5 Style Mistakes I Wish I Never Made

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Style is something that comes very natural to some people and to others ... it just doesn´t. I definitely belong to the ladder group. When I just grab something out of my closet to throw on I look like a little girl dressed me. But in the past year I´ve really been making an effort to try more things, be braver and bolder and just generally find my own style (and stick to it). And it´s been quite successful - if I may say so myself. However, my teen years (and even my early adult years) were filled with a lot of style mistakes that I regret now and today I´m sharing them with you. Maybe they´ll make you laugh too!

(Emoji) Print Shirts

Does anyone else remember those brightly colored shirts that featured a really big print - usually of some emojis? I know that I wore those every day for more than a year. Every. Single. Day. Looking back at pictures from that time I´m now so embarrassed. They were just ugly, had no cut, made me look like a little girl and generally wouldn´t have suited anyone. Also the print got super crumbly after a few washes. I still see shirts like this around - although now they feature cute slogans and better cuts - and I just hope I never have to wear one ever again.

Thick, Worn-Out Zip Hoodies

You know what would always go along with the print shirts? Yes, zip hoodies. I think the reason why I´m hesitant to wear cardigans now is because I still have a trauma from zip hoodies. The ones I wore were horrible, all worn-out, never matched the color of my shirt or the style and were just not stylish at all. The worst one was one super thick zip hoodie with a fluffy insight that made me look double my size and super bulky. I totally get that zip hoodies are comfortable and keep you warm and I still wear them for lounging around my house but never outside... just no!

Only Embroidered Top, New Look Super Matte Liquid Lipstick, Primark Eyelash Curler, Topshop Highlighter Glow, Primark Necklace

The Amount Of Jewelry

I could never figure out how much jewelry would actually benefit my style; so I´d either wear none because I was too lazy or I´d put on so much that it looked ridiculous. And I don´t mean fine, gorgeous jewelry that I like now.. I mean chunky. boldly colored jewelry. Preferably it also had some ridiculous shape or pattern like stars or hearts and generally looked really cheap. I´m so glad I threw all of that out! I also went through a phase where I would wear scarves with any outfit. It did keep my neck warm but was not stylish most of the times. Some outfits can be enhances by a scarf and a lot of jewelry but sometimes less is more - especially in combination with print shirts and zip hoodies!

Ugg Boots

Now, this might be a controversial topic and I will admit that I badly wanted to buy myself a pair of Ugg boots last winter. However, despite being warm, fluffy clouds for your feet they should never be considered stylish in any regard. These bulky boots really don´t suit anyone and for people like me who have bigger thighs they just make our legs look like trees. Why did I ever choose to wear them outside the house?!? They are only acceptable to throw on when you´re quickly running to the grocery store down your street.

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Buying Clothes As Motivation

Did anyone else buy pants, tops or anything a size too small just to motivate yourself to lose that bit of extra weight? Did that ever work out for anyone?! It certainly didn´t for me. So now I have a bunch of clothes that I bought years ago that still won´t fit me. That was such a bad decision and a waste of money, really. I also sometimes bought some clothes that I considered daring to motivate myself to wear them. I don´t think these have ever seen the light of day either. When you´re not feeling comfortable in the changing room you´re never gonna wear the clothes anyway!

I´m just really glad that I´ve grown up and learned from those mistakes - no matter how embarrassing it is to look back at pictures from my teenage years. I will say though that I think I´ve had a very relaxed time as a teenager. I wasn´t worried in the slightest about what I wore and how I looked; I just wore what was comfortable and what I personally liked. So I wouldn´t go back and change a thing about that and it ended up getting me somewhere. Nowadays I´m experimenting more with fashion and having fun while doing so. The years it has taken me to get here don´t really matter. Plus, now I get to have a laugh at all of my wrong decisions as they didn´t hurt anyone but me.

What was one style mistake you did as a teenager? Did you learn anything from it?


  1. don't worry we've all had our fair share of style mistakes! I definitely was an ugg boot fan back in the day! x

    Liz | LotsofLoveLiz

  2. I absolutely LOVE the layout of your blog Lisa! I had a little laugh when I read the bit about graphic shirts becoming crumbly after a few washes. It's so relatable! As well as the excessive amount of jewellery. I used to stack bangles all up my arm for school and they did me no justice whatsoever. My childhood all came flooding back to me as I read your post. Fantastic content :)


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