7 Things To Make You Happy

Pink Tulips, H&M Sweater, NYX Soft Matte Cream, Lahaye Brushes
Despite the first day of spring having been on Monday I´ve been feeling pretty under the weather. I don´t know where this has come from but I know that I have to do something about it. And guessing from my Twitter feed, many of you are feeling similarly. I guess it´s down to this constant weather changing. But instead of sulking in self-pity here are seven things we can all do to feel happier!

Soak In Signs Of Spring

While it might look grey and dull outside most of the time right now, the weather predictions are actually quite positive. Spring is definitely on its way now and soon the glorious sunshine days will outweigh the rainy, dull ones. Also I can hear the birds chirp gin outside, there´s flowers and trees slowly blossoming everywhere and their smell is slowly taking over the air. Spending time outside and appreciating all the little signs of spring approaching will make you instantly happy. Just look at those happy, bright flowers!

Spending Time With Loved Ones

One thing that is guaranteed to make me happy is being around the people I love. As I´ve been at my parents for my semester break lately, I´ve been spending a lot more time with them and that is something that always pulls me out of a rut. Just being in contact with your loved ones, planning and doing activities can make all the difference in the world. As a little bonus, it´s sure to take your mind off of things and sometimes talking about whatever is putting you down can help you get through it.

Pink Tulips, H&M Sweater, NYX Soft Matte Cream, Primark Necklace, Manhattan Last & Shine Nail Polish, Lahaye Brushes, Zoella Blissful Mistful

Escape The World

This might sound counterintuitive but getting out of your head and your problems for a moment can be so refreshing and make you instantly happy. It might even give you a solution which you haven´t thought of before just because you´re starting with a fresh and relaxed mind. So go, grab a book, catch up on Youtube, blogs or any tv show and just enjoy a bit of time outside of your own head.

Retail Therapy

I´m definitely not advising you to totally upset your bank balance here but treating yourself to something you´ve wanted for a long time can work wonders for your mind. This can be anything from the chocolate that has been banned from your diet, a new shirt you´ve fallen in love with or a foundation you´ve wanted to try for ages. Retail therapy doesn´t have to be about treating yourself to as many things as possible. Instead it can be about giving yourself a reward for a hard time and just something to cheer you up.

Bring Spring Into Your Home

If you can´t go outside because the weather still sucks, then just bring spring into your own walls. Get not hat good old spring clean an then start decorating again. Maybe even get some fresh flowers and dot them around with pastel colours. Those two things are always guaranteed to put a smile on my face. I´ve also discussed the healing powers of cleaning and getting rid of old things before and this is just one of the easiest things to do to clear your head and lift your spirit.

Pink Tulips, H&M Sweater, NYX Soft Matte Cream, Primark Necklace, Manhattan Last & Shine Nail Polish, Lahaye Brushes

Treat Your Body & Mind Right

This might sound ridiculous but we often abuse our mind and body to the point of breakdown. Making an effort to treat yourself right can make such a big difference to your happiness. Your body needs exercise, fresh air and nutrients. I always notice that after a period of eating only crap I feel like crap too. Making an effort to move your body just a bit (e.g. taking walks) and giving it nutrients can work wonders for me. Similarly, your mind needs rest and stimulation. Sitting in front of a computer screen all day is one of the main reasons I feel like crap. Allow your mind to relax in the evening by having a little pamper session and give it some much needed stimulation by going outside and changing your surroundings.

Appreciate Your Achievements

This is a very cheesy point but you can be so happy and proud of everything you´ve achieved in your life so far. You did survive 100% of the days in your life (which is an achievement tin itself) and you´ve dealt with and gone through a lot of hard times. It really doesn´t matter if you´ve not been productive in the last few weeks or if your grades suck right now or if your blog still doesn´t have thousands of followers. All that really matters is that you are here right now and that you did all of these amazing things in your life. Instead of knocking yourself down about everything that´s going wrong appreciate the things you achieved! That alone can make you so happy.

What works the switch in your brain to find happiness and motivation again will definitely depend on a lot of factors. In the end, it´s up to you to find that one thing that´ll do the trick. For me embracing the little signs of spring and the beauty of the season as well as cutting myself some slack and scheduling in relaxation times help a lot. That always goes hand in hand with spending more time outside which my mind definitely appreciates. I´m very much determined to get out of this rut and start working productively again and those seven things are definitely going to be a part of it.

What´s one thing that immediately puts you in a good mood? What signs of spring can you already see?

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  1. I love to spend time outside and enjoy nature and this sunny weather, boy I love this weather. I also buy fresh flowers every week for my living room and my mood changes immediately as I enter the room :)



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