Why We Need Mental Health Representation In Mainstream Media

Recently, I´ve been talking an awful lot about 13 Reasons Why and Dear Evan Hansen here on my blog and over on my social media. Both are very good examples of how mental health is finally being accepted into mainstream media and both are discussed a lot online. But whereas Dear Evan Hansen seems to live on a super hype right now - have you been on Tumblr lately?! - 13 Reasons Why has split the internet. Many people love it but some think it´s a bad representation of the issues it discusses. But here´s the thing: Whether you like it or not this well-produced representation of mental health issues in mainstream media is badly needed!

Cruelty-Free Skincare Haul

Balm Balm Hibiscus Face Mask; Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Facial SoufflĂ© Moisturizer; Burt´s Bees Intense Hydration Eye Cream
I´ve been loving my skincare recently - or rather loving experimenting with it. Since I´ve gotten over that "I have acne so my skin must be super sensitive" phase I´ve been trying at lot more different products. Obviously when I had some vouchers and money from my birthday left I treated myself with a little cruelty-free skincare order. I spent a few hours on the internet as you do and found some great cruelty-free products that I want to add to my skincare routine.

Who Should I Tell About My Mental Illness?

I think it´s very well established that struggling with mental health will impact your life in a major way. Most likely, it´ll be hard to hide that struggle from everyone in your life. Well, unless you completely isolate yourself which should neither be an option nor a goal if you´re already struggling! That then begs the question who should an who do I need to tell about my mental illness/struggles? I remember not finding an answer to this question when I first realized that I had some sort of anxiety issue. So here I´ve compiled a list of people who you should and shouldn´t tell about your mental illness from my own experience and my knowledge as a Psychology student.

5 Style Mistakes I Wish I Never Made

Primark Top, Only Embroidered Top, New Look Super Matte Liquid Lipstick, Primark Eyelash Curler, Topshop Highlighter Glow
Style is something that comes very natural to some people and to others ... it just doesn´t. I definitely belong to the ladder group. When I just grab something out of my closet to throw on I look like a little girl dressed me. But in the past year I´ve really been making an effort to try more things, be braver and bolder and just generally find my own style (and stick to it). And it´s been quite successful - if I may say so myself. However, my teen years (and even my early adult years) were filled with a lot of style mistakes that I regret now and today I´m sharing them with you. Maybe they´ll make you laugh too!

The Psychology Behind Faking It

"Fake it till you make it" is just one of those sayings that everyone has heard about a million times. Or at least I know it was thrown at me from everyone when I was struggling with my confidence. Naive, young teenage me shrugged it all off - how is pretending gonna help me at all?!?! - and just continued her life as usual. Now after almost 3 years of studying Psychology I´ve realized that maybe shrugging it off was wrong. I could´ve build my confidence way easier because faking it actually works and here´s how!

Essence My Must Haves Face & Lips Review

Essence My Must Haves Palette, Essence My Must Haves Highlighting Powder 01; Essence My Must Haves Soft Shimmer Blush 01; Essence My Must Haves Soft Satin Blush 01
With their new releases at the start of the year essence also launched a new range called My Must Haves. The must haves consists of blushes, highlights, lip powders and each shadows in individual pans so that you can create your own 4- or 8-pan palette. I did take notice of this launch but never bought anything from the range until I saw their birthday edition in April. Basically, essence is celebrating their 15 year anniversary and therefore have released limited edition palettes and products for their My Must Have range. The limited live.laugh.celebrate edition is available from April to June this year. With the fun, party look of the palettes I just couldn´t resist and bought the 4-pan version and three blushes, a highlighter, the lip base and a lip powder to fill it with.

I Could Have Been Hannah Baker

If you haven´t succumbed to the hype that is 13 Reasons Why yet I take my hat off for you! I´d also suggest for you to give into the hype as quickly as possible because the show, story and characters are truly amazing! I´ve listed 13 reasons why I loved 13 Reasons Why before on here and I could honestly come up with a hundred more. This show and story are really not coming off my mind and there were lots of parts that really touched me deeply. But one thought has been stuck so deep within me that I just had to share it: I could´ve been Hannah Baker.

Natural Makeup Favourites

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation, Tanya Burr Birthday Suit Eye Palete, Primark Bombshell Perfume, Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Soft & Gentle, Manhattan Last & Shine Nail Polish
I´m not really often in the mood to do a full and extravagant makeup look. They´re super fun to create but as I mentioned many times on this blog I´m just to lazy to do this every morning (also sleep is everything!). While I do love feeling a bit more extravagant from time to time I also really enjoy being my down-to-earth self. That´s why you´ll find me mostly wearing a very natural look - which one of my friends recently complimented me on (thanks again *blushes*). Over the years and especially recently I´ve acquired a few favourite makeup items that I´m likely to grab when I go for my natural look.

5 Reasons Why You Should Listen To Dear Evan Hansen

Apple Headphones, Kiko Milano Cream Blush
Firstly, I have to apologize to my neighbours for having to listen to my horrible, horrible singing voice for the past week. I have discovered the magical unicorn of a Broadway musical called Dear Evan Hansen and oh my god, is the music mindblowingly amazing or what?! So for the past week I´ve been singing along to the songs pretty much non-stop #sorrynotsorry. I knew immediately that I wanted to share this new love of mine with you but Broadway is a little bit far away for me to go see and review the musical. Instead I´ll tell you about five reasons why you should listen to the album and why I relate to it so much.