. I´ve decided to compromise here though as I don´t think my laptop will survive that - or my body for that matter. Even with the rain we´re making the best of our holiday. "We" meaning the girls from uni and I. With a mansion like ours it´s hard not to enjoy being here. I´ve recently talked about how much stress I´ve had in my last bachelor semester at uni and the girls did too. So a little relaxation is very much needed for all of us!

We´re currently staying in Obrš which is a really tiny town - if you can even call 5 houses that - up the hill of Mošćenička Draga. It´s really beautiful around here. A lot of green is surrounding us and being up the hill has the benefit of having an amazing view over the sea. Instead of giving you a detailed rundown of what we´ve done here - *cough* watch German tv for whole afternoon *cough* - I thought I´d just show you some pictures we took on our evening in Lovran.

Lovran was absolutely gorgeous! I loved all the plants that were all around the houses. Also look at that view of the sea! In general, the views here are just so stunning. Many views look so very mediterranean and I absolutely love it. Fingers crossed for the remainder of our holiday the weather will treat us more nicely but I think even just taking a break from our otherwise very busy lives has done good for all of us!

Have you ever been to Croatia? If so, what has been your first impression? Would you like to visit Croatia? (Do you maybe now something that´ll make the weather better - a sun dance maybe?)

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  1. You visited my country!! :D Although I live in Croatia and I see this view every year (feeling lucky and blessed), I fall in love with the view every single time I see it. You took some great photos and I hope you had an amazing time!!

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