Essence My Must Haves Face & Lips Review

Essence My Must Haves Palette, Essence My Must Haves Highlighting Powder 01; Essence My Must Haves Soft Shimmer Blush 01; Essence My Must Haves Soft Satin Blush 01
With their new releases at the start of the year essence also launched a new range called My Must Haves. The must haves consists of blushes, highlights, lip powders and each shadows in individual pans so that you can create your own 4- or 8-pan palette. I did take notice of this launch but never bought anything from the range until I saw their birthday edition in April. Basically, essence is celebrating their 15 year anniversary and therefore have released limited edition palettes and products for their My Must Have range. The limited live.laugh.celebrate edition is available from April to June this year. With the fun, party look of the palettes I just couldn´t resist and bought the 4-pan version and three blushes, a highlighter, the lip base and a lip powder to fill it with.

Now before you get your mind twisted around this, yes I bought 6 products to go into a 4-pan palette. I just couldn´t decide & now I can switch things up.

The palette called 4 Reasons To Celebrate was the thing that initially caught my eye because it has colorful beads inside the lid. It´s completely made out of plastic with rounded edges and generally has a very sleek look. It closes very securely and I´ve thrown this into my bag without worrying before. The products click in very nicely (there´s no magnetism involved) and feel really secure in their place. They´re also quite easy to get out again if you want to. I will say though that I find it quite hard to open the palette without breaking my finger nails; the closing mechanism is really, really strong! I´ve also found the pans to be a  little bit too small for the fluffy brushes I use to apply my blush and highlighter. I either get product from two shades on a brush and/or spread dust all around the palette (which is really noticeable on the black plastic!). Overall though, I love the look and feel of this palette, especially since it looks so much more fun than any other palette in my collection (and those two little problems are things I´ll just have to figure out).

Essence My Must Haves Lip Powder 01; Essence My Must Haves Lip Base 01; Essence My Must Haves Soft Shimmer Blush 01; Essence My Must Haves Soft Matt Blush 02

As the highlighting lover I am I kind of had to buy the Highlighter Powder in 01 My Special Highlight. As I´m more used to high-end highlighters I really wasn´t expecting much of this one but it turns out to be one of my favourite highlighters now. It´s a very subtle highlight that is mostly shimmery and has a golden undertone. It holds up for the whole day without smudging or fading and it still looks very shimmery after 8+ hours. I feel like it makes my whole face glow more, especially since it blends in so well and is only really noticeable when the light hits it. Also, it feels super soft, is easy to apply and blend in general and you can perfectly build it up to be a bit stronger. Overall, it´s a perfect natural highlight for everyday use.

Doesn´t the Soft Shimmer Blus in 01 Rhythm Of The Night look like the perfect spring blush? A perfect pale blush pink all shimmery with silver glitter in it... what more could a girl want? Well, a girl could want to for the shade to actually show up on her skin. The pigmentation looks really good when you swatch this blush but once it´s applied to my cheeks it takes a lot of building up before I even get the slightest hint of colour. Keep in mind, I´m super pale already! However, if you´re looking for a great shimmery highlighter with a blush undertone, this is the product for you! Because once you´ve applied it it keeps its shimmer for the whole day and doesn´t fade away, crease or hang on to dry spots. It also just feels super soft! I´ve also found this blush to be great for days where I´m not wearing any foundation and just want a subtle hint of colour and shimmer on my cheeks.

Essence My Must Haves Palette, Essence My Must Haves Highlighting Powder 01; Essence My Must Haves Soft Shimmer Blush 01

The first thing I noticed about the Soft Satin Blush in 01 Coral Dream was again, how soft this blush felt. Essence isn´t kidding when they name their blushes "soft"! This satin blush has a gorgeous true coral shade and while it looks matte in the pan it actually has this subtle glow to it that I can´t really explain; it´s not shimmery but it´s also not matte. The pigmentation is good but not overwhelming, so definitely dig your bush in. Once applied it looses some of its shine but it still doesn´t look fully matte. As with the other blushes, it lasts all day on my cheeks and just gives me a really nice flush of colour. I would just repeat myself over again if I talked about the quality of the Soft Matt Blush in 02 Cosy Rosy. The one thing that did surprise me about this dark rose nude blush is that it has silver glitter particles inside. That is not what I define as matte. However, those particles make my face glow and and look gorgeous in combination with a highlighter while the blush still looks matte on my face. So actually, I´ve really come to like them!

Essence My Must Haves Palette, Essence My Must Haves Highlighting Powder 01; Essence My Must Haves Soft Shimmer Blush 01; Essence My Must Haves Soft Satin Blush 01; Essence My Must Haves Soft Matt Blush 02

Onto the last two and the more, dare I say so, interesting products. The Lip Base in 01 Let´s Get It Started is a clear and sticky gel that you apply before the lip powder to make it stick to your lips. The base therefore is really, really, really sticky - think early 2000s lip glosses - but it does do a good job at making the powder stick - as well as my hair. It has also never made my lips feel dry but rather moisturized. However, I´m not a fan of sticky formulas on my lips, so initially I didn´t enjoy this base much.

The Lip Powder in 01 Crush On You is a cool dark lilac shade that I think will be perfect once autumn comes around again. I´ve found the appliance of the powder rather difficult. I´ve tried it with brushes but they didn´t pick up enough product and once they touched my lips everything was over. So I reverted to my fingers and it kind of worked but again, once I´ve touched my lips I have to use a different finger because the powder becomes super sticky. Also most of the product stays on my fingers and not on my lips. Plus, it´s really hard to apply a powder precisely and evenly with my fingers! Despite thinking I couldn´t go out this way after a few minutes and a bit of lip smacking it did look fine though. Once you´ve gotten over the hassle of applying it, it actually holds up pretty well. Obviously, it transfers to anything and eating and drinking are challenging (as with any other lipgloss) but it does last for 2-3 hours. After that it´s better to take it off and reapply it because otherwise it will get very crumbly! On the plus side though, you can use the lip base with any powder you own to make your own lipstick!

Essence My Must Haves Lip Powder 01 Swatch; Essence My Must Haves Lip Base 01 Swatch; Essence My Must Haves Soft Matt Blush 02 Swatch; Essence My Must Haves Soft Satin Blush 01 Swatch; Essence My Must Haves Soft Shimmer Blush 01 Swatch; Essence My Must Haves Highlighting Powder 01 Swatch
From L to R: Lip Powder, Lip Base (doesn´t show up), Soft Matt Blush, Soft Satin Blush, Soft Shimmer Blush, Highlighting Powder

The Verdict

Despite the pans being a little bit small for my brushes I´ve been using this palette a lot! My least favourite products are definitely the lip base and lip powder and I don´t see myself touching them again soon. However, the blushes and highlight are actually really good quality for a very small price! While the shimmer blush might not be perfect for usage as a blush it makes a great highlight and the other blushes have just won me over with their pretty colours! I also love the idea of creating my own palette with the shades I need. This will be super useful for holidays when you can put blush, highlight and eyeshadows in the same palette!

Have you tried any of the My Must Have products yet? What has been your favourite?


  1. I purchased a few products from their new releases but I haven't tried these, the colours you chose are so fun to work with and perfect for spring and summer!!


  2. I often lean towards more quality and expensive makeup when it comes to eye shadows, blushers, and highlights, but one of my favourite highlight that my best friend actually introduced me to was from Essence! It's their Pure Nude Highlighter that I think retails for about $4 CAN which is really good for how much you get! Complements my skin tone nicely :)

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  3. These are really lovely shades though. :)


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