Metallic Makeup Picks

p2 Techno Chrome Nail Polish 050 Bronze Cut, NYX Cosmic Metals Liquid Lipstick Speed of Light, Primark Necklace, Ikea Decoration
As with almost every trend the metallic trend almost completely washed over me. The only thing I really fell for was rose gold and copper everything... and I mean EVERYTHING. However, when I looked through my makeup drawers lately to find props for a flatlay I was very surprised to find a decent selection of metallic makeup products. I must´ve picked them up one by one without realizing that I was slowly adopting the trend. So here are a non-metallic lover´s metallic makeup picks aka metallic products that you can incorporate into your everyday makeup.

Let´s start with the one metallic product that I certainly remember picking up. I bought the Catrice Cosmetics Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in 020 Gold n´ Roses way before the metallic trend was even a trend - they don´t even sell them anymore! It´s definitely not my most used eyeshadow but I adore the true baby pink colour and the golden metallic effect it has. I love setting accents with this, like in the middle of my eye or in the inner corner, depending on what I´m in the mood for. Similarly I use the NYX Prismatic Shadows in Golden Peach mostly for a finishing touch to my eye makeup. It´s much more of a peachy pink with gold glitter and I think it´ll look perfect with a summer tan!

I also own the NYX Prismatic Shadows in Bedroom Eyes which is way darker than the two pinks and is more of a true brown. It´s great for giving depth to my eye makeup. When using it in my crease it also makes my makeup look really different and interesting which I love. Just like the other two eyeshadows it´s surprisingly soft for a metallic shadow and has really amazing colour pay off. The only downside to all three is that they aren´t as blendable as other eyeshadows I own - but with a good brush and a minute more it´s totally doable.

Patrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadow 020 Gold n´ Roses; Lahaye Brushes

essence has recently really surprised me with the quality of their products and I find myself picking up more and more of them. That´s how I must´ve gotten a hand on their The Metals Baked Eyeshadows in 01 Ballerina Glam and 06 Rose Razzle-Dazzle. I mean, how could I ever resist with those names?! Ballerina Glam ist more a champagne metallic shade while Rose Razzle-Dazzle is truly a dark rose shade with a silver metallic effect. Both of them are buttery soft and super blendable! I love using Ballerina Glam for my inner corner or brow highlight and Rose Razzle-Dazzle will really set an accent in your eye makeup. I also use both shades regularly as highlighters because they´re simply stunning.

As a lover of everything rose gold I couldn´t resist buying the p2 Techno Chrome Polish in 030 Bronze Cut - or that´s what I tell myself. I also found the shade 050 Frozen Rose in my collection - I guess they´d get lonely otherwise. They have perfect names because I could not describe their colours any better! Both of them are gorgeous although they´re quality is not really perfect. They are opaque in one coat but stay quite streaky even with a second coat and a clear one on top. They also haven´t lasted me more than 2-3 days without chipping so bad that I just had to take them off. However, they look great and if you really just want to have cool nails for a few days or a night out, I´d definitely recommend these as they are super easy to apply and dry really quickly!

Kylie Cosmetics Metals Liquid Lipstick Reign; Primark Necklace

Now the last part of makeup where I´ve seen metallic products around are lips and I´m still not sure how I feel about  metallic lipstick. Still, I found three of them in my collection. The first one is the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Metallized in Peyote on which I did a full review but the metallic look isn´t really strong with this one. One of the true metallic lipsticks I own is the Kylie Cosmetics Metal Matte Lipstick in Reign. It´s described as a rose gold/copper shade and it definitely looks like it in the tube but when I put it on it´s way more brown which I find quite disappointing. It does have a really amazing quality but is definitely a bit more daring and I only really wear it for a special occasion.

Recently, NYX launched their Cosmic Metals Lip Creams and I remember swatching them all in store. However I do not recall buying the shade 08 Speed of Light. It´s a gorgeous pinkish rose gold. Despite being more out there I´d still classify it as wearable - I´ve worn dark red lipstick that is more daring! It doesn´t last super long on my lips and is super sticky and thick which I´m not super fond of. But I still really adore the colour and if you´re ready for something a bit different in your lipstick collection this the one metallic lipstick I´d recommend!

essence The Metals Ballerina Glam swatch, essence The Metals Rose Razzle-Dazzle swatch, NYX Prismatic Eyeshadow Bedroom Eyes swatch, NYX Prismatic Eyeshadow Golden Peach swatch, Catrice Liquid Metals Gold n´ Roses swatch
From L to R: essence The Metals Ballerina Glam, essence The Metals Rose Razzle-Dazzle, NYX Prismatic Eyeshadow Bedroom Eyes, NYX Prismatic Eyeshadow Golden Peach, Catrice Liquid Metals Gold n´ Roses

p2 Nail Polish 030 Bronze Cut swatch, p2 Nail Polisch 050 Frozen Rose swatch, NYX Cosmic Metals Speed Of Light swatch, Kylie Cosmetics Reign swatch
From L to R: p2 Nail Polish 030 Bronze Cut, p2 Nail Polisch 050 Frozen Rose, NYX Cosmic Metals Speed Of Light, Kylie Cosmetics Reign

Despite owning enough different metallic products to create a full-on metallic look I prefer to set accents with these products. I just don´t think full-on metallic is something that suits me or something that I´d feel comfortable wearing for my everyday look. However, I think it´d be something interesting to try or to wear on a night out - would you be interested in me doing this on here? I don´t own the full spectrum of metallic shades though - I mean, there are dark purples, greens and blues that I wouldn´t even dream of wearing. My love of rose gold and pink definitely comes out here. I think those colours are also making it more wearable as I incorporate them into my wardrobe anyway.

What´s your opinion on the metallic trend? When would you wear metallic lipstick?


  1. I just purchased two metallic lipsticks and I cannot wait to try them!! I love anything metallic at the moment, next on my list? Metallic nail polish!! x


  2. I love the metallic trend, but I feel like it doesn't work well on my lips because they're so thin and have lots of fine lines. I'm obsessed with metallics on the eyes, though. x

    Amanda |


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