5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Show Yourself Some Love

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The longest relationship you´ll ever have is with yourself. It took me a while to realize how true this statement is. When I first heard it I was a bit skeptical but now I´m a firm believer in taking care of and loving yourself. We´re just kind of stuck with the body and the mind that we get, so let´s make the best of it! When it comes to self-love we all know the tricks with making lists of our positive features,  taking time for yourself, and reminding ourselves that confidence is super attractive. Those techniques are awesome but they can take quite a bit of time and planning to be effective. Here I´ve compiled 5 little ways in which you can show yourself some love right now - no props needed and they´ll only take a few minutes each. They´re also great if you just need a little pick me up during the day!

Make Yourself Smile

Compliments are a wonderful thing. It might not be always easy to handle them but we all remember them, don´t we? So go ahead, make yourself a compliment. Did you achieve something recently that you are proud of? Are you really funny today? Does your makeup look flawless? Tell it to yourself and just make yourself smile. It´s a great reminder of your own worth and something that can be done within seconds. Also I truly believe that everyone can think of at least one thing they can compliment themselves on. It really doesn´t matter how small of a thing it is!

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Focus On One Positive Thing At A Time

I know how easy it is to forget the things you love about yourself and lose yourself in all the things you don´t like. And you really don´t have to love every detail about yourself but I guarantee that there is at least one thing you absolutely love about yourself. So ask yourself: What is you secret superpower? Are you a great listener? Are you awesome at a sport? Can you comfort people easily? Find that one thing that´s awesome about you. Now give yourself a superhero name and maybe even mentally design a costume. Whenever you feel down about yourself, remember your superhero alter ego and focus on that! (P.S. Your one thing can change every time you do this)

Play A Little Mind Trick On Yourself

So, this may sound a little weird at first but stay with me here. I want you to stand up right now. If there´s a mirror near you that´s great but it´s not absolutely necessary. Go up to that mirror and stand in front of it; feet hip-width apart, hands on your hips. Now stare yourself dead in the eye and tell yourself "I´m awesome" over and over again. Try to really convince your reflection of what you´re saying. If you don´t have a mirror, stand in the same position but close your eyes and imagine your reflection.

You might be asking yourself how this is going to help you. Well, firstly our brain has a feedback loop where it recognizes the body posture and draws a conclusion about our mental state from that. So in that pose it will conclude that you are feeling confident. Secondly, our brains are susceptible to information that is repeated to them. It seems to agree with that information more than with information you´ve only heard once. So by sounding convincing over and over again you´re making your brain believe in what you´re saying.

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Take Care Of Yourself First

Unless you´re responsible for the life´s of others right now there´s no task that can´t wait for half an hour. So allow yourself to take a little time for yourself whenever you need to. That doesn´t mean you have to bring out all the face masks and paint your nails. It could be as simple as turning away from your computer for 5 minutes and looking outside the window or making yourself a cup of tea or doing some sort of relaxation exercise - like Progressive Muscle Relaxation. Just something that´ll make you feel better.

Treat Yourself As Your Best Friend

Now, as I said, I truly believe that the relationship with ourselves is the longest and most important one in our life. So why do we continue treating ourselves as our enemies instead of our best friends? You would never tell your best friend that they are too fat or too weird. You´d say that they might be weird but in a great way and that they´ll find people who are just as weird. And they´re not fat, they are just super soft and great to cuddle. Now take one negative statement about yourself that you´ve thought/said recently and imagine your best friend is saying them about themselves. Respond to those thoughts as you would to your best friend.

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BONUS: Ask A Friend
This is a little bonus task that you can do but you may need your phone for this. Simply ask three people that you are close with to tell you one thing they absolutely love about you (this might feel easier/less awkward via text message). Once they answer, believe whatever they have said. Believe it and hold it dear to your heart! I´ll bet that you´ll be smiling as wide as you can when you receive those messages.

P.S. If you ask a friend and they don´t answer (without a valid reason) or can´t tell you one thing they love about you, please cut them out of your life. Those people are toxic to you and honestly, don´t deserve to even be in your life. Instead surround yourself with people who truly love and support you!

Self-love is absolutely amazing and definitely necessary. But don´t worry, everyone can learn to love themselves! Self-love doesn´t mean you have to love absolutely everything about you, it means embracing the parts you love and accepting the ones you don´t. It also means generally taking care of yourself and building yourself up. You can still totally work on the parts you don´t love. There´s always room to become a better person! It´s just super important to not put yourself down while you´re doing that. You need to have your own back and be your own best friend in life!

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