50 Thoughts I Had While Watching Beauty & The Beast

Ever since I was a little child Disney films were my favourites... right after Barbie films (I was THAT girl). Telling tales of romance, family, friendship and bravery sprinkled with animal sidekicks, princesses and magic; what´s not to love for a little girl woman?! I still get super excited when there´s a new Disney film coming. Immediately, I knew I had to watch the new Beauty & The Beast and so I did last weekend. But what did I think of it? Ist is just as good or even better than the first Disney version? Here are 50 thoughts I had while watching the new Beauty and The Beast.

Warning: Spoilers ahead, proceed at your own risk.

  1. This is not the original disney castle. Is this the Beast´s castle?
  2. Okay, this definitely feels more like the 17th century than the first movie ever does.
  3. Also, new song alert! (even if it´s just a short one)
  4. Why doesn´t the narrator explain the mirror?! It plays an important part in the story…
  5. They´ve destroyed all the time limits so that the prince wouldn´t have to be 11 when he´s cursed. Yeah!
  6. Also they finally explained why nobody in town knows about the Prince, the castle or one of the hundreds of servants.
  7. Belle is reading Romeo & Juliet instead of Jack & The Beanstalk. Is this going to be significant? Am I weird for noticing that?
  8. This is a new song & I already love it!
  9. Is her father a painter or an inventor? I´m confused.
  10. Apparently, the reason we know nothing about Belle´s mother is that Belle knows just as little about her.
  11. Belle was always a strong woman but somehow she seems even stronger an braver than in the first movie-
  12. The cursed servants definitely seem more careful and paranoid than in the first movie.
  13. Oh wow, the CGI is looking good! It´s impressive, actually!
  14. Huh, this isn´t how the father´s story is going in the first movie. 
  15. Oh, the beast now imprisons Maurice for trying to steal his flowers. That does make a bit more sense than for sitting in his chair.
  16. Also then it also makes sense why Philippe knew the way to the castle. Yay for Disney correcting little mistakes from the first movie!

  1. If I´m interpreting this correctly the time has stopped for everyone that has been cursed. So that´s why they´re all waking up as their "normal" age again.
  2. Belle is so damn brave! Her father was willing to stay there but tricked him into going. I love her!
  3. Oooh, the servants are doing things on their own. How is this going to turn out?
  4. Also the servants are all getting way more screen time than in the first movies. I love it!
  5. Where is Philippe coming from? Didn´t Maurice ride back to town on him?! If not, how did he get home?
  6. There´s way much more bonding between the Beast and Belle happening.  This also feels like way more time is passing. It does feel a little bit more realistic now.
  7. Also we get to know the Beast´s backstory. He´s not just cruel because he is, he´s just had a bit of a rough childhood. Good thing, his father has either died by now or abandoned him. He doesn´t need him in his life!
  8. Plus, new, beautiful song alert!
  9. Can I just say that Belle has always been a strong women but in this version I feel like she finally goes through a character development as well! I love that.
  10. Theres a book too? What a cruel old witch this was. But I also like her humor.
  11. Oh, this is were Belle was born? What did happen to her mother?
  12. There´s this new song again. Maybe this is Belle´s mothers song. It´s very beautiful anyway.
  13. Maurice´s story is definitely different. What happened to LeFou hiding as a snowman in front of his house? 
  14. Gaston seems much more psychopathic this whole movie. His actions are much darker than in the first movie. I do find LeFou nicer though, he seems to realize that not everything Gaston does is great!
  15. Ah, yes, the dancing scene. I fricking love that scene!!
  16. I really, really love how they´ve kept all the songs we know by heart & just polished them a little bit. But they´re still those songs!
  17. Honestly, I´m just feeling like a little kid again, totally enchanted by this whole film!
  18. I´m missing that one chandelier shot. You know exactly the one I mean.
  1. Oh, the Beast is really, really sad to let her go & he´s singing about it. I love getting to know the beast more.
  2. Go and save your father Belle, you´ve got this!
  3. Damnit, I said save your father, Belle, not get both of you imprisoned!
  4. Haha, LeFou, I´m finding you more and more sympathetic.
  5. Was that just a hint to the LGBTQ+ community? Yeah, Disney!
  6. Oh, LeFou, I love you for switching sides! (I saw it coming, didn´t I?)
  7. Agathe, the women who is dismissed by the village because she´s not married, is the witch? This is going deep!
  8. Where did Gaston get that pistol from? Why is he not fighting with swords only?
  9. Also the action scenes are way more detailed, darker & way longer. Can we get to the end already?
  10. The beast is not going to die is he? I mean, the last rose petal fell and he was shot more than 3 times, but still, he surely must survive!
  11. Okay, so the witch cannot only release the beast from the curse, she can also instantly heal gunshot wounds. Hooray for magic! (at least it wasn´t magic tears of love)
  12. I love that they´re taking time showing how all the characters are getting first turned into stone and then cured again.
  13. Oh, I love this reunion of everyone! It makes me so happy. 
  14. How did the town people know to return though? The servants seemed to have banished them all.
  15. Another nod to the LGBTQ+ community. You go, Disney!
  16. "Based on" is the understatement of the century.

While I had initially hoped that maybe they´d change the story in some way I´m now glad they didn´t. The little bits (and mainly Maurice´s story) that they´ve changed are just enough to update the story, give us viewers a tiny bit more information and keep us interested. Despite knowing exactly how the story goes I was stuck inside their world, eager to know what would happen next. I also really appreciate them correcting some minor mistakes from the first version like the time frame of the curse. I loved getting to know Belle and the Beast more and getting more information from their backstories. Their time together also felt much longer and their love was therefore, for me, more believable.

Beauty & The Beast is such a wonderful film with amazingly well done effects and the most stunning Disney magic. The music is honestly amazing and I love that Alan Menken was responsible for it just like in the first version. I´d instantly go and watch it again. I love the little added details and that we stay within the known story and characters. It´s like being transported back into my childhood. Never once did I get the feeling that this was just a remake for the sake of cashing in on the franchise. It´s filled with so many details, little updates to the story and just feels like it´s made with love for the story and the characters. Can´t you tell I´m head over heels in love with it?!

Will you see the new Beauty & The Beast? Who is your favourite character?


  1. Haven't watched this movie yet but I am looking forward to it, I love Emma, she is the best and I am curious to see more details and background of the story.


  2. OK so I wasn't the only one who saw that nod to the LGBT+ community! Some of your questions I could probably have answered but if I'm being honest am a a little too lazy to answer, haha. Nonetheless, the movie was beautiful, just as it suggests with Belle, and I think Emma Watson was the perfect lady to play this role! xx

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