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Real Techniques Powder Brush, Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, Real Techniques Blush Brush, Lahaye Oval Brushes, PS Pro Oval Brush, Kiko Lipstick, Zoella Blissful Mistful Body Mist, Silicone Sponge
I´d lie if I said that I´m wearing makeup everyday of the week. It has actually gotten really rare that I wear a full face of makeup. I blame this on my semester break & general uni schedule! Very recently I shared my honest everyday makeup routine which is what my makeup looks like on those rare days. Alongside with that makeup goes an array of beauty tools. I thought I´d be lovely to see the combination of both together (plus, I´d love to discuss the beauty tools you use).

Let´s start at the beginning of my routine. My foundation is usually applied using the PS Pro Oval Brush. It´s very obviously a dupe to the Artis brushes and the first one of it´s kind that I got. I love how easy it is to use and how effortlessly it blends any foundation on my face. The size is exactly perfect for my whole face; big enough for my forehead and cheeks but small enough for my eyes and nose. What more could I want? Recently I´ve been using my Silocone Sponge for concealer. You can see a full review of it and a comparison of the Beauty Blender on my blog. The reason I´ve been choosing it over my Beauty Blender is that I love the flawless finish that can easily hide all the spots on my face right now. I´ve also found that using it just for concealer doesn´t make my face look as spotty as using it for foundation does.

Real Techniques Powder Brush, Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, Real Techniques Blush Brush, Lahaye Oval Brushes, PS Pro Oval Brush, Kiko Lipstick, Zoella Blissful Mistful Body Mist, Silicone Sponge, Ebelin Blending Brush, Kyle Lipkit Candy Ki, NYX Soft Matte Lipcream

My favourite trio of brushes that I own are the Real Techniques Powder, Expert Face and Blush Brush. There are just so fluffy and soft and even though I bought the first one back in 2014 it still looks as good as new. I use the Powder Brush for applying my powder to set my whole face. It´s easily the best big fluffy brush I have ever tried and it has been a staple in my makeup routine for years now. The Blush Brush is the perfect size and fluffiness for applying my blush. In all honesty my blush has never looked more natural on my face! Now the Expert Face Brush is the one that I don´t use for it´s intended purpose. I´ve found it to be a great size and softness for applying and blending my highlighter. It also makes it look very natural.

Moving on to the last step, my eyes. I have a trio that I mostly use for this too. I bought these two Lahaye Oval Brushes in my local drugstore on a whim and they turned out to be really amazing. Obviously they´re dupes for the Artis brushes as well but this time in a smaller form. These two are amazing for applying eyeshadow very precisely all over my eyes. They also have the perfect mixture of stability and softness so that they take up enough product which is amazing. Plus, they´re super gorgeous to look at! The last brush on the list is the Ebelin Blending Brush and I think it´s my favourite brush ever. It´s soft and fluffy but also has stability and is large enough to blend really effortlessly. Sadly, it´s been discontinued and the one they have now is just a tiny bit too fluffy and just a bit too small (I´m picky when it comes to blending brushes)! I´ve been using this one for years and it´s beginning to look a bit grubby but I know this is probably the one brush I´ll use until it´s on its last fibre (don´t judge me!).

Lahaye Oval Brushes, PS Pro Oval Brush, Kiko Lipstick, Ebelin Blending Brush

I´m really into soft and fluffy brushes - as you can tell - as they feel so amazing on my face and I think that´s why I have such a love for Real Techniques brushes. None of theirs have disappointed me yet! I don´t know if it´s weird that I don´t use any other beauty tools during my makeup routine but this has proven to be the easiest and quickest way to get my makeup done. I also don´t use a lash curler anymore because my lashes are so straight that it only works for a second so it´s not worth the effort for me. Plus, I´m kind of lazy. I´m definitely open for suggestions of amazing brushes and other tools (preferably cruelty-free) if you´re tried any! My brush collection can always be growing.

What is your favourite brush/beauty tool? Do you curl your lashes?

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  1. I've been looking for a foundation brush so this was great to read! I've been loving my beauty blender but do want a brush to see how that goes :) I don't curl my lashes either, partially because I'm slightly terrified about actually curling them but I'm also lucky with the eyelashes that I have! Em xx


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