5 Reasons Why Podcasts Are Awesome & My Favourite Ones

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I really never pictured myself as a podcast gal. "I have a hard time listening to audiobooks so why would I enjoy podcasts?!" were my exact thoughts one day. But oh boy, was I wrong. When my anxiety got worse music just wasn´t enough anymore to calm me down. I needed something more and that´s where podcasts came first into play. Nowadays, I´m listening to podcasts everyday and even prefer them over my otherwise beloved music. If you still haven´t stumbled into the world of podcasts yet, here are 5 reasons why podcast are awesome. I´m also sharing a few of my favourite ones that I think everyone should listen to!

They keep my mind busy.

As I mentioned before, podcasts are a lifesaver when it comes to my anxiety. I truly love listening to music but when I´m feeling anxious I need something that´ll make me think of literally anything else. Podcasts do that exact thing; a few people discussing a topic that I´m super interested in and making jokes is the best solution to really keep my mind busy. I even listen to podcasts every night to help me fall asleep as they prevent me from worrying too much at night.

They make time fly and boring tasks more fun.

Have you ever been stuck in one place for about 6 hours with absolutely nothing to do? No, I don´t mean a regular day at work. But what about long journeys? Those drive me absolutely mad as I get bored super easily. However, knowing that I can listen to podcasts for 6 hours straight actually makes me want to do more long journeys. My train rides to visit my parents have never gone by so fast and nowadays I barely notice my hour long commute anymore.

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They make me learn a thing or two.

There are podcasts for anything you might even be remotely interested in. Personally, I absolutely adore podcasts with a Q&A format as they engage me as a listener more. Within this format there´s always a lot to learn but even when you´re listening to podcasts in a different format you will certainly pick up a few new things. I also find it highly interesting to get other people´s perspection on things. Listening to podcasts has definitely broadened my horizon on multiple topics and that while doing more mundane tasks.

They are simply fun.

Most of the podcasts I listen to are from the comedy category. So, very obviously, they are a lot of fun to listen to. At times this has made me look very weird in public (note to self: suddenly laughing your ass off in public just makes you look creepy). But often, it´s much more than a funny joke that´s making podcasts fun. I often get attached to the stories and the hosts of each podcasts. So hearing what they have to say every week and getting further into the story is a lot of fun in itself - even if the general topic is more serious. It´s almost like building a very close friendship that the other people just don´t know about - did that make it sound way too weird?!

They are so diverse.

Once you are starting to get into podcasts you´re guaranteed to find at least one for any topic you´re slightly interested in - no matter how weird, tiny or unusual that topic is. There are so, so many podcasts out there and that´s absolutely awesome! I have podcasts in my list for every mood that I might be in. Do I want to learn something new? Got a podcast for it. Do I want to listen to an intriguing story? Got a podcast for it. Do I just want a simple laugh? You guessed it, I´ve got a podcast for it!

With such a wide variety of podcasts out there comes the difficulty of choosing which ones to start listening to. Even after about 2 years of listening to podcasts now I still find new ones that I want to try out every week. To make it a little bit easier for anyone who is looking for some podcasts to listen to I´m sharing my top 5 podcasts that I think everyone should listen to.

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This is possible the queen of podcasts and the one that started the hype around podcasts back up. Serial is hosted by Sarah Koenig who tells a true story chapter by chapter, week by week in a reporter style. You´re basically guaranteed to get hooked by the first episode of each season because the stories are so intriguing and just fascinating. I love that Sarah herself doesn´t really know how the story ends either as she is telling it exactly as she finds out, piece by piece.

Dear Hank and John.

Say hello to my favourite podcast to listen to while falling asleep. Something about Hank and John Greens relationship and banter, their speech pattern and their voices lets me drift off without a worry in the world. They answer question that listeners send in which always start with Dear Hank and John (or Dear John and Hank as John would prefer). They also give very dubious - but funny! - advice and give you the week´s news from Mars and AFC Wimbledon. I´m neither a fan of Mars nor of football but I am looking forward to the news section every single episode! I´ve heard every episode at least 5 times by now and I still think it´s very enjoyable!

Not Too Deep.

I look back very fondly on the first episodes of Not Too Deep as it´s the first podcast I ever listened to. I like Grace Helbig, her youtube channel and her humor in general so when she started a podcast I knew I had to listen to it. This podcast is Grace 100%! She interviews someone every week; asking them ridiculous and silly questions from her own mind and taken from the internet. I absolutely love having a giggle to this podcast every week. Plus, thanks to all the enjoyable nonsense talking it´s also a really good choice for nighttime listening.

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Best of Friends Podcast.

Dare I say the Best of Friends P-Cast ist my current favourite? I´m a fangirl through and through so having a podcast discussing one of my favourite shows is just a lot of fun. In this podcast Erin and Jamie (and formerly Krista) discuss every single episode of the tv show Friends, two at a time. They also have just go off on a lot of tangets and got really funny bits going on each week - and I couldn´t love this more. This podcast feels the most personal to me and like I´m actually just listening to some of my friends talking. It just has a very natural and funny flow and you can tell how much they´re enjoying hosting it!

My Dad Wrote A Porno.

Now, I kept away from this podcast for a long time because I thought listening to something with "porno" in the title would be embarrassing in public. And I was right... it´s absolutely weird to break out in hives of laughter over something nobody else around you can hear. My Dad Wrote A Porno is almost self-explanatory: Jamie´s Dad has written a dirty book - which is bad enough as is - but Jamie decided to make it better (or worse) by inviting his friends Alice and James to read a chapter of said book each week. You can imagine the hilarity that ensues as Rocky Flintstone - the pseudonym Jamie´s Dad has chosen - neither knows much about what´s sexy nor the human anatomy.

These five podcast are definitely the podcasts I listen to most and that I try to always keep up with. If you´re a podcast listener yourself please leave me any recommendations you have down in the comments. I love discovering new ones! I´m not really sure how I survived my commute or even cleaning the flat without podcasts before. Nowadays I even listen to them when I´m taking a walk because they make everything a lot more fun. That´s why I´d suggest to everyone to at least give one podcast a try. They could change your life too!

Are you a podcast listener? If so, what is your favourite thing about them or your favourite podcast right now? If not, are you thinking of starting now?


  1. I'm just very recently starting into the podcast craze so I've added all of these to my list to listen to! I haven't found anything that I super-love just yet so hopefully these will help me out! xx

  2. I have recently started listening to podcasts and I find them really enjoyable to listen to. Whether I'm bored, working out or cleaning and I want to take my mind off the task. I've checked out the podcasts you've mentioned. My favourite podcasts are 'It Galz' and 'Views' xx

  3. I'm the same, I never thought I would like podcasts at all and now I listen to one every day, I love them! When I listen to podcasts I just feel like I'm optimising my time? I guess that's because I usually always learn something in one way or another. I'm going to check out Serial and the Best of Friends podcasts as well! :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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