How To Enjoy Makeup In The Summer Heat

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I absolutely hate wearing a full face of makeup in summer. I mean, heat, sweat, and heavy makeup are just not a great combination and make me regret putting anything only face. Yet there are some days/events where I don´t feel very comfortable not wearing any makeup - like last year when I had to work 5 days a week. The last summer definitely taught me a lot of tricks when it comes to making makeup more fun in the summer heat and today I´m sharing those with you!

P.S. Many of these tips are just great for keeping your makeup in place as that is always my main issue.

Set As Much As Possible

I think this tip is definitely the most obvious one. With the heat and sweat that is happening on your face it´s importance to set your makeup so it won´t immediately slide off your face. I always rely on primer and setting spray - they are absolute lifesavers! Recently I also learned that applying transparent powder after your primer but before your foundation helps its staying power a lot! Also it doesn´t make my oily skin shine through as much!

Cream Products

I always saw bloggers use cream products to waterproof their makeup but I never made the connection to my own makeup in summer. Using as many cream products as possible definitely makes my makeup stay as flawless as possible throughout a hot day. Especially with blush, highlight and eyeshadow I´ve found cream products super useful. Otherwise I´d look like a patchy clown after a few hours! The only exception to this rule: foundation. Cream foundations are often very dewy and heavy which will only make you look more shiny in the heat.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation, NYX Lip Lingerie, H&M Blouse

Light Formulas

No matter what kind of product you´re using try going for very light formulas. Especially with foundation I´ve found that heavier foundations just slide right off my face. The trick is to choose light formulas that let your skin breathe so this won´t happen to you - believe me, it´s not a fun situation. The best thing are BB and CC creams as they give you that little bit of coverage but still have a very light formula.

Keep It Simple

Unless you absolutely need to put on a full face, try to minimize your makeup routine. You really don´t want to run around with a ton of heavy makeup when it´s super hot. For me that mostly means concealer, blush/highlight, brows, and mascara. Keeping it to that smaller regime has definitely helped me a lot. Also on very hot days I really can´t be bothered to do much more as every little movement is exhausting!

Give Yourself Days off

Makeup is supposed to be fun so if you´re just not feeling it that day don´t use any. I´ve always found going "naked" kind of daring - what will people think?! - but honestly, most people don´t care whether you´ve got makeup on or not. I like to keep any day where I´m not headed to uni makeup free so that my skin can breathe and keep more cool.

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Keep It Light & Cool With Mists

Despite how little we may do on a regular summer day we all get hot and sweaty. I really love to apply a few spritzes of my beloved Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist during the day to keep my face cool and refreshed. In general mist moisturizers are really great in summer as they add the needed moisture without being oily or heavy on your skin!

Liquids For Lips & Liners

As I said before, try to keep your makeup minimalistic but if you want/have to add a little more extra stick with liquid formulas for lipstick and eyeliner. They´ll stay in place way better than any other formula. Plus, they´re much easier to take care of as you don´t have to constantly worry about touching them up. Many of my liquid lipsticks are basically water and smudge proof and liquid eyeliner is always much more smudge-resistant than pencils.

As with all things makeup these are just a few tips that I´ve found to work. However, they might not work for everyone - especially if you´ve got a very different skin type. For example, cream products are always highly discussed in summer. On my relatively "normal skin" cheeks and eyes cream formulas work wonders but if you´ve got oily skin creams might go patchy within minutes. Anyway, I know that I´m always trying to make summer makeup-free as much as possible as that´s also a big relieve for my skin. If I do feel like wearing makeup though these tips are my absolute lifesavers and make it much more enjoyable.

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  1. Love this post! I completely agree with wearing less during the summer, it just feels right. I have oily skin, and found that Revlon colorStay has been great since it really does not move. I also love using gel stain blushes- I love the ones by Tarte! I love the idea of mists. I only have one that's for setting or priming makeup but I'd love to try one to use throughout the day as well! Xx Jen


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