10 Best Blogger Tips I´ve Gotten

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You know why I love blogging so much? Well partly because I love rambling on and on about whatever is going on my mind but mostly because this community is so amazing! I talk to bloggers daily on Twitter and I couldn´t wish for better friends. In my almost four years of blogging I´ve gotten a lot of different tips from other bloggers. After keeping them to myself for a long while now I thought it would be only fair to share the 10 best blogger tips I´ve gotten with all of you!

Buy Your Own Domain
When it comes to blogging you really don´t need to invest in a lot of things online. There are free platforms, free templates and free online courses. But the one thing you should invest in is your own domain. When you´re just starting out it really isn´t that expensive but it gives your blog a very professional look. Plus, it allows your blog to get a DA score which can be important for working with brands. I´ve bought mine from GoDaddy.com and am very happy with their services so far!

Take Part in Twitter Chats
While having a Twitter account is a great start for interacting with your readers and fellow blogger it initially won´t bring you many readers or friends. Twitter chats are definitely the best way to make blogger friends, get tips and grow your following. Also they´re genuinely just really a lot of fun to take part in. There tons of schedules online as to when which chat is happening and I suggest stop stopping by and seeing if it´s your crowd. My favourites are #TheGirlGang (Mo 6pm), #GRLPOWR (Tue 9pm, Thur 8pm, Sun 9pm) and #BlogsUnite (Sun 6pm).

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You Don´t Need Every Social Media Platform
When I started out in blogging I tried to be on every social media platform and often neglected most of them. But honestly, there´s no need for that. It´s very unlikely to grow a following on a platform that you don´t use regularly. Being on the ones that you like and have time and motivation to regularly post and engage on is a way better way of interacting and making friends.

Lighting Is Everything
I´ve recently talked about my Blog Photography Journey and shared some easy tips with you. I´ll repeat myself here but you really don´t need to invest in a lot of equipment for taking great pictures. Lighting is the one thing that makes or breaks a picture. Luckily, the sun is providing us with plenty (on a good day). So grab your camera/phone/whatever is lying around and go near a window and you´re sorted!

SEO Is Scary But Worth It
For me the scariest thing about blogging might actually by SEO. There´s so many parts and rules to be aware of and to learn and just so many different factors in it. Plus, the algorithm is changed very regularly so screw whatever you thought was working 3 months ago. But gaining some general knowledge about it and doing some admin on your blog is always worth it. It definitely makes it easier for new readership to find your blog!

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Who Cares About A Niche?
Everyone keeps talking on and on about how important finding your own niche is but honestly who really cares about that? Your blog is supposed to be your own personal space where you share the things you´re passionate about. So if you´re passionate about a lot of things don´t restrict yourself, your mind or your creativity to fit into a niche. It´ll just drain you out.

It´s Okay To Take Breaks
Just because you´re had to take a break from blogging for a while doesn´t mean you´re a failure. That you are coming back actually shows how passionate you are about your blog. All bloggers are humans so believe me when I say that we all understand that life, uni, work, family and/or (mental) health can get in the way. It´s better to take a break than to bring out content where your heart´s not in it (because your readers will be able to tell!).

Engagement Over Numbers
Ever looked at your stats and thought that you weren´t worth working with companies? That´s the completely wrong thought! Your numbers are definitely not everything. There´s also your personality and what you can give a brand what nobody else can. Plus, having a million followers doesn´t mean anything if they don´t interact with you or care for anything you say because, very blatantly put, they won´t be influenced by what you recommend or do. Having a 100 followers who always interact with you can be worth way more!

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Always Have a Notebook Around
Inspiration strikes in very odd situations. Most of the time I tend to have a great idea while out shopping, on a walk or in the shower and then I forget the idea once I´m near something to write on. Keeping something where you can take notes with you all the time has been the best thing for my post ideas. Once you write those ideas down, they have a chance to become that popular post! Well unless you write down weird gibberish that has no meaning later on like I do sometimes.

Be Yourself
This is definitely the most important tip. It´s also the most self-explaining one. It´s your blog, your space on the internet, so you should really make it you. It will definitely draw more readers to your blog if you´re openly, honestly and unapologetically yourself!

Quite obviously these are not all the tips I´ve ever gotten but these are the ones I really do live by now. Also they might not make you the most popular blogger over night but they definitely keep the fun in blogging. I´ve found the best thing I ever did was stop caring about what everyone else was doing and just making my blog 100% my own space. Have you seen the amount of personal posts on here lately?! Now I post what I want and not only has it made me fall more in love with blogging than ever I think it has also driven the right people to my blog; the ones that really like what I want to write and are therefore becoming frequent readers.. the ones that like me and my blog for who I am!

What was the best blogging tip you´ve ever gotten? How has it improved your blog?


  1. Engagement is the most important thing for me but unfortunately brands care mostly about numbers. And I agree about taking breaks, it's extremely important to take a step back, relax, unwind and find inspiration for our next post! Thank you for sharing this Lisa! xx


  2. All of these tips are really important, I fully agree with you when it comes to stick to a certain niche - it is overrated and the best you can do is be exactly yourself on your blog and share content you are passionate about. I really want to take part in more Twitter chats, there are so many good ones out there but I keep missing them xx


  3. So true on everything, especially about having a niche

  4. Oh jeez, all of that SEO stuff confuses the hell out of me! Sometimes I'll read up on it and just get really overwhelmed so I'll implement a few tips and then just sort of avoid reading up on it again for ages, haha

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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