When Blogging Is Taking A Backseat

f you´re a blogger you´ll probably have experienced the stress of juggling blogging and uh, well... the rest of your life. Blogging is not just a hobby where you need to take away an hour or two each week to attend a class; blogging is a full-time commitment! And I absolutely love that about it because it keeps me busy and gives me something to do everyday that I absolutely love doing. It´s just that sometimes my life needs more of my attention which always makes me feel like a failure. I absolutely hate when blogging ist taking a backseat in my life.

I´ve been at this blogging thing for 3.5+ years now and I can´t nor do I want to imagine my life without it! But if you´d be to look at my numbers I´m definitely not one of the top bloggers out there. Bloggers who have been doing this for a way shorter time are way ahead of me. But I´m not mad about that at all. I actually love the freedom that being a "small" blogger gives me. Plus, I have some idea as to why this has happened: I´m not the most consistent when it comes to blogging.

I think one of the main reasons why blogging is always the thing that falls off the edge when I´m stressed is that blogging is just a hobby to me. I know many people whose dream it is to blog full time and I fully support all of you! It´s a hard business and you´re making an amazing hobby into your job and that´s awesome! Personally, I´ve always had other aspirations for my future and my career. So blogging will probably never get the priority in my life.

A second reason is definitely my perfectionism and my ambition. Those are wonderful traits but they can drive you mad sometimes. When I´m doing something for uni (which is almost every day!) I can´t bring myself to half-ass things; it has to be perfect as my grades depend on it! So any uni projects take me quite a long time which leaves very little time to work on my blog. Currently, I´m studying every single day for a test that doesn´t even count. That´s how crazy I´ve become! For a month and a bit now I´ve had Fridays as my blogging days - days where this little blog takes priority and I can have photoshoots, write a few posts, etc. But now that I have this test and my bachelor thesis and some seminars that just won´t be possible. If our days were maybe 48 hours instead of a mere 24 then I could make it all work!

But I doubt we´ll change our whole system around just because I´m complaining. 24 hours just simply isn´t enough to juggle blogging, uni, work, a social life and a good sleep schedule. Honestly, I need my social life and my sleep because I´m also constantly struggling with my anxiety and those are the two things keeping me sane. However, when I´m feeling stressed I can feel guilty about not doing the "important" things first which is not helping my anxiety at all. Neither is the general stress, by the way. Stress and anxiety are just two things that will kill my creative energy in an instant. I try to keep a balance but it´s getting harder every day as my to-do list just continues growing.

Right now I´m just about managing putting out two blogposts per week (& I´m madly behind on my blogging to-do list) but I´ve had rarely any time to read other blogs or to post on my social media. This has made me feel like the worst blogger out there and whilst I´m still really proud of the content I´m creating I find myself doubting my general blogging abilities constantly. My numbers aren´t really growing, I keep failing my own expectations and I´m just not taking part in this amazing community! You know what the worst part is? There is really no end in sight... Once I finish all my current uni projects there´s the switch to a Master´s Degress in (hopefully) another city which means finding a new place, moving and then getting used to that uni and having a lot more seminars and lectures than I currently have.

So what I´m trying to say is that my life is currently not going exactly as I imagined it to be - I honestly thought this semester would be pretty laid back. But that´s okay, you know? While blogging may take a backseat right now there are many more exciting things happening that´ll drive my career forwards. I´m currently working on my bachelor thesis and applying for Master degrees - that´s both freaking exciting! I don´t really know what this post is.. I guess it´s just a ramble on a thing that´s been on my mind a lot lately. I´m going to continue doing my own thing and if that means taking a break or missing a few posts that´s just what´s going to happen. I hope you will all understand that too! But for now I´m staying positive and working off all my to-do lists so that I can finally be on top of things again!

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  1. I loved this post XD Good luck with applying for your master degrees :D P.s your blog is goals *_*


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