Morning Skincare Saviors

Foreo Luna Play Black; Lush 9 To 5 Cleanser; Fresh Roses
For all the years that I´ve finally understood what a skincare routine is (& why I need one) I have never found a routine that really seemed to help my skin. I have combination skin that is quite acne-prone and most of the products seem to working fine for it. However, I´ve never had a product that made it noticeably better. Well, until now at least. Because I think I´ve found the perfect morning skincare routine for my skin! These two products have honestly saved my skin!

P.S. Also welcome back here! I´ve finally finished my exams and my bachelor thesis and can now get back into blogging. Thanks for all your kind words and well wishes on my Currently Absent post!

Described as soothing and moisturizing the Lush 9 To 5 Cleanser features dove orchid and almond oil als main ingredients. I´ve been using it as my morning cleanser as it generally feels very lightweight and suitable to use before applying makeup. It really makes my skin feel squeaky clean in the morning and I love it! At first I was a bit skeptical as my skin tends to get really oily as the day goes by and stripping it of all oils might be bad for that but that hasn´t happened at all. My skin has never felt so soft or looked so clear! The best discovery was that when I forgot to use this for a couple of days my skin instantly got worse and tiny spots kept popping up in my t-zone. My skin just felt bland and really uneven. As soon as I used it again a few mornings my skin was back to being really clear and brighter. So there must be something in this cleanser that my skin really needs and wants and I´d honestly be a fool to not use this every morning.

Foreo Luna Play Black; Lush 9 To 5 Cleanser; Fresh Roses

Bundle of Fresh Roses

Behind one of the little doors in my Look Fantastic Advent Calendar I found the Foreo Luna Play. Again, I was skeptical at first. I never trusted these devices to really have an impact on my skin. But after using it for almost 8 months now I am converted and would never give it up again. This little guy vibrates (or uses T-sonic pulsations if you want to be technical about it) to gently clean your skin and unclog your pores. I love the two different zones of knobs (technical term: silicone touch points). I feel like the the bigger knobs definitely help to exfoliate my nose and the smaller knobs are definitely more sensitive. While it does feel almost too gentle to even have any impact on my skin I know it does it so much good. As mentioned before, my skin has never had less acne and I blame this little guy! Even little spots disappear way faster now than ever before. I´m really hoping the battery in this little guy will last me a bit longer but I´m sure I´ll order another one as soon as this one is empty as I really can´t imagine my skincare without it anymore!

These two products have definitely been my skin´s lifesavers lately! Especially the fact that I can see a difference in my skin when I don´t use them is really fascinating to me. I´ve never felt so comfortable wearing only little or no foundation when I´m going outside. Even if spots appear they seem to disappear quicker than I can start worrying about them. I´ll stop gushing on about these products now but I´d highly recommend them if you´re looking for an extra treat in your skincare routine!


  1. I've also got Lush' 9 to 5. It's such a good cleanser!


  2. I never thought of using the Lush 9 to 5 as a morning cleanser before. I use mine at night to remove my makeup as I feel it works the best compared to anything else. Maybe I'll try using it in the AM as well now!

    - Damarcia R.
    Amour Marci


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