5 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Dear Evan Hansen

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Firstly, I have to apologize to my neighbours for having to listen to my horrible, horrible singing voice for the past week. I have discovered the magical unicorn of a Broadway musical called Dear Evan Hansen and oh my god, is the music mindblowingly amazing or what?! So for the past week I´ve been singing along to the songs pretty much non-stop #sorrynotsorry. I knew immediately that I wanted to share this new love of mine with you but Broadway is a little bit far away for me to go see and review the musical. Instead I´ll tell you about five reasons why you should listen to the album and why I relate to it so much.

The Story

Evan Hansen is a shy high school senior with social anxiety who has never really felt like he fits in. When he writes a letter to himself as part of his therapy and the school freak, Connor Murphy, is found dead with the letter in his pocket Evan´s life takes a completely new route. Connor´s parents take the letter as Connor´s suicide note to his close friend Evan and to ease their pain Evan goes along with it. He creates the story of their wonderful friendship with emails and all. But how long can you keep up a lie like that?

Basically, it´s a musical dealing with different perspectives on the struggles of school, fitting in, mental disorders like anxiety and depression, and suicide. It also sees how all these factors affect other people. So me falling in love with it was pretty much just a matter of time.

Why The Music Is Awesome

That´s My Favourite Song.. No, No This One Is!

This is the best problems to have with any album: not being able to choose a favourite song. It happens to me very rarely but when it does I´m just so happy. I barely skip any song on the album because all of them are so beautiful. Every single song has this little, very personal, real and detailed insight into a character´s head. They all feature important messages that you can take away from them and all are relevant to the story. Plus, they´re all ear worm material and are really suitable for singing along. So choosing a favourite would actually be a crime. If I really did have to choose just one song from the whole album (because you´re pointing a gun at my head) it´d be Waving Through A Window as it was the first song I heard from the musical and as someone struggling with anxiety I can just relate so much!

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Everything Is So Pure And Real

These songs are almost like glass; you can see through them, feel the characters emotions and understand their thoughts and actions. They show so much strength but also feel so breakable. They´re an amazing part of the storytelling and definitely capture the characters wonderfully. On a side note, the characters themselves are so imperfect, human, flawed and just incredibly real and so are their feelings and thoughts. So the music kind of has to live up to that and it does so beautifully. I know that the whole album is orchestrated and produced but it really doesn´t feel like it. Compared to really big Broadway musicals this one almost feels underrated but this simplicity also makes it so amazing. It has this very classic musical feeling but also this pop influence and simplicity so that it just feels super fresh.

The Lyrics Are Golden

If you´ve ever struggled with your mental health or felt like an outsider in general just do yourself a favour and look up the lyrics (or listen to) Waving Through A Window. There will be chills all over your body. I´ve never found a better way to describe how I´m feeling whenever I´m looking at other people just living their lives without mental health struggles. Every song in this whole musical has some lyrical gems hidden inside and they can be anything; from funny comments in Sincerely, Me to heartbreaking realizations in So Big/So Small to just hopeful or romantic lines that could be on a poster in Only Us or For Forever. I could honestly do a whole post just on the lyrics I adore (but copyright an all that, ya know?!). What I´m basically trying to say is that you can take any song from the album and find at least one sentence/line that is super quotable and that´s amazing!

It´s An Emotional Rollercoaster

This musical has a song for any feeling you might have or any mood you might be in and they all transport the emotions so well. There´s hopelessness and hope, feeling lost and finding your way, being alone and falling in love, hiding away from everything and confronting your fears. This is obviously part of the storytelling aspect of these songs but especially as someone struggling with mental health all of these emotions are something I regularly experience and honestly, it´s so good to not feel alone with them anymore. Plus, as I said they´re delivered so well. The before mentioned simplicity of the songs really transports you into the songs and the actors have really put all of their emotions in the songs.  I´d bet that anyone can relate to these songs!

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The Goosebumps Are Real

Those are such a big sign of how much I relate to these songs and how beautiful they are. The goosebumps are definitely a combination of the four points mentioned before plus just the amazing voices of the whole cast. It´s almost unbelievable that this show and album is only performed by eight people! Especially Ben Platt and Laura Dreyfuss were surprises to me as I didn´t expect their voices to be this wonderful! I really celebrate getting goosebumps and these songs are almost like a guarantee for them! I feel like I´ve just found my new favourite musical without ever seeing it being performed just because the goosebumps are always there. It´s the combination of the voices, the details in the melodies, the lyrics, the music, the feeling and how much I relate to it all that makes it such an amazing experience listening to hem.

Go And Listen To It NOW

Despite how passionate I am about this album and musical it is very hard to put it all into words. So, just do yourself the favour and listen to the album (& maybe read the storyline along with it). Or if you have the chance, make me really jealous and buy yourself some tickets to see the musical on Broadway. It´s pretty much sold out but you can still get some last minute tickets even on the website (I checked because I´m THAT obsessed with it). From the videos I´ve seen online, other reviews and my imagination it must be an amazing and inspiring experience!

I might add a bonus point to this list because they´re so made for playing them loud in your room and just dancing and singing your heart out. That´s pretty much all I´ve done this past weekend and I think I´m almost ready to sell tickets to my (very inadequate) one woman performance. Honestly though, dancing and singing to these meaningful and emotional songs does so many good things to my mind and it has just made me so incredibly happy!

Have you listened to Dear Evan Hansen yet? Or were you maybe lucky enough to see it? If so, what is your opinion?

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  1. I couldn't have worded this better. I've been obsessed with DEH for weeks and the first time I listened to Waving Through A Window I literally cried. I also suffer from social anxiety so I felt understood. You're the first person I see that blogs about it and aah I'm so happy because this show really deserves more recognition. It has a especial place in my heart since I listened to the soundtrack and read about the story, it's become one of my favourite musicals for sure.
    Anna x


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