Signature Scent: Zara Jasmine Eau de Perfume

Zara Jasmine Eau de Perfume; Primark Eyelash Curler; Fresh Peonies
There´s something about wearing a perfume that makes me feel so special. I love purposefully choosing the scent of my day; I feel like it gives a direction to my day as well as a little more of a sway to my hips. For years I´ve been on the hunt for an affordable signature scent. You know, a perfume that´s the exact right mixture of sweetness and darkness that it can be worn all year around with any outfit and for any occasion. A scent that I can identify myself with - however weird that might sound. I think I have finally found that scent in the Zara Jasmine Eau de Perfume.

Zara Jasmine Eau de Perfume; Primark Eyelash Curler; Fresh Peonies

Now, this was very much a surprise for me. When I went shopping with some girlfriends a few months back I was bored while they were waiting in the seemingly endless cashier´s line at Zara. So naturally I went over to the one beauty rack around there: the perfume section. I think I smelled every single one and after that I probably smelled like a drugstore myself. What I took away from this experience though was how good so many of their perfumes smelled! So when my birthday came around I decided to treat myself and get two Zara perfumes. I spent about 20 minutes at their perfume rack again before making a choice. The Jasmine Eau de Perfume was chosen after about 5 minutes though as there was just something drawing me to this scent.

I was very surprised to find out that this is actually one of Zara´s newest launches in 2017 - plus, if you´re living in the UK you´re super lucky as it´s currently on sale for  £9,99! It comes lovely packaged with a leather case around the very simplistic glass bottle. I love the mint accent of the cap and the simple writing on the bottle. The bottle also has rounded edges and feels nicely heavy in my hand. It just looks and feels very elegant and simple; like a grown-up´s perfume.

Zara Jasmine Eau de Perfume; Primark Eyelash Curler; Fresh Peonies

On their website it´s described as a floral scent but as I´m rubbish at describing actual scents, here are the notes of it.

Top notes:

Heart notes:

Base notes:

Zara Jasmine Eau de Perfume; Primark Eyelash Curler; Fresh Peonies

It really is the perfect mixture of a dark scent in the base notes but then also a lightness and a very simple sweetness with jasmine and peach as heart and top notes. It´s an all-round scent that I´m comfortable wearing for any occasion. It feels like a very grown-up and sophisticated scent to me and that´s exactly what I´m looking for in a signature scent right now. And wow, has it developed into a signature scent for me: I´ve basically worn nothing else since I got this at the end of April. I feel like the scent lasts me up to 5 hours before it fades away. That´s not ideal for an all-day perfume but it´s expected for the price. However, Zara also sell roll-on sticks in this scent that I can easily throw into my handbag to re-apply if necessary.

I´m always still surprised by how much I love this scent whenever I smell it. With its simplicity and perfect mix of darkness and sweetness it really makes a great and feminine signature scent that I´m always excited to wear. Since Zara just launched this scent I´m hoping that they won´t discontinue it for a long time -  I really can´t lose another signature scent that way!

Do you have a signature scent? What´s one quality you look for in a signature scent?

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